Could A Russian Naval Force Strike The US East Coast? (WarGames 107) | DCS -

Could A Russian Naval Force Strike The US East Coast? (WarGames 107) | DCS

Grim Reapers
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We use DCS World to simulate a Russian naval attack on the East coast of USA with long range cruise missile. US QRA fighters scrabmle from within 400 miles of the target area, but can they stop the strike?

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2:40 Geographic Details
4:25 Unit Details
12:31 Predictions
13:24 FIGHT!


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  1. The aircraft they use will have nowhere to go home to because everything they have afloat in that part of the Atlantic will surely be sunk before they could return.

  2. The problem is any Russian carrier or any non allied carrier will have a American or British SSN shadowing it. So I do not think that in this day in age you can sneak up to either the east or west coast.

  3. National guard is a part of the US military they get deploy just like the US military they go the same places as the US military does

  4. Sucky ground terrain. Try it with maps overlay please

  5. Omg 😂. At best, there might be a max of 6 fighters total in a ready to launch configuration in the northeast of US/Canada. Russian bombers would have been spotted and tracked long before this, assuming they don't have China's ballon technology 😂.

  6. Try this again, but instead of all Russian aircraft and a naval group, only 2 MiG-31s ​​with nuclear kh-47m2 kinzal and see what happened.

  7. Russian intelligence be like: amrikanz so stupid, they marked all these Targets for us. 😂 Has big lit sign says Target 🎯

  8. I think that the scenario for this is that the British hired the Russians to attack Boston, finally, out of retribution for the Boston Tea Party and the Revolutionary War. . . or possibly something derogatory Bill Burr (a Boston comedian) said about Hugh Grant. So, after we finish off the Russians, we will be making short work of London. You guys even have the London Eye/Millennial Wheel there to act as a big target!

    It would make more sense, but still futile, to go after Washington D.C.

  9. Nope, Langley AFB and Langley Virginia are separate locations about 165 miles apart

  10. Target in the US is like Tesco there in the UK

  11. There would be zero SAMs guarding Boston and on any given day the air National Guard units would have a flight at most on alert. Most of their pilots are airline pilots and it would take two to three days to get all their planes in the air. No way in hell would they have enough missiles available for a full load out. Other than that Target is a great 🎯.

  12. That shape of Maine is horrible 😂.

  13. All things considered… if the Russians destroyed as many satellites as they could it would go a long way to hurting the American response.

  14. Unrealistic the commies would just launch nuclear missiles and destroy everything, that's the problem with nuclear capable countries,.

  15. Otis Air National Guard Base – where the Pentagon leaker worked – is closer to Boston than Westfield. But yeah, thrilled to see my hometown attacked!!!

  16. I bet the journey to the US East Coast that the Kuznetsov took logged more miles than the Kuznetsov has logged since the fall of the Soviet Union.

  17. you picked Target instead of Boston harbor? lol

  18. i think that if russia took out all of our satellites and hit us with some EMP's which is likely in the near future….. they probably could get that close to us if we had no working aircraft idk how hardened the airforce is against EMP attack

  19. The sub base in Groton Connecticut may have been a better target.

  20. I live in a east coast city and in my little piece of the world we have 2 airbases on both sides of me and the skies will be filled with f-16 and the occasional raptor so i have no clue how an air force would get anywhere close. Also a load of A-10s, Blackhawks and Osprey

  21. Lol when have Russian missiles ever worked as they promoted? This would have been a slaughter.

  22. I'm sorry why do we not see their missiles?

  23. I think it'd be interesting to combine this scenario with the "Shoot down the president" scenario: Russian aircraft carrier decides to assassinate Air Force 1 as it flies up and down the East Coast.

  24. Funny you should mention military targets in Boston Harbor, as far as I know, there’s only one; USS constitution. She was launched in 1797 and still sails today, and is still owned by the US Navy and holds a commission. Not necessarily a strategic or even tactically relevant target, and sinking her would likely be akin to when Bismarck sank HMS Hood, I.e. all you’ve done is piss us off royally. However, it is a valid military target under international law. I wonder what a modern anti-ship missile would do if it hit the wooden spar deck?

  25. The Russian carrier would never make it to Iceland before breaking down and having to be towed back.

  26. As far as I can tell, the US National Guard is equivalent of the Territorials over here, though better equipped.

  27. FYI I have always been told the Air National Guard pilots are top notch. Basically all experienced Air Force guys that still want to fly jets but also have a more normal life.

  28. The only way to destroy the US is from within.

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