Could A German Typhoon Squadron Have Prevented The Dresden Bombing? (WarGames 3) | DCS -

Could A German Typhoon Squadron Have Prevented The Dresden Bombing? (WarGames 3) | DCS

Grim Reapers
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  1. There was actually 722 heavy bombers from the RAF and 522 from the USAF that attacked dresden over the 3 days from the 15th Feb. That's crazy numbers

  2. The fact I missed this when it first was released, I blame on YT.
    At the rate you're going poor Arras will be a smoking ruin by wars end lol.
    Maybe Vauban's fort will survive considering Cap thankfully can't find it 😂 Seeing as it's got UNESCO World Heritage status that's probably a good thing.

  3. america has a tendency for building tough aircraft, b-17, a-10, ac-130

  4. A10 can carry a lot of bombs, would be interesting to see A10s replace all the B17s in a WW2 bombing campaign.

  5. It's an old video by YouTube standards, so maybe this comment doesn't matter any more, but I think you could minimize friendly fire by using less afterburner or none at all. My thinking is that the heat signature would be less and that way the missile has less chance of targeting you instead. Perhaps I'm wrong, I'm not a professional DCS player.

    By the way, I can't wait for the euro fighter typhoon module, it's going to be the master of A/A together with the Viper. It's also one of my favourite jet's but to be honest, I have like 10 aircraft
    I call my 'most' favourite. Ah man, It's going to be another year of spending a lot of money on DCS. The F4 phantom, the corsair (already bought the Apache) and the euro fighter are for sure all day one buys for me.

  6. "I hit a TIE-fighter", CAP! This made me think (I know it's dangerous.) STAR WARS BATTLE WHEN? TIE fighters against X wings! /watch?v=srBpSX1QqLk

  7. Technically, the weakest point of the B-17 is the nose. Least amount of firepower, and least well armoured. But, y'know, the B-17 is the reason the 109 got MK 108 gunpods, and the 262 four MK108. That's a tough, tough plane.

  8. I'm sure someone has said it but aim for the higher flying bombers. They fly in formation as to not impact each other in the event they go down but going down is unpredictable and they often take out their own countrymen or allies. Thee of my great grandfathers were pilots in the European and Japanese theater. They mentioned that a few times watching movies with me as a kid. I was extremely lucky to know them. Very lucky. One, my grandpa Young suffered seizures his whole life after the war. He was the navigator on a bomber and my great grandfather Cook was the pilot. When they got shot down my grandpa Cook pulled everyone from the wreck with a broken back and femur, including my grandpa Young who got smashed into the navigation station. When my grandpa Cook got everyone clear and leaned back against a tree he took a bayonet and 8mm Mauser to the stomach but pulled his 1911 .45 colt and ended more than a few soldiers careers that day as he held the bayonet in his stomach. My Grandma always told me about how when you touched his side his arm would shoot up. I only figured out he was messing with everyone when I was in college, it was a serious war injury from a bayonet and bullet but he was like me I guess and screwing with the kiddos. My great grandpa Young died of a seizure due to his war injury in his late 60's but I'll never forget playing catch with him in my grandparents front yard for hours a few weeks before. They were both like me in so many ways. My grandpa Buckner was a Frogman and just passed this year. Great sense of humor and super excentric and 6'6" 220lbs. Grandpa Johnson was a P38 pilot and was paralyzed in the 70's after breaks failed and him and my great uncle went off a cliff. He passed about 5 years ago.

  9. gee that cockpit looks familiar. why not just use F-15 C's?

  10. I'm curious if any of the Grim Reaper have a pilots license/certification? 🤔
    It seems that, in a pinch/crisis, that y'all would be able to make stuff happen in the real world.
    Regardless, I am binge watching the crap out of your videos, you're welcome and thank you!

  11. Do you have to model the Sim for the bombs inside of the bombers catastrophically, chain reaction explode if hit with a missile? It seems that the detonating bombs would obliterate the nearby bombers, possibly with just the Shockwave! I don't know, but if you'd be a mate and find out and let me/ us know, that'd be great!

  12. I gave a thumbs up when I saw all those B-17s together! "Merica!"
    You should feel nothing but utter shame! Attacking your number one ally!
    I'm so sad! You should have been their escort… Boo hoo!

