Could Pelosi's Jet Be Protected From Chinese Interceptors When Leaving Taiwan? (WarGames 69) | DCS -

Could Pelosi’s Jet Be Protected From Chinese Interceptors When Leaving Taiwan? (WarGames 69) | DCS

Grim Reapers
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1:12 Role Play
2:16 Details
7:03 Predictions
8:45 Simulation(without escort)
15:07 Simulation(with escort)
22:13 Simulation(with escort) Combat
31:03 Simulation(with bigger escort)
37:38 Simulation(with bigger escort) Combat


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  1. If you guys are making the mods but you need help with coding, I'd be willing to help.

  2. The only time I am wanting Chinese success.

  3. Entertaining video. Keep uploading rapidly as youtube's algorithm seems to be promoting your videos 🙂

  4. I would help chinese to shutdown the Pelosi's plane! 🤣🤣🤣

  5. You are assuming the escort fighter pilots actually shoots back instead of sitting back and watching with delight. All this money beig spent for a political stunt by an idiot politicians.

  6. Send a couple f22. Me personally I hope they frag that lowlife scumbag. Polosi is a criminal and China would be doing us a favor. Unfortunately she is one of their paid assets.

  7. shoulda let China down the plane…you would of done the US a great service. just sayin

  8. Just a side note here if you were married to Nancy Pelosi you would want to get drunk every night the crash your car thing is a sad side effect that should be avoided at all costs unless you can make sure the only thing you hit is a very large tree.

  9. What cockpit do they use with the F35 models here?

  10. Also, no f35 pilot would run straight at bogeys after fox… right?

  11. Nancy Pelosi is the world's most successful inside trader.

  12. In reality Air Force One would not travel along the Chinese coast line. Air Force One would head due East and be no where near the Coastline after take off. Within a few minutes it would be nowhere near air to air missile range. This simulation keeps the plane within range along the Chinese coastline.

  13. They will attack Taiwan because Biden has dementia. He’s weak and is trying to cancel America

  14. It's sad we spent so many resources and so much money on protecting this woman when all she was doing was provoking China in the first place. US Pilots were put in danger to protect a woman that hates this Country and our values. 🖕Pelosi…

  15. We all hate Pelosi, she is a traitor to the United States, and eviscerates the United States Constitution with nearly every piece of unconstitutional legislation she rams through our legislative system.

  16. I think if you guys were able to use F-22’s, you would have almost definitely come out on top there. The F-35 was never made for close/medium range dogfights. The F-22 would really just be having its fun with them.

  17. why would we waste tax money on that drunken bitch protection china blowing her out of the sky would save America for her stupid ass

  18. I feel like some of your pilots weren't motivated to save the vip. 😛

  19. That's not pelosi jet it belongs to the American people who pay there taxes …

  20. Unrealistic. China is allowed to put birds in the air. You need rules of engagement, ie, you cant shoot until China shoots at least 1 missile.

  21. This is a cool idea for a channel but the routine bugs and jank of DCS kinda ruin it tbh.

  22. China is not just pissed off at the United States, it’s Nancy Pelosi in particular. She has a very long history of sticking it to the Chinese communist party.

  23. They need to make a missile that actually tracks

  24. "Can we defend pelosi's plane ?" … reminds me of that line from Jurassic Park, "They were so preoccupied with whether they could, nobody stopped to think if they should."

  25. You can thank God you don't know who Pelosi is😅

  26. Pelosi is a corrupt politician who is 3rd in line for the presidency, losing her would honestly put this nation better off

  27. Pelosi got shut down and that's a loss? I'm so confused.

  28. who told you that Nancy Pelosi is actually a eunuch robot? that was supposed to be a secret only for americans.

  29. You need to make the 747 turn for the carrier fleet and have its countermeasures work. The Carrier would also have a CAP airborne, and likely a larger one than normal with Pelosi being around. They would be able to intercept much quicker than launch after the bandits are detected. Also, your radars didn't seem to work. All in all, this wasn't a fair test.

    Also, at least two fighters would remain with the 747 and "eat" any incoming missile that makes it through the countermeasures

  30. The Reagan is a Nimitz not a Ford so the in game model is right fyi

  31. I hope not! Would do the world a favor!

  32. maybe its better if we just let the missiles hit her plane this time

  33. This isn't a realistic sim. In real life, no one gives a shit about Nancy Palosi (I don't even know how to spell her name). We sent that idiot to Taiwan in hopes that her plane would "disappear".

  34. For those of you wondering why so many hate Nancy Pelosi, it's because she invests in stocks, and then passes laws to make that stock go up up up. In order for this to be made illegal (for those in her position to invest in stocks AND make laws), SHE'D have to draft and pass said law. So we're all just waiting for the curtain to fall, expose the naked emperor and then finally communism can step in and blast us all directly into Hell. ….because Hell is better than this shithole.

  35. They should have taking her out she is a very corrupt politician.

  36. Easily protected send Pelosi to China via commercial aircraft and then fly her Jet home without her

  37. A Chinese general going rogue? Dang that’s some North Korean shits. But that may or may not happen since we got some Western haters in China😂

  38. As you can can see we had some tech problems with our new AMRAAMs and F-35 Radar, so take this with a massive pinch of salt. Will try to fix for future.

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