Could Taiwan Survive An Aerial First Strike By China? (WarGames 1a) | DCS -

Could Taiwan Survive An Aerial First Strike By China? (WarGames 1a) | DCS

Grim Reapers
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0:00 Intro
0:37 History
4:46 Battle Overview
6:10 Logistics Overview
12:22 Taiwan Details
15:19 China Details
24:11 Tactics
28:01 VV Predictions
28:27 Battle
53:53 BDA
56:58 Tacview
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  1. If this is supposed to be about China-Taiwan, why was the map Cyprus????

  2. I'd like to see how this scenario would change with China's Army and Navy conducting simultaneous invasion and rocket operations with the Air Force in more of a support role

  3. I'm confused – the map at 29:10 doesn't show Taiwan. On Edit: Nevermind, I foolishly skipped the "Battle Overview" section. Now all is clear.

  4. Well this exercise shows how dumlb western missiles are compared to chindse ines

  5. I’m really confused why is there a map of cypress? And if he really mixed that up then can anything in this video be trusted?

  6. You did forget the about 100 aidc fck1, comparable to the F16, otherwise very nice video

  7. Just introduced to your videos. Excellent job. I especially like that you added in a human element which makes for less predictable, more interesting results. I have played wargames and written about theoretical battles and I’m very keen on the subject.

    As far as the capabilities of the Chinese aircraft and weapons goes, I tend to side with the faction who believes that the Chinese exaggerate. Keep in mind that Chinese escalators have more confirmed kills than all Chinese fighter aircraft combined.

  8. The Chinese will not play such a soft hand first strike

  9. This gave me some ace combat 5 flashbacks haha very interesting and fun but China in reality would probably just use hypersonic missiles and not bother with an air war

  10. In reality China would just send some hypersonic glide missiles to take out the airport's and Sam's from China. Than go in with fighters and bomber's.
    Than they would follow up with troops.

  11. What if Taiwan waited another 10 minutes before launching their fighters, allowing the Chinese to close the gap which gives their missiles the advantage? Don't give them a target until they are in range of your own missiles?

  12. Man…..the AI pilot for that Flanker was crazy badass.

  13. The Chinese should hire you, they are abundantly clueless when it comes to military strategy, especially tactical strikes. I get real Herman Goehring vibes based on my impression of their leadership

  14. Definitely "don't skip to the boom boom"!
    30:02 For start of conflict.
    35:01 First casualty.

  15. Now, do this with China using attack helicopters. Apparently, they have a plan to flood Taiwan with choppers.

  16. that is not Taiwan but Cyprus

  17. does DCS have Matra Durandal? they are MADE for destroying runways and the substrate under the runway to make sure it is out of order for along time.

  18. You guys need some more regional maps to play in. Seriously.

  19. "tactical runway…kha kha kha" speak english please.

  20. Take home message: any full scale modern air war, between evenly tech-matched opponents is going to be VERY short.

  21. The limitations of DCS aside, I think it is very unfair to place human pilots on one side only and to have them re spawn infinitely. Once they are taken down, they respawn again and again and take out a lot of enemy ai fighters. Maybe next time you could divide the humans into two for both red and blue force.

  22. Taiwan have no chance what so ever. In terms of technology geopolitics army moral. Even American give best shot, there is no chance keep Taiwan independent.

  23. there is a joke in China,I live in Zhejiang province, One day I took my children to fly kites in the park. When I saw Taiwan's Air Defense Identification Zone, I'm so scared because my kite has broken into Taiwan's air defense identification zone, What if Taiwan launches a missile and shoots down my kite and blow me up?

  24. We need to start a campaign to update and save the greatest plane ever, the Tomcat!

  25. Silcana is an ex jockey, the other guy giving out vectors etc is ex ATC. I’m ex RAF Aircrew/Loadmaster and Im absolutely 100% sure they’re ex USAF. They’ve had training. You don’t pick this up playing sims.

  26. In real scenario.China wouldn't even need cruise missiles to knock the airfield out, it's massive number of Short and medium ranged Ballistic missiles fired from the land will do the job, together with specific aimed anti airfield munitions/warheads, you only need one or two direct hit to render the entire air strip unusable for at least several days. Unmanned drones will certainly also be used, while S400 SAMs will be able to cover almost entire Taiwan when stationed at Chinese mainland coastal area.
    Lastly, I kinda doubt China will attack with a force that are less than 50% in number compared to Taiwans, just not that realistic, the range and AESA radar tech advantage Chinese fighters like J16, J10C, J20 enjoys over most Taiwans fighter will unlikely be ending up in such a rigid AI controlled suicide charge mission either. It will be a one-sided massacre on Taiwans defense imo, I doubt many Taiwanese fighters could even lift in time before the air field and SAM sites are destroyed.
    Ofc it's just my opinions.

  27. "Sorry Taiwan!" -famous last words. Lmao.

  28. One A-10 pilot with a big dick and some balls needs to get in there and brrrrrrrrt!! whole entire goddamn great wall of China.

  29. I am amazed by the amount of research and effort you and team put into these videos. They are SUPER entertaining and deeply interesting. Well done and thank you.

  30. Can't runways be repaired in hours? This doesn't seem like the kind of damage that would make an airfield unusable.

  31. This seems like a weak ass attack from china. I think there is no way in hell they go in that light if they are really going to do it.

  32. Dude can you simulate an invasion of ukraine by russia based on the nunbers being reported?

  33. Dude really check the map Cyprus is not Taiwan

  34. How long has Taiwan been considered it's own country? China is acting like they just separated recently. 🙄

  35. Taiwan should secretly buy S300 or S400 SAMs, making any attack very painful for China.

  36. The PL-15E only has a range of 95km or around 62 miles so I really doubt the PL-15 would ever reach 160 miles in real life. But this is DCS so let the fun begin! Question? who came up with the 160 range in DCS? based on the estimates I assume.

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