Could AC-130 Gunships Bomb 1944 Germany With Impunity? (WarGames 52) | DCS -

Could AC-130 Gunships Bomb 1944 Germany With Impunity? (WarGames 52) | DCS

Grim Reapers
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18:09 Combat

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  1. if only there's a gunship version of the A-400M atlas. It had a max speed of mach 0.72, a cruise speed of 781kmph, and a service ceiling of 40,000 feet. Also you're wrong about the Flak-88's 40,000 feet ceiling range. It had an effective ceiling of 8,000 meters (26,000 ft) and a maximum of 9,900m (32,500 ft)

  2. Whats crazy is a B17 is as long as a Su-27..

  3. Imagine the 10 AC-130's on that 40 mile Russian convoy… would have taken about an 30-45 minutes at best as long as they had enough ammo and level ALL of it!!

  4. This actually happened in a top secret 1946 raid! I don't know how you got this footage, but the government will be in contact shortly!

  5. FW-190Ds had a service ceiling above 34,000 feet, a top speed around 400 mph and were armed with 4 cannons. The C-130s have no defensive armament, no self-ceiling fuel tanks, no armor. They would have been massacred by the 190Ds.
    BTW, B-17s regularly bombed from above 25,000 feet.

  6. To me the problem the AC 130 has to many blind angles , with nor return fire capability. The B17 had a gun at EVERY angle . Thank You

  7. Can you do one with 30 HE111 on a nuclear bombing mission on London please. This would be so amazing!!

  8. You know, there is a reason they call them Gunships.

  9. God you guys are absolutely hilarious to watch I love all of your videos keep it up!

  10. the loud mouth Brit is beyond obnoxious…and THATS AN ORDER!

  11. No Anti Air weapons. A 30 cal gun meant for ground fighting….luftwaffe have this

  12. Hey man.
    Thanks for your videos, they made me buy a computer for the first time in like 15 years! So i got this gaming Unit yes, with a hotas x56 too. I dont want to sound like a total r-tard, but can u tell me how i can steer my Su-27T on the ground? X and z dont do nothing…..
    Many thanks for GOOD clips

  13. Would be awesome if you could do B17s but with mini guns replacing the .50 cals.

  14. I would love an official module at some point, would be a fun middle ground between something like an Apache and the A-10

  15. What if the WWII bombers had sidewinders? "))

    Jack ~'()'~

  16. Fighter planes dream!! All bombers tightly packed together. : ))

  17. Can a c130 only get 25000 high?
    I thought it could get 29000

  18. I have to say, this mission was planned incredibly badly. If you wanted to test the supposed altitude and speed advantage, you should have extended east over the north sea to reach your highest alt before turning toward the target and using the time in level flight to make max speed. This slow climb at the slowest speed is what killed you. You basically took all your supposed advantages away.

    Was entertaining at least.

  19. Hypothetically, how would proficiency in DCS translate into the real world? Would you be able to actually start, fly, and land an SU-27?

  20. Fun to watch and I love that you did it. And all I could think of when that 109 was sitting in your 6 was that B-17s have tail guns that would make life very uncomfortable for that dude.

  21. The B17 had turbocharged engines and cruised at between 20 & 30 thousand feet. That’s why the crews wore heated suits and used oxygen. Which is also why the P51 had to operate at 30k ft.
    And… all of that is why the Germans developed rocket powered interceptor aircraft and the Me262 so they could get up to B17’s before they dropped their payload.

  22. Slow to climb. That’s why you take the time to spiral up to altitude in friendly airspace

  23. Next time keep your smash up. Build your energy down low. The zoom climb isn't going to work with C130s you'll be stuck behind the power curve trying to accelerate. You also mentioned 6k lbs of fuel but that's fuel flow. The C130 has more than enough range to do this. Start with half tanks.

  24. Man when Cap started screaming as they were shooting him in the tail I was weeeeeeaaaak! Hilarious guys!! 👍🏾👍🏾

  25. I really doubt that the AC-130s would need to carry any bombs. They could wreak enough havoc with their guns alone.
    I hate to think what a couple of squadrons of B-52s would have done. Especially the D models. They would have flown at night and would have bombed Germany with impunity. None of the Luftwaffe's piston engine fighters would have been able to intercept them and even the Me-262 would have had great difficulty. The war may have lasted about a month.

  26. This was so enjoyable to watch. Especially the tense formation flying while being strafed🤘

  27. I haven't built a gaming system since the 1990's. After watching this, I want to build 4 and setup a game room…

  28. Do some research the B-17 could fly over 30,000 feet and typically bomber between 25,000 and 20,000 feet…have you ever heard of superchargers

  29. Your ceiling should be at least 10,000' lower in the AC-130

  30. AC-130 only has a 30mm, 105mm, 4 bombs per wing and a few griffen missiles. I work on them daily.

  31. You should try doing this another time but with a lower payload. You missed so many of your bombs as is because you were forced to go evasive early. If the C-130 can go to 35000 feet, figure out what the payload capacity is for such a mission. You could even use JATO rockets at altitude to boost your payload capacity, while also boosting your altitude cap for long enough to get above their operating ceiling, glide on the inertial energy, drop your bombs, and then have more potential gravity to dive away with as well, all the while sending it from the side guns. Also, there has been talk of mounting the AIM-9X or AIM-120D and using their datalink capabilities with AWACS providing the initial target lock, if the missile isn't able to get a pitbull fix right off the wing. I figure with the high off bore sight capabilities of modern missiles, and all the free space in the AC-130 for extra tech (since it was made with enough space and power for much larger, slower computers early on), you could easily retrofit the capability in. I'm sure the pilots would love having a helmet mounted sight for a defensive munition like that! I wonder if you can mod that into DCS as well though, that would be really sick if so. Put AIM-9X on ALL THE THINGS

  32. They could use B-52 bombers if you're going to pretend and make things up pretend really good things

  33. My grandfather flew a B-17 in late 44-45. Can't imagine how cold and still the flak and more

  34. Is it a GR mission without a crash on take off ?

  35. W/o watching the video yet, I’m guessing the Luftwaffe would tear the up. Yeah. They would have if they’d have just parked behind you and emptied their guns. You don’t have any defense behind you. They could have easily downed you all had they not been attacking like you did.

  36. If only AC-130 had a gun on the top like they do in Battlefield to deal with pesky fighters

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