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Cyber War Games

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A project called DETER allows researchers to practice fighting cyber crimes.

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Animated and Narrated by Anna Rothschild

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  1. Soy una persona que habla español.Necesito saber que es lo que dicen de esto ya que me han mandado una señal para descubrir un archivoAlguien me podria ayudar?

  2. Ohh people cant access 1 website cause ddos, that must mean the grid will go down and the world will end…

  3. lol now getting a ddos is a pearl harbor? (palmface)

  4. However, if you are not an idiot, a DDOS can be fixed rather quickly. 

    Ohh yes, and a website cannot controll the power gird. That is a sepreate system from the companie's website. 

  5. They make it sound like Banks which through time gained fake trust and made money out of thin air making profit for those rich guys is now the good guys…
    and some people trying to go against the system trying to either shut it down or make money with the same way are the bad guys.

    They became overpowered and just when people started learning about those rich people they said: Ok, we reached this point, now let's just forget what happened and make some rules. Yet banks never shut down, they keeping feeding those scams which is a criminal offense but an ancient one that runs till today.

  6. DDoS is the last of your worries real hackers doesent need thousend of computers to bring down a server.

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