DEFCON scares me and science says it will scare you too -

DEFCON scares me and science says it will scare you too

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DEFCON is existentially terrifying. How about a nice game of chess?

David L. Waddington et al.“Education from inside the bunker: Examining the effect of Defcon, a nuclear warfare simulation game, on nuclear attitudes and critical reflection.” Journal of the Canadian Game Studies Association. vol. 7(12), Apr. 2014

Chong-U Lim. “An A.I. Player for DEFCON: An Evolutionary Approach Using Behavior Trees.” Department of Computing Imperial College London. June 2009

Miguel Sicart “How I Learned to Love the Bomb: Defcon and the Ethics of Computer Games.” Center for Computer Game Research IT University of Copenhagen. 2009

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  1. Playing games have no way of changing ppl's views! They know it's just a game. Ask all the ppl that made and make sadistic violent FPS and other forms of highly realistic murder and mayhem computer games. That never affected anyone! Right? Right!? Ppl are stupid.

  2. Please , tell me the truth. When this is going to happen ,give me 20 minutes so I can fire up the grill and at least have a hotdog and beer .

  3. No such thing as nuclear weapons. Good fictional game.

  4. Australia and New Zealand…HAHA no on cares about them.

  5. "Those who push the button will be far removed from the actual carnage."
    This is, until you remember, Russia has whole missile batteries aimed at Cheyenne, enough that even the hardened structure might give in.

  6. You'd think the People Pressing the buttons would Have a system with the least connection to any physical events, For example instead of a Neon room with Numbers, Nations and People affected you'd shove them in a concrete room with a List of data, So instead of "Deaths" or "Casualties" they just see a List of numbers and statistics

  7. 10 years later
    "Is that computer mouse that in sky?"
    "Computer mouse? OH SH-
    Then Nukes Launch By Past Humans And Alarms

  8. maybe the best strategy to losing the least in defcon is to not build a single silo. maybe the continents will be merciful enough to see you are only defending yourself with conventional military.

  9. You tuber : no one would let nuclear war happen
    China : hold my nuke

  10. Bro the sound of the game got me. I don't like nuclear warfare. I a glad we still exist today

  11. aha
    never forget that during the cold war they did almost launch the missiles

  12. Nice studies…..
    But MAYBE those studies should also tell you that there are no red buttons.
    Launching a nuclear weapons takes TWO keys. they need to be switched simultaniously to activate the launch.
    Hmmmmmm maybe study some more? 😉

  13. Bruh, I thought this was a game for a minute…

  14. LMAO get a grip, hardest sell for a game Ive ever seen.

  15. Why does this sound fun to play with friend's?

  16. Why does this sound fun to play with friend's?

  17. Me after watching this: terrified

    Also me after watching this: so, where do get this game?

  18. I still dont get it.
    Why is it so sCaRy oR tErriFyInG???
    For Real, i dont get it

  19. Imaging playing the game without launching a single nuke.

  20. Indonesia: we're in this together.
    Australia: yes

    Late comment 🙁

  21. I love how Australia is just left out. Like no one wants to mess with us in case we unleash our kangaroo army.

  22. Alternative title of the game: Mahatma Gandhi 2 seconds after telling how good the peace is

  23. i dont want to live on this planet anymore

  24. i love getting to kill millions of people especially in strategy war games like in roblox rise of nations you do not know how much joy killing millions of innocent people in paris and london brought me now i must buy this game and end the human race? im fucking in bro

  25. Ah, so this is the prequal to the Fallout series.

  26. xX_Insert_cool_username_here_Xx (formerly Alexis) says:

    Defcon isn't just for air forces irl
    Nuclear missile submarines exist

  27. Guys from nato saw this, consequences was't good


  29. Why is everyone in this comment section so goddamn sensitive?

  30. I Think that ICBM(other game at same theme) is scarier. Why? Game sesion can stand a out an hour (of witch 20-15 minutes is after first shot) and you can Look on Pictures(witch was made to Look like same places just after being hit) and these 15 minutes feeling like an hours and you know that for you its Just minutes behind ur Computer but in there its hours days months… and you yourself feel bad like you the one who's made that even if you didn't shot as first…

    And i Think game have more things to remember like SAM's Missles vechicles(with regular rockers witch you must make)
    Have a nice day

  31. i want to play this game. where can i see this game?

  32. i cant handle the torture song lets see if i can handle this
    edit: i cannot describe the fear crossing me now as i think this over and over in my head

  33. Nuclear war is wack

    – Napoleon Bonaparte

  34. Me as a player: Haha nuclear holocaust go brrrrrrt

  35. One time in the cold war came to defcon 2

  36. 4:34 is kinda funny because for him he see it differently when in reality this is the only time the people in control know they will be the one to die with everyone else in the event M.A.D. is initiated.

  37. People just don't understand what nuclear war really means nor do they understand who is the targets for nuclear war when you want to destroy a country you go after the people because without people there is no government

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