Could A Chinese Naval Force Strike The US Mainland? (WarGames 79) | DCS -

Could A Chinese Naval Force Strike The US Mainland? (WarGames 79) | DCS

Grim Reapers
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18:14 FIGHT!


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  1. Could china strike the US mainland? Maybe, hard to tell. I'm sure the US has some form of defense.
    Would china get away with striking the US mainland? You'd see the the unrivaled power of 722 Billion dollars in DOD spending plant a freedom shaped boot on Winnie the Pooh's neck.

  2. China is not going to attack the U.S. that's like a prostitute killing her highest paying Jon. This just them making up an enemy

  3. I think America will be most vulnerable after China and Russia destroy the bulk of our Navy that is spread out throughout the world or civil unrest is in full swing in the US.

  4. Why would it want to? An attack on the west coast of the United States would devastate the Chinese economy. Mortgage backed securities from the United States are a major component of Chinese currency valuation.

  5. We use thaad system to protect Americans soil and they have a 100 percent kill rate as of this video

  6. IRL obviously the Chinese would have never come that close. Otherwise probably quite an accurate simulation. I'm super skeptical of the YJ's though. With how much China lies about literally everything, I would be surprised if they were worth their weight in spaghetti.

  7. It'd be more interesting if you split the human pilots. They clearly made a massive difference.

    Also, you stopped it with two YJ-12s still in the air.

  8. There were still two Yj-12s in the air and approaching their targets when you stopped the simulation. oops. 🤦🏻‍♂

  9. Bro i live in Haifa, u let 1 missile to hit the ship.

  10. Plus their almost always a sub tracking the Russian IA trawler off the coast of San Diego.

  11. There was 2 yj's left inbound in the bottom center of the screen when you cut it off

  12. A united Eurasia absolutely annihalates the yanks

  13. These videos are awesome, one thing to add… people have already brought up that we’d know the ship is there well before the attack which is true. Along with the active naval fleets active in the East PAC area, the Coast Guard WMSL’s(national security cutter) and other legacy and legend class cutters would be more than capable of finding and even possibly engaging depending on the circumstances. The CG is beyond active patrolling these areas between us and Japan and all the way down to the tip of South America

    Edit: I’m not saying the CG would sink the vessel, but is more than capable of damaging it past the point of still being mission capable

  14. That was a Great Fight but… Tacticly, It is non sense for the Chinese to come one by one in the launch order.
    For such a big strike, They should have used a massive formation to fire almost all at once (like the Japanese at Pearl). That way, the Air defenses could be overwelmed.
    Another question : When you do scramble, do you take in account the time for the pilot to reach the plane, for the plane to start etc ?

  15. Chinese fleet wouldn't have gotten that close with out a massive response from the US. Every active combat ship in the state would have been on high alert WAY before they got there and before the Chinese fleet would have been in range of launching aircraft from several bases of the Marines, Navy, Air Force, Reserve air bases AND California's Air national Guard.. that doesnt include what would be coming from Oregon and Washington

  16. First few Chinese surface ships have the range to get to San Diego and back; mostly their nuclear powered ships and subs. Of those the US would be closely truacking and following them. Unless the Chinese were totally going to try a second Pearl Harbor – (and why not there?) and attack San Diego – you'd have quite a problem as then US forces would be ready to destory them; if war was declared in advance they'd never get close to the USA. So even in a surprise senerio they'd be met and likely destoryed after some initial missile launches by the Chinese; if those missiles were not intercepted San Diego might be hit and might be severely damaged but Chinas strike force would be gone.

  17. One female pilot, and she shoots down her wing man…. Lol

  18. The F-35 does have a four-barrel 25mm gatling gun that is located in the left-wing root.

  19. I wonder when California and Mexico flipped and were moved to the middle east

  20. 1000% NOOOO!! The Chinese are not ready to do a Kamikazi suicide type mission or their military. Food for thought, their Naval forces will run out of supplies halfway to their destination.

  21. Except they don't have nearly that amount of alert fighters

  22. They could hit America. Now if that happened, there wouldn’t be a country called China anymore. America would wipe them off the map

  23. that was fun to watch. maybe a future vid could be a more realistic attack on the us like the russian fleet sneaking into lake michigan and attacking chicago. for realism sake make sure the kuznetsov is brought by tug.

