Could South Korea Withstand A FULL Air Attack From North Korea? (WarGames 116) | DCS -

Could South Korea Withstand A FULL Air Attack From North Korea? (WarGames 116) | DCS

Grim Reapers
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We simulate a full air force battle between North and South Korea. North has the advantage in quantity of aircraft, mainly old Soviet designs, but South has the more modern aircraft like FA-50, F-16V & F-35. Who will win?

0:00 Overview
2:18 Role Play
3:19 SAM Research
5:42 Air Forces Research
7:49 Squadron Locations
12:07 Scenario Details
17:27 Predictions
18:54 FIGHT
Combat Ineffective:


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  1. Cap, if you don't mind would you post your personal PC specs and the server specs? I'm trying to get into DCS and it would be nice to have a benchmark. Thanks.

  2. Is simple, what country is more important for the world, Samsung, LG, Kia, Music, movies, And much more. North Korea could dissapear today and no one will notice. North Korea is not creating nothing to be important in world economy, the Best thing that could happens to N. Koreans is to merge with S. Korea, the economy change will convert one Korea in a huge country and commerce would be bigger with China.

  3. I am deeply astonished of how such an important fighter and fighter bomber in military aerial warfare as the MiG-17 has not been included in DCS order of battle !!

  4. What map is that. I wasn't aware there was a Korea map.

  5. I don't skip the briefing, I watch it, then watch the beginning and end of the battle, while skipping the middle lmao

  6. A pity that the Nike Hercules had to be removed. I was stationed at Btry D, 5/6 ADA in Hontheim, W. Germany – A Nike Hercules site – from 1978-1982 and never saw one launch.

  7. North Korea doesnt have a working airforce most of them are world war 2 vintage and small alloted budget for fuel !

  8. If your military technology is older than 40 years you have no chance of success, it would require incompetence to be successful in a combat area, better not to bother than lose it all on failure. North Korea has absolutely no chance of battlefield success with equipment no better than the 1960’s, it’s not worth the labour. The idea it might it’s ridiculous, you can’t do anything with horses and swords and flintlock pistols!✌️❤️🇬🇧

  9. Is the loss counter in the top right only available on the GR server?

  10. Thank you all for your effort and interest in this, and every project you create.

  11. Excellent! I'm going to watch again tomorrow. What were you using for server hardware? I think this scenario shows a lot of N. Korea's real goals if you reach a bit. Do it again!

  12. NK could hunker down for years, but food might become a problem as they are already malnourished.

  13. What hardware should I consider for running something similar? (single player)

  14. As the old saying goes. Quality has it's own numbers.

  15. Massive game – excellent. Thanks for all the time put into these.

  16. If This scenario ever happened you know the north will fire the nukes

  17. Dont forget China will be backing Nth Korea! Supplying & updating Nth Korea

  18. I have to say you really need to learn east and west, while I listen to you talk my teeth rattle because I just want to slap your face every time you get east and west confused. Stop doing videos and spend time learning east and west, then create a video under stress and try and practice talking and getting east and west right, come on man, you can do it. You also need some way to check your work since you spend so much time setting things up wouldn't it be cool if they could just be done correctly?

  19. The play-by-play by Cap is what makes this worth while – never heard such enthusiasm for carnage and chaos! 🤣

  20. Looking at this makes me wonder how the DoD or the MoD do their simulations.
    Obviously, their computers are dedicated to whichever sim they are executing and I imagine the scale is enormous by comparison to this!
    It must be a fun job to do!!!

  21. What? Skip the briefing? I’d never do that. (Proceeds to remove finger from time bar)

  22. From my understanding a large chunk of NKs arsenal surrounds artillery…like arty guns, not so much missiles. Having a massive artillery force backed up by ballistic missiles and a huge standing army….I think the human waves that'll come out of it would be the hard part

  23. I always listen to the briefing, but I skip the predictions.

  24. 19:40 The comment on cheap players that aren't easy to run and do complain. That gets the post a thumbs up before the fight even starts.😂

  25. This outcome, and that's after you've put so many advantage to North Korea!
    1.) You set their skill level to similar levels
    2.) You didn't implement SEAD to deal with the SAM sites early on (this is textbook strat)
    3.) You didn't involve the US forces that much
    4.) You've made South Korean pilot stupid by not letting them return to base to refit and refuel despite using all their ammo.
    5.) You assumed that all NK planes are airworthy when in reality, I'm willing to bet more than half won't even leave the ground.

    Still, this is the expected outcome considering the tech disparity.

    In reality, the NK will use their ballistic missile and artillery to saturate air defenses and hit major cities especially Seoul considering its proximity to the DMZ. SK will counter the huge wave of NK air to air fighters as depicted in the video but a lot of their air assets will also attempt to destroy the SAM sites and assist in the counter battery of NK artillery shelling seoul.
    Also, North Korean ground forces will likely immediately attempt to overwhelm the SK border battalions. We need to factor in how well SK defenses will hold. So immediately after winning their air battles, SK fighters will likely be immediately be refitted with anti-ground load ups to support the defense.

    I think the realistic outcome of this scenario is that the air war will turn out exactly as depicted in this video(albeit a lot fewer losses for SK) but at a heavy cost of civilian and military infrastructure near the border due to the artillery and ground invasion.
    If North Korea was not desperate enough to use their nukes at this point, or stupid enough to not yet use them, I think Chinese, American, and South Korean Special forces teams will be in a race in deep behind enemy lines missions to secure their nukes.

    That being said, kudos to you! This is the most extensive attempt to simulate this scenario I've seen any youtubers do.

  26. @Grim Reapers You forgot about South Korea's F-15K, which my company gave away 70% of the work to them, allowing us to win against France and their Rafael fighter failed competition.

  27. Love your content Avangel! I’m also enjoying this aircraft a lot! It’s SO good in VR with the canopy instead of doors!

    Bis später und bis nächsten video! 😊

  28. Does seem like north korea is going to imrpove their air force.
    Swap mig 21s with su 35s
    And Mig 23s with su27s

  29. I appreciate the work you all do to set something like this up!!!!

  30. Nice. Just found this video [been catching up, newbie] and I just finished reading the Red Phoenix series by Larry Bond about a scenario similar to this.

  31. the briefing is literally the most important thing

  32. This was great and all but human to human fights in small sections over 10 videos (shorter) would be cool too but I guess there just not enough people for that and probably interest

  33. Ex-SK air force air defence officer here.
    The South Korean air force doesn't operate HAWKs anymore since they have all retired in 2020.
    However, most of those HAWK sites are converted into South Korean indigenous SAM batteries (named "Chungung" and "Chungung – II", which have similar capabilities to that of IRIS-T SLM.)

  34. Game a multiple axis attack on the continental US. Via South and north. Amphib feint one coast and real D-Day on another. Large para drop (sacrificial) but confusing. No nukes. TLAMs, SLAMs etc

  35. You need a new duel 96 core Threadripper server with 1TB of Threadripper compatible DDR4 RAM and what ever graphics card will fit the server case.

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