Could A-10s Penetrate & Destroy The 40 Mile Long Russian Convoy At Kyiv? (WarGames 56) | DCS -

Could A-10s Penetrate & Destroy The 40 Mile Long Russian Convoy At Kyiv? (WarGames 56) | DCS

Grim Reapers
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3:22 Predictions
4:28 Attempt With 4 x ZSU-23
20:57 Attempt With 4 x SA-13
32:34 Attempt With 4 x SA-15
42:37 Attempt With 4 x SA-22(cheat)
51:00 Attempt With 4 x SA-22(no cheat)
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  1. B-52s could cause more damage than the A-10s and those are still active for heavy, long-distance bombardment

  2. Waoo con todas estas espumitas no sobrevivira nigun soldadito enemigo

  3. Yes it is a good idea but Russia has better anti air to take down the a-10s+they would spread out

  4. The long Russian convoys included SAM, Surface to Air Missile systems. There were clear images of SAMs in the convoys. There were also tanks, infantry and artillery. The convoy was not defenseless. A-10s have a limited SEAD capability. Many of SAMs may not have been acrive.

  5. Maveric missiles would be the best stand of weapons. Russian units were poorly organised and may have had communications problems.

  6. Tons of problems with this simulation. Only 4 pantsirs? A pantsir is a short ranged AA unit. Maverick missiles barely outrange Pantsir missiles, so standing off and firing is vaguely possible but the simulation doesn't really make a lot of sense. A pantsir has 12 missiles, an A-10 only carries 6 Mavericks. So how did you manage to get them to exhaust all their missiles? If you outnumber them, 2:1, then it's lopsided in favor of the attacker. Also you conveniently know exactly where all the AA units are. So it's easy to kite them outside of their missile range when you have prior knowledge of their location.

    Also they would have S-300 and S-400 systems. Against them, the A-10s would be blown out of the sky long before they got into range. Also no manpads, while IRL, there would be tons hiding, and able to shoot you down while attempting a strafing run.

  7. A10s here in America were like "Please?! Just one brrrrrrrrrrrt!"

  8. Is it possible to download this scenario?

  9. Time to redo this with tactics of flying at treetops level

  10. I used to have a friend who flew a P 47 during WWII and he would tell me stories about UNZIPPING trains with EIGHT (8) 50 calibre BROWNING machine guns ! I imagine the A 10 ‘s rotary cannon is a lot more effective 😝

  11. The only thing missing was Russian soldiers running away

  12. Can a A10 really flight with that much ammo under the wings ?

  13. If only … could have got away with it too knowing what is known now, but the opportunity has passed

  14. If only this happened IRL ! Maybe the war could have been over after a week or two.

  15. Is the risk of the A-10's running in to each other as they strafe the convoy from different directions low? I would have expected them to coordinate their strafing runs so that would fly in the same direction.

  16. after the event is different from actual real time event, even a week after
    3 ac10 would of destroyed all of the convoy, the losses would devastating if they had supplies on hand

  17. Good job.Old but real good for this job."""!!!

  18. If the Russians tried this in an attack against NATO they would have their asses handed to them. Even if the Russians were successful in carrying out a first strike against NATO air assets these would have been replaced within a week by aircraft from the U.S. NATO would have established air superiority within another two weeks and the annihilation of all Russian ground forces would have begun in earnest within another two weeks. The Russian Navy would have been effectively eliminated except for their nuclear assets submerged in international waters. Any attack subs would have been dealt with by then and their conventional forces would have been neutralized on land, in the air and on the seas. The only remaining option would be for them to go nuclear. The Ukrainian war has proven that Russia is no longer a conventional threat to NATO. All they have are nukes and nukes are useless against an enemy with nukes themselves and the resolve to use them.

  19. Theres no doubt A-10s would eat a convoy like that up in a ideal scenario but War is anything but ideal and there are way to many variables missing for this to be anything taken seriously or considered accurate

  20. How many NATO air commanders had this as a wet dream?

  21. Cap? A way to beat the pansirs once their missiles are out, or any other radar gun platform, would be to attack from diametrically opposed directions simultaneously!!

