Could Ukrainian Jets Penetrate Crimea And Bomb The Kerch Bridge? (WarGames 50) | DCS -

Could Ukrainian Jets Penetrate Crimea And Bomb The Kerch Bridge? (WarGames 50) | DCS

Grim Reapers
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1:28 Details
10:44 Take Off
26:29 Fighting
Ukraine-Russia Series:
Fulcrum/Flanker vs Foxbat/Super Flanker:
NASAMS vs Russian Cruise Missiles:
Russian KH-47M2 vs Polish Air Force:
Su-27 & Drone vs Snake Island:
Su-25s vs Russian Convoy At Kyiv:
NATO Eurofighters vs Crimean AWACS:
Patriot, Gepard & Gripen vs KH-65:
A-10s vs Russian Convoy At Kyiv:
USN Tomahawk Strike Kerch Bridge:
USAF Stealth Strike Kerch Bridge:
Ukrainian Jets Strike Kerch Bridge:
F-22 Raptors vs Russian Fighters:
Raptor/Eagle vs Super Flanker:
USAF Bombers vs Mariupol Defenses:
Ukraine Bombs Snake Island:
Stealth Fighters vs Russian Bombers:
Sinking Of Moskva #3:
Sinking Of Moskva #2:
Sinking Of Moskva #1:
Russia Nukes Britain:
Ukraine Uses Danish F-16s:
Ukraine Uses Polish Mig-29s:
Russian-Britain Missile Attack:
Ghost Of Kyiv:
Belgorod Raid:
Eurofighter/Fulcrum vs Super Flanker:
US Strike vs Odessa
Russian Helo Rocket Lob:
Russian Su-25 vs US Patriot SAM:
Understanding Russian SAMs:
Ukrainian Jets Road Operations:
Russian 40 Mile Convoy:
Flanker vs Super Flanker:

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  1. Remember that winwing technology is your ultimate hardware solution 🙂 158

  2. As interesting as this is but isn't the bridge got many land bridges and it would seamingly be quite easily fixed unless it was a big enough (multiple hits and even then you would probably lose a huge amount of air assets?.

  3. the question is Should they? I mean that's a massive choke point…

  4. I wonder if a F22 raptor can get through dropping bombs?

  5. I know the question is about jets but the solution is simple. Forget the air, go underneath. Take out the rest of Russian Navy with Brimestones, then send a sub in with frog men to blow up the bridge.

    Or the other option it will be expensive. Fire 200 missile barrage of M270 MLRS , overwhelming the S400 systems. Eventually the bridge will be hit.

  6. SINCE WHEN IS UKRAIN INDEPENDED OR SUPER POWER… ?! IT IS THE POREST SHIT IN THE WORLD AND IN EUROPE…. all you see in the technology is RUSSIAN not UKRAIN…. UKRAIN WOULD NOT ABLE TO AFFORD FOR TO BUILD A MODEL OF ANY PLANE THAT USE TO PUT ON THE BOOK SHELFS…. the Ukraine I know in person told me how poor they were when lived there… if not Russians technology and investment in technology in UKRAIN soil – they would not even know

    i agree strongly with those who came out first to defend the UKRAIN but DO NOT GIVE IN /GIVE OUT on this as yet….
    THIS JUMP because the covid – brexit – eu -china – russia – ukrain – bil gates – trump – putin biden – human right – banks rich – poor – all this in in 2 years time you name it all is LIES…

  7. My pussy just dried up watching these computer game wannabe fighters.

  8. Sure they can, But then they will have to think what to do when the tactical nukes comes at Kiev, Leviv and Kharkov. As simple as that. I dont think Russians would mind a bombing, GIves the perfect excuse to nuke Ukraine western part.

  9. So why doesn't NATO send that Awax,and have that Russian bridge destroyed. NATO get your shit together,and take care of this big problem.

  10. Launch a collage of EMP's shut down their tracking SYSTEMS even for a couple of minutes and fly unmanned crafts to completely sever the Russians life line to Ukraine, and it would be a lot cheaper to destroy even 10 unmanned crafts versus all the innocent children and people who are being disposed of like taking out the trash ,i say off with Putins head


  12. H I'll ou say Jon hour passes why they designed it take it out with supersonic weapons no sacrifice needed who this idiot talking fire him

  13. You dont use a a sledge hammer to bust an enemy that cat fights at all

  14. Dont back off hit target tell media to shut up

  15. Rand dolph starling go faster already to di ert and strke even if yo have crash into it there, go after 400 take the out ring it up and go fastest boom

  16. What's the cause of this ? U S A 👹! USING N A T O TO CONTAIN/SUPRESS RUSSIA !
    IT ALONE ! 🇺🇸 IS A COWARD !!!.👎🍌

  17. All very interesting but the bridge ceased to be strategically vital in March. The size of the Russian held territory north of Crimea means Russia can manage without the bridge. Road and rail along the Azov coast can replace the role of the bridge. Also the Azov is now fully Russian controlled, so ships can safely take some of the logistical burden as well.

