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Dave’s 300,000 pt Warhammer 40k Apocalypse Game | Orks vs Chaos

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I spent 60 hours playing one board game. Over 10,000 miniatures were used.

My goal with this video is to reach new audiences and invite them into the wargaming community. It is not a requirement to know Warhammer rules to enjoy this video. My dad watched it (he’s 72) and he could follow it. He’s not a wargamer.

If you know someone you’d like to introduce to the hobby and game that is Warhammer then this is a great video to show them. They’ll feel the magic and fun that’s generated when we allow ourselves to unleash our inner child.

Over 6 months in the making. It’s the most ambitious project I’ve ever done! I’m so proud to present it to you. I feel like a kindergarten kid in school who’s really excited about show and tell. I’m absolutely stoked to show you this film that represents the fun that is had in the wargaming community.

This has never been done before and I have the old-man pains to prove it. What you’re seeing right now is an actual game that people play. Crazy right? This is Warhammer 40k Apocalypse. The players are called wargamers, they could literally be anyone you know (show doctor, fireman, teacher, high schooler) and I’m one of them. This “board game” is technically called a tabletop (cuz it’s literally played on a tabletop) miniature (cuz it includes miniatures) wargame (cuz it has armies battling each other). Kind of like Risk or Battleship. I wanted to play the largest game that’s ever been seen.

I used my personal collection of Chaos Space Marines totaling 144,000 pts to do this. I also enlisted Kyle’s help and his 150,000 + pts of Orks to accomplish this feat of tabletop gaming. – MWG Dave

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  1. Man, I don't play the game; live in a rural area where nobody would play with me. But ages ago, I had a roommate who played a lot and I really enjoyed being a spectator. They would sometimes have me roll some dice or help devise a secret strategy to make me feel a part of the game. This channel has brought back that joy. Thank you so much for all of the work you fellows put into sharing these games with us and making them so exciting.

  2. Bro when the skinny guy rolled a triple 6 with a ten an followed by a 9 12 10 and sumthin else bro my b.s/(you should go buy a lotto ticket right now meter) broke

  3. sad you didnt play untill all models were dead 🙂

  4. "But do you kill a person who has no life ?"

  5. Frontier Developments have just released Warhammer Age Of Sigmar: Realms Of Ruin on PC and console!

  6. Omg, as a fellow Kyle I had a 12,000 point Praetorian army that I bought waaaay before 3d printers existed and I thought it was a pain to have a battle, This, this blows that away!!

  7. These guys are so goofy and it’s so cute lol.

  8. Anyone know of anybody who painted their ork Titan purple?

  9. How did the dude get oneshot at the end-battle

  10. You could have got Henry Cavill there. lol

  11. When older 40k players who have been in this hobby since their teen years reach their 30s, you get games like these lol. Massive collections that wives roll their eyes at being transported and tabled for days long games.

    And after are packed back up with those same wonderful wives….rolling their eyes as they see the horde return lmfao.

  12. Ok let me think about this real quick…. 2000 pts army costs over 1k$… so… er… oh!

  13. これが「惑星の運命をかけた大規模戦闘」……

  14. Why didn't you film the full thing?!

  15. This video somehow managed to take people engaging in the most extreme form of a very niche hobby and make it look like the most generic youtube content ever.

  16. US Defense Budget Committee wants to know your location

  17. So beautiful by nerds standards! This is so freaking awesome!!!

  18. Тинан класса Император (я просто ставлю это на стол и я выйграл)

  19. I'd sacrifice 1000 skulls to the skull throne for a chance to play a NORMAL game of Warhammer 40k. I couldn't imagine something this size.

  20. So this is kind of like dnd but with guns

  21. Oh how scary it would have been with guard vs nids

  22. This was the video that got me fully into warhammer 40K and now I have 4k points of tyranids and 3k points of death guard

  23. This would be way cooler, but way harder, to do at the scale of a football field. Give you room to really move and strategize.

  24. if i was him i had startet to cry at the half time

  25. Average Orc enjoyer!
    P.S I love Orcs as well. Fart beings!

  26. ❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥

  27. Too bad you have to be rich, or go into debt, to play this game.

  28. If Kyle bought all that from GW he would be bankrupt. So it’s a good thing he made his own

  29. Awesome armies but I wish it had more storytelling elements about what was going on on the battlefield. Also I dont like fast cuts. As soon I find a model interesting and want to take a closer look, its gone. Very much effort for low gain.

  30. How you manage the Balance in this Games? I dont think its like "i buy more… i win" ?

  31. Need to see a battle report. That was amazing!!!

  32. Do they forfeit their piece if they lose a battle? If not they should otherwise what are the stakes

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