Could A-10s Penetrate & Destroy The 40 Mile Long Russian Convoy At Kyiv? (WarGames 56) | DCS -

Could A-10s Penetrate & Destroy The 40 Mile Long Russian Convoy At Kyiv? (WarGames 56) | DCS

Grim Reapers
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3:22 Predictions
4:28 Attempt With 4 x ZSU-23
20:57 Attempt With 4 x SA-13
32:34 Attempt With 4 x SA-15
42:37 Attempt With 4 x SA-22(cheat)
51:00 Attempt With 4 x SA-22(no cheat)
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  1. Not very realistic scenario’s, there is a reason that convoy was never hit by the Ukrainians but we will probably ever know how it was defended. But would bet those A10’s would have been shot down before getting anywhere near it.

  2. I can guarantee that A10's would EAT that Convoy alive. I know a few A10 pilots in my personal life, and they were drooling wishing they could rip apart a target that ripe. And AA Defense? haven't you heard, The Russian's are so incompetent that they don't even TURN on there Air defense systems. Here's hoping that Putin Suffers a .45 "Cerebral hemorrhage" soon.

  3. I have to say this game has some of the best graphics.

  4. (The reason why the A-10 pulls to the right upon landing is……that the "Gau-8/A Avenger" or other iterations, forced the front landing gear on all models to be off center and placed slightly to the right." I don't know if this is coincidentally modeled.)

  5. No MANPADS,
    No AA guns????? 😅😅😅
    Where is S300 & S400 cover??? 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔
    It happens only in GAMES bro. 😅

  6. there would be more then 4 anti-air defense

  7. Need single fighter groups – fighter along with their 2 wing men detaching upon encounter taking down the radar missile batteries. 4 flights (12 units) then dismantle the 4 missile batteries, while the 4 main fighters intersperce along the convoy taking down sections of destroyed vehicles (and left-alone vehicles) … and ultimate destruction of the depot oil line like a garden drip irrigation hose.

  8. Are you even serious? ZSU-23-2 for air defense? Sure, no wonder. Next time just give them Mosin Nagant as AA. That will be a huge success. Not even a single C-400?

  9. Wonderfull when you know just how many air defence pieces you need to deal with before the attack on a convoy.

  10. (Quick edit) (Didn't actually see until further into the video that priority for taking aim at the SAM systems eventually took place. absolutely gorgeous my goodness)

    I could see this being real, but my concern would be where are the SAM set-up and would it be viable to go after it first, or stay at a well enough cruising altitude to drop a payload and bug off, aren't they using the S500 (55R6M) which if i'm correct and do correct me if i'm wrong but has the range of like 365? 370 miles. Which begs the question of just how beautiful it would be to see this transpire in action. The maneuvers & coordination would be mind boggling seeing it play out in action.

    Plus you have to realize the A10 quite literally was meant for these type of missions taking out convoys, stationary targets, buildings or tanks themselves holding down a position this would be nothing but an A10 pilots dream and i'm absolutely stoked to see what the newest edition of the ground fighter looks like and what it's equipped with. with no doubt they'll still use the GAU-8 with just how damn effective it's proven time and time to be.

    But imagining an Aerial squad going to literally erase armoured vehicles in a convoy would be a whole sight to see.

  11. This is awesome, if only this actually happened. A10 what a machine.

  12. It’s already been done. In Iraq.

  13. The U.S. Airforce is CRAZY to think to retire these monsters! If the Ukrainian had these, the Russian Military would be having a BAD DAY.

  14. This strike would never be done without "wild wessel" radar suppression before hand. And loitering suicide drones to take out AA artillery and missle launchers.

  15. Lmao.. I was in the Gulf at the start of the war in 1991. You should take a look at what we did on highway 1 aka "the turkey shoot" it was a freaking bloodbath for the Iraqi military. We used a mix of A10s & AH-64s

  16. called in A10s in the corp. 9 line brief! They are life savers

  17. "Shoot..shoot..shoot..PULL UP! PULL UP!

