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Dave’s 144,000 Point Chaos Space Marine Army

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THIS is what Warhammer is! Here’s a glimpse of my Chaos Space marines army. I, MiniWarGamer Dave, take you on a journey of how my collection grew from 1 miniature into thousands over the course of 14 years. In total, I have 144,000 pts of Chaos Space Marines.

Huge thanks to the following channels for being an inspiration and my friends (in no particular order):

Baldermort – for lending his epic voice for the narrative portion of this video. See his YouTube channel here:

Play On Tabletop – for comparing notes and being the BEST t-shirt company in all the wargaming industry! & Tak for cooking me dinner and letting me sleep in his spare bedroom.

WintersSEO – for being fluent in the language of banter and always putting a smile on my face!

Liam Dempsey – For being unapologetic in his awesomeness and for bringing the community together.

The Warmistress – For being my sis and allowing me to call her names that show I really love her as a person and friend. (you know the one Tanya)

Duncan Rhodes – for teaching the true ways of becoming a painter of miniatures, making the hobby approachable, and always applying “two thin coats.”

MidWinter Minis – Guy, for cooking me haggis and inspiring me to make more engaging videos.

SkaredCast – Skari, for being a force of nature and teaching me the fun that is had through competitive play.

Vanguard Tactics – Stephen Box, for having big muscles, coaching me on my journey to Chaos Rising and being a source of positive health in the community.

Tabletop Minions – Uncle Atom, for knowing all the things, being hilarious when filming b-roll, and being a source of wisdom and insight.

Wargamer Girl – Miranda & Tommy, for loving the art of filmmaking and collaborating with me to create videos that showcase the fun surrounding the tabletop.

CGN – Aaron Straus, for making it possible to create a movie that changed my life and allowed me to fulfill a childhood dream. AND for being good at making me laugh.

The Glacial Geek – Phil, for being my cousin and being willing to spill a box of Timbits.

Tom Schubbe – for being my go-to guy for all things awesome and chaos and teaching me the art of accepting gifts of chaos when offered by a bull driving a tank. I’d be remiss not to mention Scott as well who is of equal epicness and generosity.

Gaz – You know I love you, buddy. German sets for the win!!!!

General Kraig Moise – never change brother! Your story about how you bonded with your sons playing Warhammer has always touched my heart. “No, YOU”RE crying!” :

BoardGameManiacs – Rob, for IR26, haho shisho, and enabling me to make movies and be myself.

OnTableTop – Warren, for marching with us in the beginning and forging our fates through this epic hobby, and for taking me and my wife to the Devil’s Organ.

TableTop Tactics – Lawrence, for making good life choices, visiting me in my hotel room late one night at LVO and doing an impromptu Livestream with me, and being a gamechanger of batrep vids.

TableTop Titans – for showing us the way to do epic live battle reports!

Maverickspaint – for being a true friend and bouncing ideas around while also making kick-ass painting videos.

Miniac – Scott, for showing how to make YouTuber vids as a wargamer. And for being freaking hilarious. Your delivery instantly makes me happy when I hear your voice.

Ninjon – Jon, for showing me how to craft a story while taking people on a visual journey.

Squidmar – Emil, for raising the bar. Hands down. For being supportive and humble and encouraging other channels to reach their potential. For constantly innovating and trying new ideas.

52 Miniatures – Alex, for making short films wrapped in wargaming videos. Seriously brother, everything you make is dynamite and it’s mind-blowing.

Games Workshop – for being the ones who started it all!!!

AND to Matthew, my business partner. None of this is possible without you.

Apparently, I’ve reached my 5000 character limit in this description which is sad because I want to thank so many more channels and people.

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  1. Bro you're gonna have a field day when Dark Mechanicum comes out in 10th

  2. I really miss seeing Dan. Sometimes I'll go back and watch some of the super old videos with him playing Orks. He seemed like such a fun person and watching him play his orks out of pure enjoyment was a lot of fun. Dan was basically the epitome of a human Ork haha

  3. Great video Dave. Great collection and a great story. Peace

  4. Whats a rough estimate of the cost of this army?

  5. I have about 40k of World Eaters atm. I couldn’t imagine another 104k points! Insane

  6. Empire of Italy (Ps I'm From Another Timeline)🇷🇺 says:

    Daemon Prince Dave Is Now A Thing.

  7. Empire of Italy (Ps I'm From Another Timeline)🇷🇺 says:

    The Black Legion Approves

  8. Honey ………come here and see this video. See……..I'm not crazy………..:)

  9. Dave can launch a Black Crusade all by himself.

  10. I'm about to start on this journey as a 40-year-old. 40 for 40K. Let the journey commence!!

  11. I had one rum and coke and now I find myself somehow watching this video and falling in love with Chaos Space Marines just because some guy named Dave spent tens of thousands of dollars to make a massive tabletop army. That's it, I'm building a Death Guard or Word Bearer's Legion

  12. I'm curious how much this costed him. I mean I got 10 Space Marines when I was young and those costed 30 dollars

  13. One day you’ll have that world largest chaos space marine army… but you see… I will have the worlds largest harlequin army!!!

  14. Wow this is amazing! The detail put in to each individual piece is astonishing! I'm chaos guy myself haha. How much did you spend approximately out of curiosity.

  15. I legitimately think there aren’t this many living chaos space marines left in the setting

  16. This needed an intervention a decade a decade ago lmao

  17. I wamna see this entire army play another army of similar scale

  18. 40k cost too much, its not respecting people and rulez are really bad. Well, never buy and play GW games. NEVER.

  19. I'm 45 and I've just gotten into 40k……..I hope I ain't too late

  20. Вот это болезнь, так болезнь!

  21. I read the title and thought… Heresy…

  22. Dave, are you still married? 🙂 she’s a diamond.

  23. grandfather is the oldest of the four so he is the first to awaken and second is Corn 🙂

  24. imagine if we could summon our toys to defend us in the apocalypse? you would be a God lol.

  25. Hundreds of thousands of dollars on the table… just some plastic! Blood, the god of blood and skulls, the throne of skulls!!

  26. Where Do you store all that stuff and how do you protect it from fire and Things like that?

  27. Yeah I like it, but you need help. Like Hoarders intervention

  28. This dude downloaded ultimate apocalypse mod irl

  29. I would love to hold out a full defensive against his army
    Just constant reinforcements and my army doing its best

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