Could Britain Be Defended From Russian Nuclear Ballistic Missiles? (WarGames 46) | DCS -

Could Britain Be Defended From Russian Nuclear Ballistic Missiles? (WarGames 46) | DCS

Grim Reapers
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0:00 Overview
2:31 No Defense
4:43 Rapier System
6:04 Sa-15 Tor
8:14 Patriot Pac-2
11:22 S-300VM(2013)
14:28 Type 45 Destroyer
16:44 Arleigh Burke Type IIa
18:24 Kirov Battlecruiser
Ukraine-Russia Series:
Fulcrum/Flanker vs Foxbat/Super Flanker:
NASAMS vs Russian Cruise Missiles:
Russian KH-47M2 vs Polish Air Force:
Su-27 & Drone vs Snake Island:
Su-25s vs Russian Convoy At Kyiv:
NATO Eurofighters vs Crimean AWACS:
Patriot, Gepard & Gripen vs KH-65:
A-10s vs Russian Convoy At Kyiv:
USN Tomahawk Strike Kerch Bridge:
USAF Stealth Strike Kerch Bridge:
Ukrainian Jets Strike Kerch Bridge:
F-22 Raptors vs Russian Fighters:
Raptor/Eagle vs Super Flanker:
USAF Bombers vs Mariupol Defenses:
Ukraine Bombs Snake Island:
Stealth Fighters vs Russian Bombers:
Sinking Of Moskva #3:
Sinking Of Moskva #2:
Sinking Of Moskva #1:
Russia Nukes Britain:
Ukraine Uses Danish F-16s:
Ukraine Uses Polish Mig-29s:
Russian-Britain Missile Attack:
Ghost Of Kyiv:
Belgorod Raid:
Eurofighter/Fulcrum vs Super Flanker:
US Strike vs Odessa
Russian Helo Rocket Lob:
Russian Su-25 vs US Patriot SAM:
Understanding Russian SAMs:
Ukrainian Jets Road Operations:
Russian 40 Mile Convoy:
Flanker vs Super Flanker:

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  1. Keep dreaming uk Usa your Defence system not save you in right time
    Hypersonic glide missile destroy in your country in sec

  2. The thing is…in paper … i this case in the videogame commands…all russian equipment is paper… but in reallity …hummm

  3. The show would be over as England can't help there selves war mungers telling zelenskyy to fight on Russia won't forget these west criminals colonels

  4. any Russian System needs to be reprogrammed. cut everything in half or double

  5. The only problem is ICBM MIRV's reentry speed is 12000 to 16000 knots

  6. Translated
    Russia has a far more advanced missile defence system than any NATO member.
    As for S28 Sarmat Satan, just two take out the whole of the UK.
    We sale ex CCCP warbird MIG 23, HIND 24 gunship, Skif missile launcher Kalashnikov, RPG , Neptune , KAZ 6 x6 , comms unit.
    Greeting from Russia❤️

  7. I'm pretty sure that the reason why Russian rockets are "unbeatable" is not just because they vastly out-speed western air defence systems, but that they are designed to have unpredictable flight and manueuver en route, bypassing intercepting rockets. All the missiles fired in the game are flying a linear, calculatable and easily detectable route. That's not anywhere near reality

  8. The Russians….playing the victim card since they went communist.

  9. If nuclear war began between Russia and UK, then the UK would be a smoking slag heap, and Russia would also lose millions, it's hardly a scenario any rational mind would entertain. Except of course if a certain country across the Atlantic thought they could start such a war and keep out of it themselves, but of course they would never do that would they? They are friends and allies, just like they were to were Afghanistan and Ukraine.

  10. Russia definitely don’t want no sauce with Britain

  11. What makes you think that Russian nuclear weapons work? Nuclear weapons are high and expensive maintenance weapons. That’s why Russia has many more than the USA. They don’t spend the money or it is stolen from maintenance projects. They can’t maintain their truck tires let alone nuclear weapons.

