Could Darwin, Australia Survive A HUGE Chinese Naval Carrier Strike? (WarGames 134) | DCS -

Could Darwin, Australia Survive A HUGE Chinese Naval Carrier Strike? (WarGames 134) | DCS

Grim Reapers
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We simulate a a Chinese naval Carrier Strike Group attack on Darwin, North Australia. China uses more than fifty J-15 fighter bombers from her Type 003 Fujian aircraft carrier, also YJ-18 supersonic and YJ-21 hypersonic missiles from their Type 052D and Type 055 Destroyers. Australia defend with the whole of their RAN and RAAF. Hobart and Anzacs ships, as well as FA-18F/G Super Hornets and new F-35A Lightning II’s. Can Australia defend herself?

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  1. Granted, a lot of nations rely on America, but it works out nicely. America gets a boost to their ego as the NATO defenders, and other nations get to put more money into their public economy rather than military.

  2. I saw this movie, afterward Chinese forces landed in northern Australian in the Outback. Then a Chinese division that landed by air tried to drive toward top secret US/Australian Airbase in the middle of the Outback. But then were wiped out by Aussie teens and dinosaurs that apparently roam the Australian continent.

  3. You forgot the Bogan defence, beer bottle tossing in the NT isn’t to be taken lightly

  4. You nerfed the Hobarts a bit too much mate. Should be 40 SM-2’s and 32 ESSM’s (they’re quad packed in mk41 – only need 8 cells).

    Yes, we should have bought flight 3 arleigh burkes instead…

  5. I wonder how this fight would go if an allied country were close enough to provide assistance, maybe with a combination of AAM and LRASM

  6. Australia should buy f15ex with faster stealth frigates coupled with Norwegian Anti-ship missiles, A.I enabled C4I systems, A.I.P Submarines and High Energy Lasers.

  7. We would have Collins class subs deployed if this situation was playing out. We have nuke boats coming in the next couple of years too. Scenarios like this make me a lot less unhappy about the price tag.


  9. US Marines are now permanently based at Robertson Barracks in Darwin, and they rotate through the base on a six-month basis.

    I tend to think that if China wanted tro take Australia down they would just hack our essential utilities and cut the undersea cables in the South China Sea. Or stop buying raw materials which comprise 30% of the entire country's GDP, enough to cause complete havoc alone lol

  10. The Japanese chose Darwin due to fuel required for a return trip. Realistically, anyone attacking Australia would target the East Coast Cities. Darwin doesn't have anything that a carrier couldn't facilitate.

  11. Keep this scenario in mind if they fight over Taiwan. This "distraction" would produce an interesting conflict of interests/priorities.

  12. Noticed a large amount of missing capabilities from Australia side. But overall pretty good.

  13. You forgot to mention the American marines based in Darwin. And the 2 military base run by Australian and the USA military. Don't you think those 2 bases are protected. You might be surprised what pops up of the ground. Sounds like you won't to a bit more research. PSdont forgot the 6 B52 USA bombers based at Tindal military base

  14. why did the aircraft get mid air refuelling if they leave from Tindal

  15. Good fun thanks mate but you forgot that ESSMs are quad packed so the Hobart’s have 32 *4 each = 128. Each RAN surface combatant can launch eight Harpoons so add 88 of those to your next scenario. You also forgot that the RAN would deploy submarines which can launch MK48 torpedoes and Harpoon ASMs. Need to get more reliable research from better educated armchair warriors…

  16. The amazing thing is Darwin got raided several times with the Japanese Zero planes dropping more bombs than they droped on Pearl Harbor thats bloody unbelievable

  17. Ok dosnt look good for Darwin but thats only a big country town city in the up the top off nowhere the rest off Australia is bloody huge and the rest off the military and airforces all over Australia will come in droves and God bless the other countries that will help us out 🙏🙏😇amen

  18. And God bless the Americans they are already there always have been 😊 silly thing tho china has a 100 year lease on our Darwin Port go figger 🤔

  19. New Zealand could send a C-130 to help us!!!!!! lol. Our navy is too small and so is our Airforce. We are currently arming up with longer range missiles.

  20. “raf” or “RdoubleAF”.
    Perhaps we shouldn’t be enemies with China🧐🙄

  21. You guys need to send this to the Australian government, and explain to them how they have fucked our defence force. Just on a side notethe US 1st marine division has the southern cross as their emblem and theur marching song is waltzing Matilda.

  22. Interesting scenario, I would like to see this retried with a more real world scenario. How does a Chinese Carrier Battle group get 6000km without anyone noticing? And yes I am completely disregarding the 'we are are just tourists wanting to go the beach' excuse given in the scenario 😆. I expect most SEATO countries they traveled through to get here would also find that excuse somewhat suss. Given that, the presence of warships from other countries would not be unlikely, especially since you don't just travel 6000kms overnight. So maybe relax that a little and include Singapore, French, British, Indonesian or US assets? Also as others have mentioned, Darwin airbase is designed to take many more aircraft than the 'usual' complement, like other bare bases in Northern Australia. As for the question of why do we only have enough assets to last one battle? In this scenario, we are a country of 25 million vs a country with a population of 1.4million. So yeah do the math on that we are never go to win on our own which is why we wouldn't expect to.Do you know B2's have visited Amberley airbase in QLD? I bet that would be a little bit of a surprise for the 'travelling tourist carrier battlegroup'.