  13. I am so boring I enjoy your channel. That being said, lose a bit of the snark; and your not an instinctive pilot.

  14. A Ammram has a fifty pound warhead. A 88MM german FLAK 36 had a twenty pound shell. The FLAK 36 bursting within 20M would almost certainly kill a B17. The AMMRAM detonates on Proximity or Impact. Proximity 5m. So the chance of a B17 surviving a AMMRAM hit is low. In DCS these B17s seem to soak up multiple hits. Very Very unrealistic.

  15. After watching a lot of dcs I see that depending on the aircraft it has a really wonky damage model. Those bombers shoudl be turning into dust with those missiles. And of course the collision with terrain issue when doing those races. OH if only we cloud have the fun of simulation and a big brand that cloud do silly stuff like I dont know ace combat or crimson skies.

  16. High altitude, diving gun attacks is where I would start; buzz in the front and through the formation, come about, target lock the bombers in front, and Guns Guns Guns on the rear group, as you sweep forward.

  17. Re the damage soaked up by non-stressed skin WW2 bombers. The shrapnel would tear through things like fuel tank skins and systems like elec and Hyds. That fire and damage would take the bomber down.

  18. There is something about these simulations (not just this one) that really gets you where you live. Seeing it in documentaries, or movie and TV fiction doesn't do it justice.

  19. Now if only DCS had AIM-26 Falcons and AIR-2 Genies then this could be a much easier task for the german side.

  20. Will dsc allow small short range in place of 120’s? Cause any standoff ability would be a massive advantage.


  22. This prob already said, but I saw a lot of missiles hitting the same killed bomber. Just saying in case you ever tried this before. Im lazy so I didn't;t want to search the comments.

  23. Well, i don't know about anyone else here but i love your pilot skills cap, you're a very good pilot. Every time I've noticed, he's got most or he's on 2nd or 3rd place. Now those who are saying he's a bad pilot, what's your definition of good pilot!?

  24. Cap – "wheres the weak point guys?"
    Me – "oh i dunno ….engines, fuel tanks, …..pilot ..usual spots)

  25. Considering most of the people you play with are US based. Perhaps you should be the one to stay up late?

  26. Could you take down a B17 with a supersonic shockwave?

  27. Even with the Hugh tech advantage, mass numbers are hard to beat.

    Great advancement in tech came out of ww2, but in the end, it really was a war of industrial might.

    The Germans could have had f-22s and it wouldn’t have mattered because the allies could produce 1000s of b-17s, lancasters and b-24s.

  28. I can imagine the debrief after they return!!!

  29. YEAH !!! Area Bombing…….frakking awesome 😎 !!!

  30. on the consideration of if an amraam could kill a bomber in one hit. the warhead of it weights 22kg, that is pretty much the same weight as a 5 inch aa shell or as much as 3 88mm shells. i don't think a ww2 plane has a realistic chance of surviving 3 direct hits from an 88 and that's not even considering modern improvements to fragmentation.

  31. So many people had missiles left at the end.

  32. The server crash is likely down to the particle generation (smoke & fire), it's one of the most resource intensive actions a CPU/GPU has to render. Turn that off, and you'll probably have less issues.

  33. I haven't watched yet. but im going to guess the answer is yes

  34. Why were the B-17s not using their turret gunners?

  35. There would certainly be a dilemma for the German Pilots.

  36. This is an example of good strategy, bad tactics. Youre all friggin great pilots (ive binged so much of your channel over the past few weeks), but i keep seeing you guys come up with half a plan. Id love to see you guys do a nice reaction vid where you interview retired squadron commander and CAGs and grill them for relevant tactical advice. Im an old Marine, so none of my skills are relevent to y'all, but trust me when i say veterans, officer or enlisted LOVE our friggin wargames. This would be good fun and help steer you excellent pilots into sound tacticians. And loads of fun for us vet viewers for sure! YUT!

  37. Hey, my grandfather bombed the shit out of Dresden in a B17… see this….was a middle gunner.

  38. Why dont you do a chainsaw with Amraams first and then with IRs instead of shooting all at once and each other?!?

  39. The Dresden fire bombing is an atrocity that should not be forgotten. We should not have done that.

  40. What about using ME-262s instead of Typhoons? Love your videos by the way!!

  41. carrier squadrons would be different to ground squadrons, so F-35 B squadrons would depend logistically on what ships they are embarking on and I think it can be that the actual complete squadron does not always deploy, because the expeditionary unit commander, US Marine Corps, might have latitude with his specific compliment of vehicles and aircraft dependent on his mission parameters and what he expects to actually encounter and require to deal with it

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