Country that Surrendered the Most in WW1... -

Country that Surrendered the Most in WW1…

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Number of prisoners of war held captive by 11 November 1918.

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  2. 1# should have been france with the white flag💀

  3. I’m surprised France isn’t 1st 😂😂😂

  4. Prisoner taken by Canadian 🙃🤫😬

  5. It’s crazy that Bulgaria was one of the smallest countries in ww1 but was quite stronger than the others.

  6. Japan is never on the list🇯🇵💀

  7. The reason most people were captured on the eastern front was because it was very hard to surrender in the trenches

  8. The reason why Britain, France and a few countries next to them had so much its because they were the ones who joined the war early

  9. Im Number 2000 In the comments I have all the power

  10. Hage you guys heard the savageness if Canadians during WW1? They didnt care about the Christmas truce when next Christmas came around a german tried to step out and offer the canadians a cigarette but a coporal shit him and any germans trying to make peace were killed.
    Canadians that wanted to be nice threw cans of beef into german trenches and when they asked for more they rigged the cans of beef to explode when opened.

  11. Wait!!!,Portugal fought at first world war ,wtf?!

  12. "Portuguese Slang" we portugueses aren't even mentioned, and when we got mentioned they say we're spanishes

    Foda-se nós portugues não somos mencionados, e quando somos falam que somos espanhóis.

  13. Aus and Hungary are the one started and the top 1. Irony ?
    Let’s check Russia and Ukraine now

  14. Ty for the reminder of how little the us was actually involved during ww1, trully the Entente's dlc c:

  15. i thought denmark was gonna be here but then i realized they gave up after 5 hours

  16. Je suis surpris que les Russes ne soient pas en première position. puisque les Finlandais ont combattu dans l'armée de l'Empire russe, qui étaient généralement du côté de l'Allemagne, et les Russes eux-mêmes n'ont pas vu l'intérêt de cette guerre et ont choisi la captivité ou la désertion (j'ai lu dans Dénikine que sur certaines sections des fronts la désertion atteint 80 à 90 %). La grande leçon est qu'une guerre dans laquelle l'armée ne voit pas l'intérêt ne dure que tant qu'il y a des victoires et s'effondre lorsque les défaites commencent.

  17. How the heck is France not number one??

  18. Me who IS from Austria : 👁️👄👁️

  19. USA is overrated they barely did anything in WW1 the Central powers were basically fighting an attrition war they could not win

  20. USA: Retreat? Hell ,we just got here.

  21. I honestly thought it was the french cause yknow🏳️‍

  22. Russia takes mass casualties every time they're in a conflict, they lost 2.4 million in ww1 and 8 million in WW2 and Lord knows how many they've lost in Ukraine to this point

  23. I was expecting Canada but then I remember what we become during wars

  24. Philippines:… nothing ok i will just watch

  25. my tips: 1.Austria-Hungary 2.Russia 3.Bulgaria 4.Germany 5.Italians

  26. DaMN I was pretty spot on, except that Bulgaria guess, otherwise I was right even about placements of all top 4 😀

  27. wait, historylegends didnt even once mentioned bulgaria … THats seeems very off, dont tell me I am actually even more right without much of research than historylegends with research 😀

  28. My Nintendo Switch is bugged and keeps automatically playing and pausing this video and some other video about the Canadian Air Force, I can’t get out because it’s bugged and there’s a joycon missing from when I carelessly grabbed my iPad unaware that my Nintendo had been stacked on top of it. Luckily the screen is intact and it looks to only need a new joycon, not an actual repair.

  29. When I heard the word surrender I immediately thought of 🇫🇷

  30. You can tell united states loves wars

  31. Montenegro had an army of 40k… almost everyone has been captured, only some escaped into Italy and France

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