DEFCON scares me and science says it will scare you too -

DEFCON scares me and science says it will scare you too

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DEFCON is existentially terrifying. How about a nice game of chess?

David L. Waddington et al.“Education from inside the bunker: Examining the effect of Defcon, a nuclear warfare simulation game, on nuclear attitudes and critical reflection.” Journal of the Canadian Game Studies Association. vol. 7(12), Apr. 2014

Chong-U Lim. “An A.I. Player for DEFCON: An Evolutionary Approach Using Behavior Trees.” Department of Computing Imperial College London. June 2009

Miguel Sicart “How I Learned to Love the Bomb: Defcon and the Ethics of Computer Games.” Center for Computer Game Research IT University of Copenhagen. 2009

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  1. Dad often talks about the horror of the mere concept of nuclear war. He flew FB-111s for SAC for 26 years, and 4 of his launches were with intent to drop nuclear weapons. Sobering video.

  2. Only way to not get involved in Nuclear war is to not own nuclear weapons👍

  3. I love it when "science" tells me what I should be afraid of.

  4. Nuclear weapons are the closest thing in our existence to the Lovecraftian, Eldritch gods of horror.

  5. It doesn't change my attitude about nuclear war. I find the game fun, albeit annoying. I'm not terrified by nuclear war. Defcon didn't change this. It is also NOT horrifying to me. To me, this is only a game. What terrifies me (if I were to feel such a thing) is that humans are so easily swayed by pretty lights on a screen. I don't get scared by a GAME!!! I get scared by actual things in real life. I wouldn't want to be a soldier, but I'm scared by playing one in a video game or computer game. It strikes me that this so called "study" was perhaps a bit biased. Did they do any control studies? No. Was it a double-blind study? No. Call me a psychopath if you want, I don't see why people treat games like anything other a FUCKING GAME.

    In other words, stop being a wuss and just play the fucking game!

  6. Coolcoolcool, scary af….

    Where can i play it?

  7. The map is not the territory

  8. Well, at one point I think wars happen because there is someone wanting to make money off of the conflict. On the other hand, how can you make more money than a proxy war when a nuclear war leaves the means of production vaporized for both parties?

  9. Lets hope this game isn’t installed on god’s computer

  10. 2:34 getting scp vibes here
    And this scenario can happen if everybody turns on everybody after the UN breaks same with nate europe. etc

  11. I mean, Ravenholm was pretty terryfying in HL2… So… that? 😀

  12. You basically determine the poor lives of your people.

  13. wow, crazy stuff come to mind when you overthink things

  14. HBO's Chernobyl is FAAAAR from "rigorously accurate." Lmfao. Was that said as some kind of joke?

  15. While an all-out nuclear war is very unlikely, the possibility of it is terrifying enough.

  16. A nuclear powerplant at a communist party says:

    Peace Walker would be like a reverse uno card in this game.

  17. This game shows how greed is a deadly sin, like literally. Them nations fighting for power and receiving nothing in the end…

  18. Lmao playbthis wait 2 minutes and then play fallout

  19. Good video. But HBO Chernobyl is extremely bad example. It is extremely historicaly inaccurate. There is multyple interviews with people who participated actual events. Like coal miners who are even ofended by how people are shown there. (Coal minister Shadow was for example extremely respected by miners since he WAS ex miner. Also some people who died in the movie are actually STILL alive.

  20. 5:47 i thought that was sarcasm.
    Most in the scientific community know its about as accurate as apocolypto. Like they said a nuclear reactor can detonate like nukes…thats as insane as saying that its possible for a baby whale to grow up into a human occasionally or if the conditions were right, because theyre both mammals.
    No there was nothing rigorous about it. And i didnt know anyone serious thought that.

  21. Detachment is generally what prevents nuclear war in the first place. I mean people kill because theyre jealous, or upset about something all the time. Imagine if undetached people like them had nukes.
    Detachment is what allows medical and other professionals to be empathetic but effective enough to do their jobs competently, and of course the negative consequences arent theirs if things dont work out for the best (malpractice aside). Detachment shouldn't be feared nor glorified but definitely not feared.

  22. i love it how australia just sits there and chill but relises that its in danger.

  23. "and i thought spears and sheilkds were bad…"

    -Sun Tzu

  24. Really makes you wander.

    In 2 or 3 hundred years from now what will take over the nuclear bomb as the most deadly weapon humans have created?

  25. But its pretty op To play Killing robots And you Use a Tank everything it is op UwU hahhaha in ps1

  26. The world: dead
    Australians: uno reverse card

  27. You mean a nuclear bomb will vaporise me, it will be over in an instant and I wont have to wake up and go to work anymore? That doesn't sound so bad.

  28. "Don't you see, Command Duty Officer? This is Salvation on a far grander scale."

  29. Try telling that to those dickheads Biden, Jinping and Putin without hitting their heads with hammers to make them listen to reason and see sense.

  30. Australia and New Zealand is the most literally safest place on Earth when there's a nuclear war or the Arctic

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