  12. What's the likelihood that we have secret weapons in space already that can neutralise missiles from the enemy,?

  13. As long as its London, I can Live with it 😂😂😂😂

  14. Philip loves Watches Whiskies & Jets says:

    Seriously it's like trying to shoot a asteroid….except there would be few hundred nukes….impossible…..they blow above the atmosphere…clowns

  15. impossible for a nuke to hit england if you no you no, lol we are the only country in the world thats the first to no when anything on the globe leaves the ground we are also one of the only countrys that can hit anything moveing at any speed down to the size of a tennis ball if thats not impresive i dont no what is

  16. A full nuclear exchange is an extinction event for mankind

  17. You are failing to mention HYPERSONIC.

  18. One Tsar 2 bomb would flatten treasure island!

  19. By the time this tech improves to the point that it could ever be mass produced and integrated at an affordable price, by that time nukes will be much more sophisticated and new challenges will exist rendering the new system already redundant. Nuclear war is never an option because no one survives – anyone who thinks otherwise is a fool. That said, I enjoyed this video and found it interesting.

  20. The problem for England is not icbm the problem is Neptune tsunami bomb 500 meter high wave of water

  21. If a nuclear sarmat or satan missiles is hit by UK missile what happen to the and ground below ,is there any radiation?

  22. if you had NATO all over the world Russia's nukes will be destroyed once they leave their pot holes. NATO is pretty much on both sides in reality.

  23. Defending against a nuke strike would be difficult but the thing people do not realize is that is that a nuke does not have to actually hit its target to cause damage or even be close, the US did testing with them long ago to find the optimal detonation height to cause maximum physical damage, but they also tested the optimal height for maximum EMP damage and they found that at the max physical damage height the EMP effects where minimal and blocked by hills and the curvature of the earth, however a single detonation in low earth orbit far above any interception capability would rain down an unimpeded EMP that would blanket cover most or all of a small country. This would effectively shut down a country by instantly tanking out country wide civilian infrastructure, peoples cars / trucks / phones / Computers ETC would also be rendered non functional shutting down communications and more importantly the distribution of food to shops

  24. The nuclear deterrent is called mad, so everyone dies, period! The end! Right on time. We still haven't solved worlds problems, so might as well blow everything up! And women you have equal right to die!
    Why does everyone miss that the bombs go off above targets! Whoever does not get blown up, get radiation poisoning!

  25. If Putin hit London, there wouldn't be a Moscow immediately afterwards. It would gain absolutely nothing. His ego must be huge. Ukraine isn't worth the exchange of nuclear weapons. So what has he got to gain? He's threatening countries with nuclear strikes, because his troops can't take a smaller country, not even a NATO member, just a smaller, more determined country. He could do the 'Russian thing', recall troops, blame intelligence people for 'misleading him', like the whole 'weapons of mass distraction ' spiel…..

  26. can Russia even get a nuke to Britain? it'll run out of fuel 50 miles outside its border.

  27. I love this guys enthusiasm! He loves explosions.. my kind of guy

  28. The most best missile in the world is the SATAN II from Russia, it even holds countermeasures. In other words. We're fucked!!. Perhaps very very soon we will witness the real deal. See who's right. Still we're fucked

  29. hope mod have an agent is following you guys

  30. They won't be ballistic Missiles. That's it then. As soon as Russia fires on UK there finished. Russia will be no more

  31. No The uk could not be defended against russian nukes.

    Same as russia can not defend themselfs from british nukes.

  32. Adolf Puttin use to be a world 🌎 class leader now he is a world class thug

  33. All UK need to do is nuke the north pole and melt the Ice cap and the sea level will rise old Russia will be under Water

  34. What missiles were the Arleigh Burkes using? SM-2s aren't meant for ballistic missile defense. That is more of an SM-3 or SM-6 function. The Arleigh Burkes' VLS tubes have a mixture of missiles for different purposes as I know you are aware. Is that modeled in DCS? Asking out of sincere curiosity as I do not know.

  35. Only an Evil bastard would kill billions of people.

  36. No matter the stock market crash one needs to have different portfolio, I already invested in Forex and Crypto which are really profitable

  37. There is no defence against ICBMS. They're designed that way

  38. You playto much games. The reality is other. Is hesitation time in the middles , decision makers. E tc. Officially nothing can’t stop an ICBM. You need to rave trackers missiles. Which only USA have 70 only. An ICBM can carry up to 50 head which. 40 are decoy warheads. So imagine you shoot and you are not sure what you shot. You shot it in mid air the nuclear fall out is event worst if the nuke start already the fusion reaction. Awake guys – you live in a game era and don’t know about real wars

  39. They have 6000, probably only 2000 working properly, but even with massive defences, many would pass, more than enough to wipe out UK a dozen times

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