  23. Why would they attack their own port? The ccp has the management contract for the port of Darwin- meaning its entire infrastructure has been compromised.

  24. I'm glad to see everyone feeling proud to receive help from the United States.

  25. It really frustrates the hell out of me that successive Australian governments have proven so hopelessly inept/incompetent at choosing suitable military hardware. Case in point – the Hobart AWD fleet of three as opposed to the tried and tested Arleigh Burke destroyers, which have pretty much twice the armament and have been tested numerous times in conflict including recently near Yemen. There seems to be an almost criminal lack of foresight by our government and military leadership. Why buy two Canberra class LHDs with the jump ramp only to not have the deck designed to carry the JSF with VTOL capability? Would it have been expensive? Absolutely! But it would have significantly increased the utility of the warship. Having said that, we would've been better off buying Wasp class carriers from the Americans. Don't get me started on the Collins class submarines. We should've gone to nuclear propulsion (not nuclear armed) for our subs about two decades ago given the enormous expanse of coastline and shipping lanes that need to be patrolled and defended given we are an island nation and rely on seaborne freight enormously. Better late than never with the AUKUS agreement, but it's going to be years before we get the first one, and that's assuming Trump continues with the deal (I have my doubts given his history). Then there's the RAAF and the decision by government to apparently not seek a fleet of B-21 Raider stealth bombers. Talk about shooting yourself in the foot. With the retirement of the F-111 fleet, we've been left without a dedicated bomber force that could have and should have been filled by the B-21.

  26. Exciting news about Australia's future navy plans.
    The 3x existing Hobarts (48 cells each), 6x Hunter class (32 cells each), and up up to 11 light frigates (16 cells each), plus 6x "optionally crewed" vessels (32 cells each) to basically act as arsenal ships directed by Hobarts or Hunters. Given usual government cuts and cost blowouts we'll be lucky to get 8 of the light frigates and 3 of the "optionally crewed" vessels. All the same, thinking about this scenario re-run with these assets in play is exciting.

  27. 哈哈哈原来肥宅意淫美国也有哈哈哈哈😂

  28. We are Australian's we don't back down from a fight as do our backup the US are watching our backs 🤬

  29. Why are people like you an Australian can say that, no-one think about the people that are in the middle of the fight.

  30. The last country that is looking for war. Di your research idiots.

  31. Hey @Grimreapers, luv your vids, they're very entertaining to see play out!

    That being said, I do hope you're still planning to update this one with some more realistic parameters. I've only recently seen this, so I'm going to ignore current developments and only discuss the key things that weren't accurate at the time you published this vid, which would have resulted in likely the exact opposite scenario of what you created.

    I've read a few hundred of the thousands of posts on this vid, can't go through them all, but I'll synthesise my thoughts with what I believe was most relevant.

    – First, you brought in the Fujian as the prime combatant of the Chinese fleet, even though (at the time of this video's production) it was only scheduled to start sea trials in 2024, if all went to plan with construction. As we know, initial sea trials of major combatant vessels are only the start of a potentially years long process before they're ready to enter active warfare. When you're building such a colossal and revolutionary class of new ship, do we think it's realistic to have it war capable before the late 2020's?.

    Unlikely. The fleet could only have been led by one of the 2 decades old in-service carriers. Could this fleet even reach Australia and back, let alone launch an attack that would destroy the whole Navy?

    – Second, I saw in your summery post of what we want in a rematch that you still didn't mention the subs. Even if only 2 of 6 are available in this scenario, that's 2 dead capital ships from the start, rendering most of the rest of the scenario irrelevant. Probably why you didn't include them, I guess?

    – Third, the F35s, aka most of the air fleet, would certainly have been forward deployed to Darwin. Why bring them in so late? Yeah, maybe there'd be maintenance issues at the end of the conflict that Darwin couldn't support, but does that even matter. All they need in the short term are fuel, amo and runways…

    – Finally, as discussed at length is the much higher missile capacity of the Aus combat fleet, which you've acknowledged..

    Would luv to see this re-run with those parameters!

    Cheers mate

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  33. Total non event! No one would waste money invading this country unless they want sheep and wheat! Some will say what about our mining resources and the answer is its just good business to buy our raw materials and then sell the finished product back to us!

  34. Well now in the event of an attack they know a bit .more.

  35. It’s happening!!!! The Fujian has set sale. See you on the 15th. 😂

  36. It would be a solid naval battle but ausi air strength while not that numerous would send them home limping… realistically chinas carriers aren’t a major factor. If they put 50 aircraft in the air it would be a shock

  37. A quick google earth search shows the Chinese fleet looking at a long swim home. Guam would be sending a lot of love and the Philippines would certainly tag in. Not sure what New Zealand brings to the show but self interest would certainly kick in and the nearest us fleet would be burning isotopes getting there. Also didn’t we just give the ausies some subs.

  38. RAN vessels now got NSM missiles (fitted 2024). Australia has bought LRASM as well for P8 Poseidons and for Super Hornets…Hobarts either 40 SM2 and 32 ESSM or 32 SM2 and 64 ESSM…

  39. China does not have a blue water navy, let alone a huge carrier strike group. How does China get anywhere near the Arafura sea? Without some amazing secret cloaking technology they won't be getting past US career strike groups in the Sea of Japan or the South China Sea.

  40. So here we are, 15th May 2024. Where are those sneaky PLAN ships?

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