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D-DAY YOU HAD 1 JOB! #shorts#military#history#army

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  1. The reason there isn’t much is because most of the camera men died the day

  2. The footage didn't matter the men who died for that battle, that suicide mission that was what mattered not the footage the men mattered, those men fought for there country till the end R.I.P to all the men that died that day.

  3. Accident, I'm sure they're covering up the real reason. We won the aliens came back.

  4. No, it wasn't dropped "on accident"
    The US was very paranoid of having the gruesome reality of the war hit too close to home and therefore start losing support. Like what happened with Vietnam

  5. I wouldn’t call the greatest battle on earth if I called the worst battle to ever set foot on this earth

  6. As Bugs Bunny said Gremlins oh murder

  7. Definitely wasn't private snafu I love those cartoons

  8. Dont disrespect them, they put there life on the line in the battle to film this, so respect them

  9. Well that’s not an accident if I was in a war responsible for it I would be like there was literally just a war bullets flying everywhere I don’t have time to worry about footage

  10. Yeah I wonder why they all fell into the ocean I don't think he dropped it Think there's something they're trying to hide from us I think he dropped it on on purpose to hide something In that photo footage It's a whole bunch of D. day bro World war 2 in color And watch watchLost film

  11. Damn, you must be running out of content. This is like the 1000th time I’ve heard this.

  12. Maybe there was something there we were never ment to see …

  13. Becouse German destroyed United States Army on D-day.

  14. Or did he do it on purpose. Or is it another lie that they say happened that never did. 🤔

  15. Honestly probly did it with a purpose. I mean I would not want to re live scenes of my brothers being cut down left and right.

  16. Someone could go dive them💀💀💀💀💀

  17. Did any combat cameramen die on D-Day?

  18. Not on accident on purpose because yo got ur ass whooped on dday

  19. Well, it wasn't the best conditions.

  20. No that's a lie not true, my father told me my grandfather was from Virginia was in the war fought on D- day Omaha beach. He died at 98 years old.
    he said I was with Captain Ford as security details , he said Ford throw the firm in the water because of the massacre of American men and alias was so bad, over 10,000 soldiers lost there life's in one day. the carnage was so traumatizing that they could not show the world and the American families saw how their kids and sons was killed like dogs on the streets. bodies where piled up as human shield so other soldiers could use as human shield to cover fire from the enemy fire. it was so bad captain Ford was so horrified of what he saw, the first live battle footage in life. like my grand father said to my dad , I quote ( war is like killing of ants in an ant hill, and your happy you did, but the ants are not happy because no body asked the ants what they felt and saw was pure massacre ) humans was like chicken dead sons and kids of American soldiers.
    the reason why the alias passed Omaha Beach and secured it was because the Germans were out of ammunition . they had no bullets again so they ran away . and left there post, that's why they couldn't show the families of the men of how their sons died .
    and remember after the act of Captain Ford dropped those firms, in the water, he was never heard from again still the battle of WW2 was over.. my dad says my grand father, while growing up my grand father used to shout and scream every night for 10 Years, always saying , I SEE THERE FACES !!!. he did this for 10 Years , grand dad spoke about the war when he was 68 years old , my dad said grand dad never said a word about the war. so Everytime he will shout and scream at night. grandma would tell them your father is like this because of war .


  22. Welp we gotta film it again

  23. No he didnt😂😂😂 thats the public answer they gave people too make them happy😅….what really happened was the omaha beach footage was soooooo violent gruesome painfull and when those lvts landed alot of guys died 😢we have the footage in archives….they watched it a couple times i believe then deemed it wayyyyyyy tooo violent and graphic. So they released a short controlled version ….no this is a lie …think about it it doesnt even make sense…..

  24. If all those who died that day could have a redo , there is absolutely Positively Without Any Doubt those American and Allied soldiers would Fight With The Germans!

  25. U think u could do a better job of filming d-day under the pressure of shots being fired and at the risk of dying?? 💀

  26. This is false ford sent the footage over in a landing craft but it was destroyed and only one piece of footage remained

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