Could The USAF At Okinawa Defend A Full Chinese Air Attack? (WarGames 68A) | DCS -

Could The USAF At Okinawa Defend A Full Chinese Air Attack? (WarGames 68A) | DCS

Grim Reapers
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  1. Why only 62 Chinese attack aircraft? The law of overwhelming force seems to tell them they need a decisive attack, not a skirmish that might be effective. Just saying…I would expect more like 400 attack aircraft because of the additional JDF fighter forces, et al available anti-aircraft systems. I am very certain the Chinese saw the mistake the Japanese made in relenting on their Pearl Harbor attack, instead of prosecuting it to the full destruction of logistical, et al support..

  2. There are a lot of US military in South Korea, and much more spread over Japan. Not to mention whatever navy operations happen to be in the area. You also have to remember, there are military in almost all nations in the world. This is sometimes as simple as ODA forces controlled by an agency rep, or sometimes a bunch of D-boys already there with networks of people. If China were to attack, they would have seriouis problems, much like Russia has with Ukraine right now.

    Lets not forget that the US can launch 40mm grenades from space with 2m accuracy. anywhere, any time.

  3. I counted 16 F-15 & 5 other fighter aircraft at the Japanese air base. They should have been included. I’m sure someone else already mentioned this.

  4. To play these games you need 3d goggles to realistically see it, and you need general Patton and the desert rat to overthrow it.

  5. China can't land forces on Taiwan… they can bomb it.. shoot missiles at it.. but they can't invade… transports would be put to the bottom of the ocean..

  6. What about the entire USN battle group floating around in that area?? Maybe even 2 of them?

  7. Nope. . .not even close. . . .no need to watch . . .

  8. "Grim Reapers" I served next to them in the late 80's. Best looking patches… that must account for something in game.

  9. What are the chances naval aviation from the local carrier strike group would not step in and help their air force friends? I think any simulation that does not include a naval aviation response is leaving a huge piece of the puzzle off the table. We are tasking another 70-75 FA-18's or F-35C's depending on the carrier group in place at the time.

  10. 🤔🤔please 🙏can you tell me where to get the F-35 and J-20

  11. why dont you include chine su -35 too in these videos?

  12. If I were China, Kadena and the other airbase, hangers, fuel silos, radars, Patriots S2A missiles, communications equipment, naval base, warehouses, barracks, HQs would all be attacked via saturated hypersonic D-17 missiles carrying kilotons of explosives. The war would be over before you can say "Jack Robinson". The attack by warplanes is misleading.

  13. Imagine if China could set up shop in Ireland or Puerto Rico.

  14. You can alway tell who's a soy by how they skate around answering questions. All this does is get ugly women who can't get a man to behave in the same nasty demeanor

  15. Okinawa was called Liuqiu before Japan colonised the island around the time when Japan colonised Taiwan, and changed the name to Formosa, Liuqiu people shall have the right to regain their independence right

  16. Karma is coming for somebody….. all the god believers….. most western nations has done unspeakable crimes to the world….. iron man and captain America don’t exist kids…… U$ was way ahead of China in terms of technological advancement, but look at it now, there are only a few things that they are lacking on…. They even have a brand new space station lol. I guess they have to Thank the U$ for helping them achieve that 😂

  17. The key to winning this battle is to get our aircraft launched ahead of China… keep them armed and maned ready to scramble in 10 min… with multiple a/c using the same runway. Better, move a few AirCraft Carrier Groups into the game and place them in strategic positions to intercept China's air power… The intro of Aircraft Carrier Groups… at least 2 and better 3 … would swing the battle into the win column for Formosa. Try a simulation with 2 Aircraft carriers and their complement of airpower… and SEA
    POWER via their surface-to-air missile batteries on the carrier groups' frigates, destroyers, and cruisers. I would also have at least (6) F-35s (carrier and land-based) airborne as an ongoing airborne cap… targetting the Chinese AWACS 24/7… knocking them out almost immediately. Naval air and sea power must be included in the defense of Taiwan. Finally, if the invasion of Taiwan is eminent… move at least two wings of F-22s to Guam and keep 20% of the air power committed to defending the Island airborne in a continuous air cap. Focus on bringing down their AWACS and Bombers as priorities. Three carrier groups should be committed as a state of war with China will exist… keep two on the west coast and one on the East cast of Taiwan.

  18. If the Chinese PLA has a massive surface to surface ballistic missiles attack capability to attack the USA Okinawa I military base and Taiwan defenses and the USA aircraft carriers , Chinese fighter aircrafts have credible capacity to effectively combat the USA and the Taiwan fighter aircraft . China can fight the USA, Taiwan, Japan military.