  22. A paper airplane could get buy Russian defenses

  23. In reality the russian tanks would've been blown up before the A10s arrived.

  24. Hey valued conspiracy nut cakes, look at the opening topographic map…say, look here coppah, isn't that a giant letter… Q!!!

    Jack ~'()'~

  25. As you blast the Nazi scum convoy I hear Elvis!!
    Lord almighty I feel my temperature rising!!
    I'm just a hunk a hunk of burning fire!! "))

    I just turned 60 Aug 2nd, but I don't feel a day over 59!
    For the young'un's here – you'll know when you've reached old age when you sit on the toilet and hear KERPLUNK! KERPLUNK! SPLASH! SPLASH! Then go back to bed and have to listen to the old hag…I mean lovely lady say "why are your balls wet"?

    I love watching these battles!! Can't think of a better way to wait for your balls to dry out! "))
    Jack ~'()'~

  26. Hey chappies, have you done a "Hunt The Bismarck" scenario? Love to see Fairy Swordfish, which is what the ship my Dad served on, HMS Illustrious at the beginning of WWII!

    Britain didn't feel a need to develop new tech such as Jets, even though it was an English chap who designed the jet engines, the Crime Minister was buddies with old Unkie Shitler, and Chamberlain actually made a huge fool of himself by trusting Hitler!!

    Remember the famous shot of him exiting an airplane with a letter in his hands, holding it up over his head to "prove" unkie Adolf wasn't building his massive modern military machine for nefarious intent!!

    Churchill tried and tried to get though that fool's cement skull but to no avail!
    So, Britain was forced to play catch up!!

    That's why the carrier HMS Illustrious entered WWII service sporting antiquated WWI "fighter bombers" LOL!

    It was Fairy Bi Wing Swordfish that struck Bismarck's prop, which sealed their fate!!
    Love to see that!!

    Jack ~'()'~

  27. Главный момент через 15 минут прилетайю su30 и вкатывают бородавоников в землю

  28. imagine what wouldve happened to this convoy is Ukraine had HIMARs by then

  29. No the true question is: can the a10 still manage to maintain its blue on blue tradition in this attack?

  30. In real life you wouldn't make this strafing runs without taking fire feom heavy machine guns and small arms.

  31. That had that warm feeling of the Iraq "highway of death"…soo cool

  32. Reminds me of the Iraqi retreat in Desert Storm on the highway of death

  33. No any longer with the last update, dcs has launched, it has "broken" tgp and mav flir accurateness.
    The flir has become blind….
    A10c module has fallen from awesome to an shame and an insult……

    Why were you flying so high going after the air defenses?

  35. How about if A-10's attacked Ukraines defensive lines?
    How long could we liberate that country from Nazi's?

  36. These videos are kind of fun, but the tactics employed are really off.
    In this scenario, it would be night sortie, and you'd have SF already in place to laser designate. You'd also have multiple drones spotting for the A-10's, and finally (being at night), you'd most likely have at least 1 AC-130 in high orbit once the SAM's were down to support the CAS.

    For the radar guided defenses, you'd be guaranteed to have at least a few wild weasel configured 16's take out the radars before the A-10's would even get to engagement range.

    Finally, you'd have shoulder fired SAM's on the defense scattered all throughout the convoy, and the ZSU's wouldn't be sitting in place (they are mobile after all).

    And this is just from an old MC-130 pilot that's been out for 24 years…I'm sure there'd be much more for a mission of this importance.

    Still fun to watch however 😉

  37. American forces destroyed a similar convoy of Saddam Hussians on the highway of death during Desert Storm. No sweat.

  38. Why aren’t you taking out the pansirs with the CBU or AGM 88 Harms

  39. A10 will demolish any ground targets. The issue is fighter jets. If they support the A10 strikes with air superiority fighters like the F18, F22, F35 then its almost completely immune to a real enemy attack. It could just strafe the road without concern until fuel was low or targets were disabled.

  40. A-10 (Warthog) Thunderbolt… affectionately known as 'ugly but well hung'.

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