    Any bridge attack now would be purely symbolic and of marginal military value.

    Also the assumptions of the mission – there must be some kind of radar set-up at Sevastopol surely? And what about Snake Island, presumably one reason for taking it was to install radar and missiles? Furthermore what about Russian warships? All of these further restrict the mission I presume? But then again, don't want to overcomplicate the scenario.

  18. A Ukrainian lead a small country (22) to fight against (PK ) world no. 2nd Ukraine was supported by 43 nations against russia
    (43 vs1) deem defected after 3 phases
    A russian over excited over small land destroyed what was built 50 yrs invasion of Ukraine war damage any things above ground LEVEL, sick russian destroyed it army ,econmy, every thing now reset zero good news
    A chinese oversees but over excited over COVID zero destroyed a country built 30 years with covid zero reset every things he oversees to base zero
    A Germany chicken oops was so selfish but excited to send old weapons to Ukraine to reduce ammo stock kept many years back that too stingy to scrap and unwilling to give
    A French excited to talk to Nazi russian attempted to talk without sucess only military strength will stop the invasion Russian put in is fueled by a sort of nostalgia for Empire' Sad only one w/o Intel in the world
    A US man old but wise giving weapons each week to Ukraine to fight the Ukraine invasion
    A hkie (1416) was banned using the youtube @johnlee2022 and Swift banned after China's central government imposed a sweeping security law aimed at snuffing out dissent.
    A taiwan who excited track extreme closely with impressive press con. showing the world how good they were lost control of omicron spread wasting resources worst of all forget to buy children covid vaccines and Art's test kit
    A UN (united nei) visited ukraine was show with heavy bombing next to him, for him he like it no action after visit—-nothing just talk
    ref— UN (united nei) are a bunch of empty vessel who talks but no action

  19. They must do it! …as soon as possible! …by Crimea or by un other side!!!

  20. russian ceimean bridge MUST be destroyed.

  21. Sorry – – too much 'bending' of the real situation.
    And this is a guy playing a video game – not real in any way…
    So this is just a waste of my time.

  22. What about subterfuge… can you make the Russians think your aircraft is one of theirs?

  23. Following this channel for some years and it never gets boring!

  24. Why not follow Al-Qaeda and crash a commercial crash it into to Kerch bridge from altitude at high speed on remote control like a guided rocket? A crude solution which the Russians would not expect. An Airbus A380, can fly at 43,000 feet. Aim it at the bridge from that height and and it will hit the bridge with enormous energy. The Russian AWACX might not be at fly at 43,000 feet.

  25. They say the invention of the pushbike stop inbreeding in Methringham fen in Lincolnshire. lol

  26. Fantastic experience. Quite entertaining; particularly for a non-gamer.

  27. Great Guys,very exciting and nail bitting tension. Super Show,thanks.

  28. The US has given a missile system that can reach the bridge. The problem is that bridges are extremely difficult to hit.

  29. Is there a Ukrainian Air Force? ROTFLMAO.

  30. the S-400 ended up not doing much (thanks to the pre-flight planning) so I don't think it would have mattered rather the Ukrainians knew S-400 fired or not. As for NATO AWACS, I think it isn't too much of a stretch to think some sort of special modification could be arranged for a mission of this caliber. And if two of you didn't suicide at the end, you would have had 3 planes make it back while several damage if not destroy the Kerch bridge, 4x Russian fighters, and a Tor system. Would be a immensely successful operation despite the high loses and indeed would be immortalized. NGL, it is something I could imagine the Ukrainians attempting if they had the ability to do so given the feats they have pulled of thus far.

  31. LOL I am certain that Russia does not want to obliterate Odessa but not so sure about the devisers of any plan so attempted. Any tanker in the Black sea will serve as sweepers for the errant Ukrainian mines. Also any real attempt at such a supremely stupid aggression assures the physical destruction of EU cities and populations and eventual intercontinental flights of many nukes.

  32. Rediculous, analysis, which pilot would sacrifice themselves, to complete a mission, we aren't kamikaze pilots

  33. Crimea was stolen and must be delivered even by force

  34. All simulations should be designated on the screen….

  35. In 60 AD Apostle Saint Andrew traveled to the area of Kiev, preached, and said, one day a great city would be built here with many churches to the glory of God. Today there is a church to Saint Andrew in Kiev. The peoples in the area were Slavic. Kyi, Shchek and Khoryv, three brothers and the sister Lybid founded Kiev in 482 AD, Kiev was named after the older brother Kyi. Kiev the older brother was King. Herodotus wrote that Hercules had founded this land.

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  36. Ukraine special forces can take out that bridge. Instead of going from the air go on the water.

  37. meh – one US ballistic missile rigged to go hypersonic the same way Russia does – or a couple more if it malfunctions.

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