Could Taiwan Survive A Second Strike By China? (WarGames 1b) | DCS -

Could Taiwan Survive A Second Strike By China? (WarGames 1b) | DCS

Grim Reapers
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0:00 Intro
1:30 DAY 1 VV Feedback
6:05 DAY 1 BDA
7:38 DAY 2 Overview
13:26 DAY 2 Details
27:53 Human Tactics
32:41 DAY 2 FIGHT!
1:06:52 Debrief
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  1. Uh Kortana those low level skills are insanely impressive, js

  2. Omeone needs to tell Cortana that a Mirage isn't a motorcycle! Fun aside, that low level flying looks amazing!

  3. These simulations are great thank you for doing these I enjoy them!

  4. Kortana kicks ASS!!! Damn that is some spicy flying!

  5. something else to remember… China can't spam all of their advanced fighters and other weapons into Taiwan simply because they'd have to protect their borders from planes and cruise missiles flying in from the sea, Japan, South Korea, Guam, Alaska, California, etc. US long range bombers can reach around the world.

  6. I don't believe that 2 ASM hits will sink a modern CVN, but for scenario purposes, it is a mission kill. The Reagan is going to be in drydock for at least a year, and likely going to need to be towed out of the AoO by the escorts, and will still need an escort. This was a major win for the PLAN.

    The US will retaliate over the hit carrier and lost cruiser, likely involving a B2 raid on the Chinese H6 bases to try and hit the aircraft that launched the strike, as well as surging fighters to Taiwan to bolster the defenses.

  7. Damn, Kortana got some skills!! I am impressed!

  8. I suspect Tawain would be ok with letting China attack the US fleet, because if they succeed, the US will get involved full bore.

  9. Do the J-16 not have a hit box? It seems the only way they die is direct impact to the Middle of the aircraft. Other than that nothing happens. That or a bugged damage model.

  10. Doubtful one missile could sink a carrier…. They are built to withstand multiple hits

  11. What happened to the Ohio cruise missile launcher subs, 22 x7 is 154 cruise missiles each. I think once the war started the Cruise missile subs would pre position and wait and once the Chinese attacked the Us or Japanese forces they would attack air bases, loading docks, sam sites and radar sights. I think having over 300 cruise missiles come at u you would be a wakeup call.

  12. Are PL-15's really so good? Because if so there is no point in anything else – just imitate full-on attack, fire them, go back to base, rinse and repeat.

  13. Carriers are a lot more vulnerable than people think.

  14. What about submarines and destroyers launching tomahawks at Chinese air fields and other targets of opportunity in China. Take the fight to the enemy

  15. China wouldent be able to amass forces and surprise attack without Taiwan knowing, since its short range and surveilance. So the navy being far away is not likely

  16. Seems the us battlegrp started sm 2s late. And a bit ineffective ciws

  17. I know this video is a few months old now, but just a comment in regard to the geopolitics. If we're thinking realistically, the sinking of an aircraft carrier would trigger a nuclear war without a single doubt in my mind. I haven't looked at the third video yet but you'll have to blissfully ignore nuclear weapons. Anything catastrophic as the sinking of a flagship carrier, regardless of whether America was the "aggressor" or not, would trigger the enactment of NATO article 5 and a nuclear exchange or at the very minimum an ultimatum to China that any further aggression would cause a nuclear exchange. I highly doubt that the western world would allow the sinking of a carrier without immediate military action.

  18. I am pretty sure the US "generals" war gamed this around the same time as this war game, read about it at zerohedge. In setup 1 the commies occupied the (EDIT:smaller) islands. US "generals" did nothing, game reset. Then the "generals" starting repeating everything the commies did. Take down our satellite, we take down one of theirs. So the US woke crowd let the commies control everything. Game stopped once again.

  19. So what does Kortana use for eyes and a brain? Because they're much better and faster than what I got stuck with.

  20. Geopolitically … after the outcomes of day 1 and day 2, I would recon that political pressure in the US would favor a ceasefire, the PRC would know this, so would Taiwan & Japan. The PRC could sell a ceasefire with the US internally as a victory, the US could sell a ceasefire between China & Taiwan internally as a success of their intervention. So, my guess: Day 3 is a day of haggling, Day 4 Taiwan realizes the US support is not almighty and can be neutered to some degree by the PRC, the US realizes a proper defence of Taiwan is going to be unrealistically costly in terms of human life, Japan realizes war with China is not an option, the PRC realizes ceasefire now gives them the upper-hand relative to Taiwan. Some form of words will be found that will keep the US outside the first "chain of islands" & the PRC within it & Taiwan and the PRC will reopen negotiations with the PRC about maintaining the status quo.

  21. It looks like in DCS none of the ships had Phalanx CIWS? To shoot down those missiles? Except in real life, literally all of them would have them.

  22. Bro wait why did the f18s from the carrier not shoot the anti ship missiles

  23. Pretty sure those f-18s would of intercepted the anti ship missiles instead of just waving at them as they flew right by lol…

  24. Kortana does realize she can fly higher than 12 feet, right?

  25. flying with kortana in blackout conditions lol

  26. As a British citizen
    I hope China blows the us out of the water.

  27. Cap, I DON'T think your stupid, I LOVE your work, keep it up mate.

  28. Jeez. Watching further into the video now, the Fleet AI is quite funny. It doesn't take Chinese with fancy anti-ship missiles. Iranians, Syrians, hell, anyone could sink a carrier if you sailed it THAT close to land like an absolute brainiac. FFS someone could just swim out from shore and slap a limpet mine on the side of the damn thing from that distance. Lol

  29. To the valued viewer who called cap boring, MORE WAR GAMESSSSSS!!!!

  30. I think this should not counting in days,actually in hours

  31. Kortana?!? Those are some retina-detaching moves. Somewhere there's a Mark II Colonial Viper with her call sign on it.

  32. Well. Now China has really screwed up. They sunk an Aircraft carrier and a Ticonderoga class.
    If we had met China with the same amount of firepower that we used against Iraq in 1990-1991 the outcome would be a lot different. At the war’s height, there were six aircraft carrier battle groups in the Mediterranean Sea and Persian Gulf: USS Theodore Roosevelt, USS Harry S. Truman, USS Constellation, USS Abraham Lincoln, USS Kitty Hawk and the USS Nimitz, and they all had F-14's and F-18's. As I stated the outcome would be a lot different

  33. Something I am confused about is that in the YJ-12 vs US carrier video, the carrier group intercepted all 16 of the YJ-12s, but in this video the carrier group is almost helpless despite there being more escorts here then the other video, and facing the same amount of missiles.

  34. Although I appreciate the time you put into this, the limitations of the DCS (which as you say doesn't include modern Chinese ballistic missiles or various Taiwan ships) really makes this entire video useless. 🙁

  35. Watching Kortana's PoV gave me anxiety!!! AMAZING!!!

  36. Kortana can rescue her father, who has been shot down and captured by the Arab state of Bilya while patrolling over the Mediterranean Sea. Just Give her an F-16!

  37. Lol with ukraine now u can see americans wont do shit

  38. Man, this is too much stress for breakfast already 🥵

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