Could The USAF At Okinawa Defend A Full Chinese Air Attack? (WarGames 68A) | DCS -

Could The USAF At Okinawa Defend A Full Chinese Air Attack? (WarGames 68A) | DCS

Grim Reapers
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  1. We always have a carrier group forward deployed, the AWACS and the bombers carrying the cruise missiles would be the primary targets.

  2. What nscares me is we have some great equipment and the best of the best enlisted but It seems the U.S.. military can not win wars any more.

  3. You should be asking if the Okinawans will sabotage those US bases when the war starts btw US & China? Cos 90% of Okinawans hate Japan and US for colonizing them and ignoring their rights to independence and reviving their Kingdom of Ryukyu

  4. Strong support for the eradication of the CCP

  5. Strong support for the eradication of the CCP

  6. Ask the US to destroy China👍👍👍

  7. I have to say that I gave up on the video after approximately six minutes because I do not know if all this time is being spent on a game or serious reality; but it dawned on me and it now looks like the presentation is for a game activity of some kind. So until I know I must leave the program. If it is indeed for a video game it should be made clear it is for kids' game fun at the very beginning.

  8. The United States has the five I installation in the middle of Australia which monitors everything in that region via 3 geosynchronous satellites, if you don't include it in the mix of intelligence and coordination isn't that a big miscalculation?

  9. You forgot to mention that the USAF have two more bases in Japan, bases in Korea and Alaskan bases wherein if there’s tension in the region can be deployed. US have more warplanes than Russia and China combined.

  10. Do the b2 have a laser weapon if not it should

  11. You should simulate one where China attacks Tawain. with planes or something i dont know get creative. XD

  12. This is unrealistic. Based on my lifetime of experience with Chinese made goods, at LEAST 30% would have failed due to some small, poorly manufactured part.

    I would expect at least one of each of the following failures:
    -left rudder causes canopy to fall off
    -activating radar causes fire in right engine
    -pressing button to fire missile activates ejection sequence
    -pulling gun trigger turns off G-suit
    -left stick input causes right wing to fall off
    -scratching balls ignites massive electrical fire in cockpit instruments.

  13. The last I checked the United States had all of its chips on aircraft, I would figure an air attack on any US asset to be almost assured suicide.

  14. Great job guys, What sim did you use to create this? Also I would have expected more support from the sea. I know it all happens in minutes but would there be any support from any other surrounding islands?

  15. I just don't trust the Chinese warplanes if they are like the crappy stuffs they send to Walmart 🙄

  16. Most people didn't optimistic, that's why media report news everyday, china gonna attack taiwan any minute,and other country gonna strike china obviously

  17. Why did the island look more like Guam rather than Okinawa

  18. Oooops. You. Forgot the aircraft carrier
    Floating around out there. The. Uss Ronald reagon

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  20. US defend Okinawa? How about giving back Okinawa to its people. US is occupying foreigne force poisoning the island.

  21. Hm…let's ask the Great 'CARNAC the Magnificent' of the old Johnny Carson TV show!!

  22. Chinese first strike would probably be ballistic missiles.

  23. The Chinese flying the planes are thinking. "This is stupid, this is stupid, this is stupid…… U.S. thinking – THE SLEEPING GIANT HAS AWAKENED.


  25. Airborne warfare is a lot like a chess game, isn't it? Impressive.

  26. I appreciate the effort to simulate thus but youve just taken on simulating the biggest clusterfuck in the maritime battlespace… lol been sailing out of Yokosuka here in Japan for awhile now and I'd love to see some Navy representation of DCS can handle it…Im pretty sure the USAF has F-22s on Oki at the very least on rotation as well as The JASDF presence on Oki so you can't forget their F-15s and 16s as well as the JMSDF patrolling just at the western edge of the map there in the Senkaku Islands as well as an arliegh burke or two on patrol in the East China Sea…but the big thing youre missing the swarm of Type 54a frigates and a few 54a destroyers that would be in support of the PLAAF. Idk if DCS can support a joint force simulation on that scale but it'd be cool as hell to see a round 2!

  27. It could be a totally destruction of the Okinawa, if usaf made mistake in the defense and warning alert,

  28. I can barely imagine the hurt the world economy would take if this actually happened 🤔

  29. IMO reactive mode is always a handicap and severely sets back the nations ability to launch an offensive return.Although technology might be able to detect attacks or enemies rather quickly missiles would already be enroute before any pilot could even think about getting to his aircraft.Since it is a singular target China could definitely destroy it before much retaliation happens.The problem is of course the fact that the US and others would react from several other areas around the globe OR would they?
    Often there is a conference leaders in power need to decide who attacked and what recourse they can take and that takes time and they might not even make the best choices and IF China was to attack i am certain they would also be targeting other important bases as well knowing full well the ramifications of such an attack.

  30. I would argue no. Okinawa is close enough to China for them to simply launch an overwhelming attack. No matter how good your equipments are, if you flood the area with overwhelming numbers of Munitions is, as Stalin commented, a quality all its own.

  31. The USAF and military were utterley useless at 911 if the NIST report was true, therefore they would not even be able to stop a dozen 10 year olds from storming the Pentagon. But the NIST report was one big silly, useless lie which tells us the elite of the USAF took part in 911.

  32. "Have you ever seen something so sexy valued viewers" 😂

  33. Some Chinese stealth planes had to turn back because they didn’t have enough fuel. Wouldn’t the Chinese add some air to air refuelers to the attack wave for exactly this reason?

  34. Could a US strike group with two ohio-ssgn could take Qingdao after war broke out

  35. hmmm always thought there was a Marine air wing there on Oki.. they would have hornets and harriers …

  36. NO, china will destroy all runways in the first 5 minutes.!!

  37. With the realistic addition of Japan's defenses china couldn't do it.

  38. Shoot an EMP at them and see how well those Chinese jets and missiles do

  39. Can’t even imagine how much programming goes into this game. So many real life variables! 🤯. 🤙🏽🇺🇸

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