  18. Russian convoy had Pantsir S1, Buk M2, Tor M, S200, S300 & are bolstered by S400 from within Russian controlled areas…A10s would have no chance against Real Russian convoys

  19. You made a mistake it wasn't defended by anything as no one there had a clue on how to operate any of their equipment

  20. With a convoy of that magnitude. Odds are direct attack on all the vehicles would be out of the question.

    The route would be the target. That road would disappear and the vehicles would be a bonus. Likely from high altitude bombing where AA and surface to air wouldn't reach.
    Also you cannot estimate the resistance from Ukrainian forces put on the convoy in a simultaneous coordinated attack.

  21. I wonder if a good number MANPADS were added to the defense of the convoy if the A-10 strikes would be so effective?

  22. It would be cool to have a skin for an 122nd fighter wing A-10 of the Indiana Air National Guard.

  23. There was only shoulder mounted AA in the convoy, just got back and was part of a forward recon element. We saw no advanced AA of any kind. They did have 3 mi24s circling for parts of the time

  24. RAF Lakenheath? Nope, 81st TFW A-10s were stationed at RAF Bentwaters / RAF Woodbridge. Lived there in the 1980s. Loved it!

  25. Did the Warthog carry out "The Highway of Death" during Desert Storm? Something like 1,000 vehicles destroyed in a 24 hour period or something.

  26. the us army would not approach that mission with a10 but with 3 different strike packages: first with sead mission, second with air superiority and escort and lastly with the strike mission. The last strike package will be probably f16,f15 or even the b1. the A10 only does CAS in uncontested areas. It cannot survive vs modern SAMs

  27. I would hate to be the forward pilot at 13:55 and see 30mm Depleted Uranium rounds zipping by my aircraft. 😳

  28. mission needs hight limit because of long range air defenses + early warning radars and AWACS , timer should start right when detected. also only 4 air defense units is rather unlikely as they would use an entire "group" of 6 launchers , since its nonsense to split the unit up. usually Tor and Pantsir work in combination as they are more complementing of each other ( modern TOR and Pantsir do not replace each other )

  29. Why is it that you give 5 minutes from when anyone enters the "box" and not from when the SAMs start targeting you? I think that would be more realistic as to when the Russians would be alerting their fighters, especially with the more advanced levels 3 & 4.. That seems like just another way to cheat the system.

  30. July 20, just saw a report that US may be reconsidering providing A10's to Ukraine. Nothing concrete yet, but no longer totally off the table.
    It could have been glorious closing chapter for the Warthog, before they are finally retired. Doing exactly what it had been designed to do, shooting up Soviet equipment in Europe.

  31. You guys fly WAY too high for a hog fight. Haha

  32. Ahh got me Saturday cartoons back on again. One day, I'd like to try this.

  33. With all of America's entire collection of assets the destruction of Hussein's retreat from the South with all the loot, like Russia steals from Ukraine with tanks full of loot of common Ukrainians who worked for what they had so they should never benefit from rape, murder and loot.

  34. They will upgrade the A-10 instead of canceling it.

  35. THIS is why we need to get the Ukraine pilots contingent fully TRAINED and READY so we can send over the 1st. A-10's along with other AIR ASSETS already Promised/Funded to UKRAINE !!

  36. Honestly if this “NATO” mission had happened. Your time over target would have been unlimited, as you would have had F35’s and possibly F22’s, or at least some F15’s for air superiority. Ammunition would have been the only mitigating factor. And. . . some B52’s would haul in behind you to mop up with 250 each, 200 lbs SDB’s. And probably an AC130 or two. 😎🇺🇸

  37. And that’s the reason our great grandchildren will be flying the A10.

  38. God that view at 14:02 just takes me back to my A10 Thunderbolt 2 game those were the days its too bad you can't play that game anymore not good enough of a sim guy to play the DCS version either.

  39. if biden had stones and provided a no fly zone in support of a nation under attack the russians would be gone by now

  40. If only you could add infantry down there firing small arms at you

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