  19. LOL…. how convenient you forget China's undetectable hypersonics that would take out those airbases before a single plane takes flight.

  20. This was good but remember other assets. U S Navy, Japanese Navy, Attack on China from Western allies, Australian Air Force, kiwis. It's why China has not attacked as of this date, plus Experienced combat veterans vs untried Chinese.

  21. Beijing in flames, Missles head towards NY, film at 11…

  22. I don’t know why the algorithm brought me here but this was probably the most exciting video I have watched in a long time. I was cheering at my phone 😂

  23. A lot of guessing and misinformation. Gets a Thumbs Down.

  24. US Subs and ships are in the waters and in the Taiwan straits. not just that but NORAD is in support with Taiwan along with Taiwan's anti missiles many of which can hit Tencent HQ based in Shenzhen. this doesn't include south east china Grid.

  25. china doesn't have enough fighter pilots nor has enough battle ready ships. most /majority are in fact post cold war russian .. the Chinese mainlanders can't even fight against most expats. china is an embarrassment . and most never experienced real war.

    remember this. Tibet and India will take this moment to retaliate against the CCP. this means, ccp has to endure, India,Tibet,Japanese,Taiwanese,American,South Korean military and militias from the East and western entrance of China.

  26. Those chinese J birds can't do well in dog fighting nor can they last long in the skies

  27. The Chinese will always be communist I can’t understand why our government can’t get that through their heads

  28. i wonder if the CCP saw this video and wonder if it is plausible

  29. man! i'd love this game lol. this is a pretty cool war game

  30. 90% of chinese flighters died over 40 american jets
    this is a simulated system.

    should share that as American Propaganda lol

  31. This "massive" attack suggest 8 H-6 bombers. China has 176+ of those, according to websites on the equipment of its air force. Why just 8? It defends them with 20 J-10's, of the 548+ they have. It also uses 20 J-11 of the 440 they have. Then 8 J-16 of the 172+ they have. It is important to remember the basic lesson learned by Japan in its fighting over China — an air attack benefits disproportionately from using overwhelming numbers. It has flexibility to do so, to shift from target to target, overwhelming each in turn (say Okinawa before Taiwan). I'd be interested to see how much the Chinese would lose if they used this flexibility to overwhelm.

  32. If I was lex luthor and had a huge population I would put as much in the air as I could with upgraded avionics and missiles and play "sherman tank" in WWII

  33. We would know the the Chinese were attacking because we have eyes in the sky. Spy satellites plus we have planes in the air.

  34. Kadena can push at least 8 jets out at one time.

  35. China has no reason to attack USAF in Japan. However, if the USAF uses its bases in Japan or South Korea to attach Chinese AF in Taiwan military action, you bet, not only the bases will be destroyed completely but Japan or South Korea will also be attacked for allowing the bases in their country to be used by USAF attacking China. China will take that as declaration of war on China. Combined nuclear forces between China and Russia will be strong enough to counter any attempt to use nuclear weapons. China or Russia will not stand idle when the other country is attacked, because if one is destroyed the other will be the next target.

  36. The Marines on the island would get blamed for the loss and get their liberty restricted for the 20th time this year.

  37. Wow! Gripping viewing!!!
    Just a question would the base also have C Ram anti air defence as well?

  38. I’m sure people who are more current in capabilities have already postulated this: if a carrier group is operating north of Taiwan in response to increasing PRC activity, and an Aegis-equipped craft or two are posted “near” The Rock, how much would it alter the outcome of a PRC attack? I expect the attack against Oki would be a fraction of the package if the primary target is Taiwan. Should we then factor in Taiwanese response? I have no idea their capabilities, but assume our posture is to hold what we can until Japanese and Aussie forces can enter the brawl if they’re so inclined.

  39. I was stationed on Okinawa with the USAF. You forgot about the Japanese force, we also have a navy carrier rotating there along with subs. we also have a force in Korea

  40. You left the combined USAF and jdf effectiveness

  41. Wow just like dungeons and dragons on a computer screen pure fantasy Man you need a life 🤣🤣

  42. All I’m saying is if this really happened China would have 2-3 FURIOUS Nimitz class carriers and three full blown carrier groups that are packed full of some very pissed off psycho Boi’s we call “Marines” 😂😂

  43. ☠🇨🇳🇬🇧🇮🇱🇻🇦🇺🇦☠
    China has a Zionist NWO Rothschild aka Bauer Bank also. It is a new world. 🌎⚫. 1 is going away. We have the most powerful weapon on the planet. You can't kill it. DNA. Put your guns away. They will do you no good. WW3 is being fought in American Federal Civil Court. Israel loses. They won't be alone.

  44. We always have a carrier group forward deployed, the AWACS and the bombers carrying the cruise missiles would be the primary targets.

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