Defending the Fortress from MILLIONS of Zombies in World War Z Aftermath Gameplay -

Defending the Fortress from MILLIONS of Zombies in World War Z Aftermath Gameplay

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Zombie Fortress Siege in World War Z Aftermath! ! Shoutout to War War Z for sponsoring todays video! Download World War Z Aftermath here:

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  1. Never forget ze notification bell to watch his latest and most recent videos in his channel! :>

  2. Is my Gamer Play I'm Is Good kill Zombies Kill 1000

  3. The 3rd person camera Hud effects kinda remind me of rogue company similar combat styles btw Great video keep up the work!

  4. Game: terrifying life changing moment showing near death situations and trauma :the music in the background: just another walk in the park 😀

  5. I think if they add more different crazy looking zombies in a new update this game
    it will be the best zombie game ever it will grab more attention my

  6. Good video man, keep it up. 💯 thinking about picking this up and still enjoying bot wars!

  7. Yeah what guns do you play but do you love this game. And i have finished the campaign. 😎😁

  8. I hate when someone says that 60 fps is slow. The human eye can only see at 60 fps so anything faster is just a waste of time and storage to make.

  9. That is crusty I heard crusty he hasn’t mad a shadow of war video for years

  10. 😅 zombie 🧟‍♂️ house is so fun dead zombies

  11. lol man where are youre golden skins i already gave cool skins

  12. In those moments where you’re not quite sure if the undead are really dead, dead, don’t get all stingy with your bullets. Get World War Z: Aftermath for yourself today:

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