COLD WAR GAME | US ARMY Stops SOVIET INVASION of Europe | Cold War Game Gameplay -

COLD WAR GAME | US ARMY Stops SOVIET INVASION of Europe | Cold War Game Gameplay

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Cold War Game US ARMY Stops SOVIET INVASION of Europe | Cold War Game Gameplay


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  1. This is very much like war game: red dragons. Gameplay wise

  2. Miss seeing this intro been away from youtube a while happy to come back to amazing content 🤙🏼

  3. So is this a sequel to war game:red dragon because everything looks very similar.

  4. Raptor this is the only time I hope you lose I would never betray the comrades!

  5. Hey Raptor, I know a game you would like, if you download roblox, and look up this game called “hedgerows classic” it would be very nice to see you play it.

  6. All the 113s are made of aluminum just like the Sheridan scout tanks

  7. Oh Soviet Tanks glitch in the houses thats just Yuri on his vodka.

  8. If US fought the Soviets directly, would it be called a "cold" war? hmmm…

  9. Time to have some Soviet loving communist to eat some Democracy. p.s. this made sense in my head.

  10. Merica!!! Fuck yeah!!! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  11. Nice video, and the BMP has an atgm, so don’t discount them

  12. Its not the worst looking game but wargame red dragon just far superior in my opinion

  13. This game is like a mix of warthunder and wargame combined

  14. To the point games are getting to realistic

  15. I wouldn't expect the M551 to be able to survive much of anything in the terms of AT or light armor even. The M551 itself is very lightly armored and can only really take hits from heavy machine guns. But it is an effective infantry/AT vehicle if used properly since it could use ATGMs and HE/HEAT shells.

  16. How do you have the key for playing beta?

  17. Hopefully this doesn't have music that naxos of america is "copyright"
    Music that is so old it doesn't have copyright

  18. The M55A1 is the Sheridan, it's armed with a 155mm Howitzer. Not a cannon.

  19. I don't know what this offers that wargame doesn't? Nicer unit icons at buymenu ?

  20. hey rap?where i can download this game can you sen the link of this game?

  21. Looks like Wargame but with some interesting tweaks. It needs a lot more work on the UI, model details, AI pathfinding. I like the cloud shadows, that's new. It does need a few extras that aren't in Wargame so it doesn't come across as a complete clone. I always wanted to see defensive stances such as entrench, foxholes and camouflage. I would also like to see mines and cluster mines. I never understood why mine laying was left out of wargame as it was the most prolific tactic employed during the cold War.

    It has a lot of potential, if they include workshop mods and mod tools then this could be a much better alternative to Wargame.

  22. Raptor, games are very difficult for you, don't play them.

  23. It´s just me or is same as Wargame but with cleaner graphics and interface? Can´t wait to play it!

  24. hello I watched the video is fine if you want, you can browse my page

  25. It’s so similar I’m almost surprised they haven’t gotten sued for copyright, there’s some parts that seem directly ripped from WG

  26. At least people will be playing it because its new. There isnt much MP going on with Airland Battle or Red Dragon.

  27. I wonder how these guys avoid being sued for plain and simply stealing everything from Wargame.

  28. This looks awsem. Its looks like a better version of Red Dragon 😀 I really looking forward to this one

  29. I'm still hoping we'll see a new Wargame one day

  30. I always hated how the t80 was modeled in wargame. But the model in this gem is beautiful, the up to date spiritual successor of wargame and OG world in conflict.

  31. I remember when Germany did this in real life.

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