Could US 7th Fleet Protect Taiwan From Chinese Aerial Strike? (WarGames 90) | DCS -

Could US 7th Fleet Protect Taiwan From Chinese Aerial Strike? (WarGames 90) | DCS

Grim Reapers
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0:00 Intro
1:28 What Is The New Tech?
3:16 Scenario Role Play
4:32 Battle Overview
6:21 Battle Details
14:14 Predictions
15:46 Battle
41:09 Tacview
43:48 End Re-run


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  1. not sure about it but I think us ships have an electronic counter measures system

  2. I just came across your channel and wow – this is super fascinating to watch and love your passion while narrating. Subscribed and sharing for sure!

  3. The missiles tracking Destroyers thing is probably a glitch, but I wonder… I've heard multiple times before that, in a missile attack, Destroyers would be sacrificed to protect a carrier. Is it possible that the Destroyers have the e-war capability to inflate their radar cross-section to appear larger than a Carrier? Seems plausible to me, but I know little of that specific subject.

  4. Though this battle is entertaining….Why does your simulation data have US scrambling jets and launching missiles so late? Realistically, they would be airborne much earlier than your simulation starting point.

  5. when you plan on redoing this battle with flight 3 burkes and type 55?

  6. Petty about ur foul mouth and profanity

  7. You st fight and when wast ally loses you say sorry walid wiewers? Sick!

  8. I will believe countries like Pakistan, which operated F-16's for years over this America propaganda video's cuz they had the option of latest version of Vipers but they still went for the J-10C over it.

  9. Great sim. But it lacks a few things generally:

    No SAT ELINT. No Sub INT. No in theater refueling support, No division of defensive or offensive support into their elements to allow for command and control. Bunching of strikeforce and task force groups making staggering or other strategic maneuvering more difficult. AWACS not positioned properly at onset of combat. Some of these things cant be modeled properly yet or are not in DCS such as subsurface operations. Others are in game and depend on choices of realism vs ease of game mastering. One of those realism choices would be to fully populate the number of AWACS in each CAW. For instance USS RR has currently 3 AWACS squadrons in CAW 5. Plus a logistics detachment. Thats a total of 12 AWACS airborne at any one time. The E2D's have jamming capabilities and would use them.

    Another miss (and ill grant this is more difficult to wargame) would be after action steps once battle was decided. US wins battle? What do they do next? What impact does this battle have on the opfor? China wins? What steps do they take next and what impact does that have on US forces? Does Japan jump in? Does Taiwan use the battle as an opportunity to get fighters in the air and pound Mainland forces? Does Russia see an opportunity?

  10. NGL I think the stealth capability of the J20 should be greater than the F35s

  11. Taiwan will repalce all HAWK units with Indigenously devloped Sky Bow III SAM systems with a maxuim range of 200 kilometers. The presence of the 137 F-CK-1 fighter(also Indigenously devloped) armed with 2 Sky Sword I (IR guided, Comparable to AIM-9L) and 4 Sky Sword II(Active Radar Homing, comparable to AIM-120D) can also change the tide. There will also be Sky Bow I and II SAM as well, so it's unlikely any PLAAF fighter could make it above Taiwan.

  12. China now leads the world in 37 put of 44 key technologies covering a wide range of critical fields such as ai, quantum computing, robotics, space. These are the things that will influence how war is fought in the 21st century
    Another point i will like to make is that China now has hypersonic missile systems. The Americans do not. This means that the Americans will now have to crapple with what was previously an unthinkable scenario. In today's world, war can only be won by countries that embrace the latest technology

  13. U may want to add US lasers in a future game 😊

  14. Hey Cap, would love to see this revisited with all of the updates and new assets that have been made lately!

  15. Significant flaw in this simulation: You don't have SAM coverage in Mainland China. If the H-6J's can launch the YJ-21's from basically the coast of the PRC, that means they can do so under friendly PLA SAM coverage, but you're missing that the way it's set up.

  16. Aim9x missile make it bigger, more warheads input so enemies will surely down

  17. What the Chinese don’t understand is that all the crap they’ve been (poorly) copying actual has a kill command in it. We’d just flip that switch and it’s all “execute order 66”. 😂

  18. What nobody seems to realize is the US has recent decades of actual real military action/training. Nobody knows if China's stuff even work properly. Therefore no question China will be able to invade Taiwan, but at a heavy heavy cost.

  19. I'll save you the trouble of watching this pointless video.. both the long and short answer is NO 😂😂

  20. Why can the Chinese fly from 300 miles but not US frontier Okinawa? Is complete surprise assumed. I doubt it.

  21. In case you guys should know, this is just the 7th fleet excluding the AFB in Okinawa and the Japanese MSDF… and the Australian Navy/Air force… the 7th is deeply nerfed as far as AOR itself. not accounted with other CTF, and air force components. As i remembered correctly 7th fleet during these excises always play a no win situation just need to hold it out until 3rd fleet and 5th fleet.

  22. The fire-power asymmetry between a fleet F and continental power C is so vast, the F has no hope inside the A2AD zone of C.
    These simulations I have seen never allow this asymmetry to come into play, or the depletion of fleet missile to figure. In reality the fleet's AD stock would have depleted when new waves of attack missiles are still incoming. C has high altitude SAT surveillance to know if key target has been hit instantly, and the need to send in more waves.

    After AD depletion, reloading is not possible except in daylight and very very calm sea so the fleeting has to race to retire to base. But it probably does not have time to exit C's A2AD range, and lost capital ships before finding distance.

  23. The missiles might have not been attacking the carrier as the nearest chinese AWACS got shot down and the other was quite far away.

  24. Useless video. China would have a lot greater numbers. Their anti ship missiles won't pretend to be satellites.

  25. I think google filtered you from my watch list in the midst of the Ukraine conflict. I used you to watch a lot and suddenly you gone from my suggested video lists.

  26. Video Valued by Valued Viewer – Fly Army 🚁

  27. I'm not convinced China's AI should be at the highest skill level. They have zero real world modern combat experience. The India border skirmishes are pretty much all they have and even that is inconsequential. Anyway, I love your channel Keep up the good work!

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