  24. Maybe, but it all depends on if they want to continue having a Navy or not.

  25. They could. It would be the last thing a Chinese person ever did on Earth as the United States has a mutually assured destruction policy for domestic attacks. We still love China, so hopefully this doesn’t happen.

  26. In the assumed timeline, why would all of those ships be cold and unmanned? They are in active combat with another nation, they would likely have at minimum-effective level of crew even in dock. Today there are minimum crewing levels even in-dock, that should allow for at least some form of self-defense.

  27. If you create a surprise attack scenario, wouldn't it be a contradiction that the defenders are the very humans that create the scenario? Takes the surprise out of it.

  28. You forgot the bombers would be sent to major cities like LA, San Francisco, San Diego, etc’s Chinatown.

  29. The US is big enough that one attack won't harm the overall US overall but the real threat is that the illegal squatter president and his handlers and the global elites let China in through the front door

  30. You are forgetting one very very important issue. China is still a Green Water Navy. She has zero ability to project power globally like the US can. Just because they have a couple of carriers does not mean the have the logistics in place to project them globally much less carry out combat operation against the US. Fact is the so called Navy would be sunk before it got within a thousand miles of the US mainland.

  31. This is all fun and games but there is no way a Chinese carrier could get all the way across the ocean and us not put every ship we have available would not be surrounding it no more than halfway across the sea.

  32. China doesn’t need to go to usa anymore as they can strike usa from their own main and there won’t be any usa left bcoz usa had never ever won any wars? Don’t forget China isn’t alone now as Russia, North Korea , Pakistan, Iran, Turkey and all brick countries are with China but no one is with usa anymore? Eroupean countries are divided over usa so no one will come to defend usa?

  33. When I was a kid in the 80s, I heard a psychic speak about a vision she had of the future. She said she saw men in black and ships invading the west coast of the U.S. The thing that stood out to me was that she said they were Asian looking. This was weird because at the time there were no Asian countries that were a threat to us. Now, I know what country’s forces she probably saw in her vision.

  34. i belive canada would also send aircraft or do they not have a port over here

  35. 49:17 Terminate simulation. Still got 2 YJ-12s on the bottom of the screen.

  36. While a nice thought experiment I think the reality would be a bit more tricksy. If I were the Chinese I would turn some container ship merchant men in Q-ships and load them up with short range anti-ship/anti-land missile launchers hidden inside shipping containers. When they get close enough the doors blow off the containers and fire their payload completely catching the Americans by surprise. If you time it right you can hit every single port on the American west coast at roughly the same time. San Diego, Las Angeles, Seattle, and any others that I can't think of.

  37. I was on the edge of my seat. Great video brother!

  38. Beimg ex navy i'd say duty sections of those ships could easily launch some sort of defenseive in that timeframe and stop some missiles from getting through.

  39. This video brought to light something I have been thinking about a lot over the decades since VLS launchers. What stops a foreign aggressor from converting civilian cargo ships into launch platforms? Many missiles hidden in an inconspicuous trade ship. 20+ years ago the USA ramped up radiation detection in cargo ships entering US ports knowing bad stuff could slip through. But what about Mach 2+ missiles from a special cargo ship just entering US waters? Missiles fired at max distance. No need to get into port. I would love to see this simulation in the video run again with YJ-12 spawning from a location that coincides with both main shipping routes to major California ports and proximity to San Diego. The ultimate would be 2 or more converted attack cargo ships from multiple vectors as they approach the US west coast on differing routes. I'm hoping if such a simulation were run it would show that if you have a massive air defense ship in port, do whatever you can to keep the anti-air systems on. Your video of Russian attack on London definitely demonstrated this need if I remember correctly? The Royal Navy Destroyers were key players…

  40. CAP, at the alert of an imminent attack ALL ships would turn on weapons systems while maneuvering to sea as you know from your Carrier Command series.

  41. Wouldn't an attack sub/destroyer group assigned to shadow the group sink that carrier as soon as it was designated as a hostile? I get that this scenario was limited to air assets, but I would have to think that some of the air units would be tied up trying to defend the carrier from this.

  42. we would be waiting for them, they would all die!!!!

  43. human respawning thing is bullshit.. not fair in the battle

  44. I love CAP's commentary. I could listen to him all day.

  45. I think the Chinese best chance is a surprise attack, what i mean by that is the USA honestly not believing the Chinese would do it. But now i get to watch your scenario 😁.

  46. a single 100 MT warhead fits inside a frozen fish pallet…

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