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Did you know that for WARGAMES…

Allen Tsai
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Did you know that for WARGAMES… President Reagan watched the film and asked his staff, “Could something like this really happen?” A week later, the response was, “Mr. President, the problem is much worse than you think.” The first anti-hacking law was passed shortly thereafter.

Did you know that for WARGAMES…

Allen Tsai



  1. i didn't listen to the story at all but was that the actor who played ferris bueller?

  2. Wonder if Reagan thought this movie was real. He was known to talk about his past roles in movies as though they were things that happened to him in real life. He once watched a documentary about the Holocaust and then later told the Israeli Prime minister that he had been at the camps and personally shot the footage used in the documentary. This was while he was still president in 1983.

  3. Reagan was a legend! How many times has he saved the US?

  4. Is passing a law going to prevent an individual from hacking or attempting to hack? Answer is no…

  5. Yeah, it was worse. For almost 20 years the launch code for all Minutemen rockets in the US was 00000000.

  6. This happened after they made the first Purge too.

  7. I did know this because we learned it in Fundamentals of Information Security lol

  8. Reminds me of Dr. Strangelove being so accurate on how things can escalate out of control that the US Air Force changed their nuclear bomb policies.

  9. If President Biden watched the movie, he would think that it did actually happen.

  10. To be fair at this time PCs we’re a new thing and the internet was in its infancy nobody really understood cyber security

  11. Reagan probably thought Wargames was real

  12. This
    This right here
    This is why you don’t connect your war calculator to the internet, even a power line cause that could be dangerous too

  13. Because iron man learns from his mistakes

  14. I… I never knew how much these movies change our world.

  15. Worst president ever – trashed Jimmy Carter's reputation to get power. Led to a lot of the problems we have today.

  16. "Anti-hacking laws…" So, what, anyone with the notion to hack suddenly thought, "Oh, well I guess I won't be doing that, there's a law." That's worked out great.

  17. The law was implemented in such a ridiculous way that almost everyone using a pc could be persecuted. It would be de facto legal but they use it as more of a way to just go after people the state doesn’t like now. Like the kinds of people who point out that government websites are exposing the personal information of their employees.

  18. Pretty much exactly the same thing happened with Doctor Strangelove

  19. President Biden watched White Chicks & said the same thing.

  20. 🤣🤣🤣 well they used to practice hiding under desk, so I'm pretty sure they didn't think things through!

  21. oh yeah i remember reading an article about that

  22. i wonder what percent of "mr. president, it's much worse than you think" is actually true, and what percent was them thinking "You know what? I think we could do with more funding"

  23. Thank God this can never actually happen due to the fact that every single nuclear silo is on its own seperate, self contained grid. Literally the only way to contact those who at them is via a special telephone with a line directly to the presidents redphone. This was done to prevent anyone from being able to hack a silo from the outside and launch one or all of the missiles.

  24. Hey I watched this in school and forgot what it was called thanks

  25. I was expecting after “could something like this really happen?” Was “mr president this is a movie” 🙄

  26. Always neat when art can inform peoples decisions because they normally wouldnt learn some information in less popular forms

  27. I remember learning this in my high school film class

  28. "Could this happen?"
    "Sir, it's based on true events…"

  29. Wow! Yep…glad he thought to ask the question, because anything can be hacked now

  30. Back in the day when a president had the gall to confront real issues and his staff had the balls to give him a real picture.

  31. and the problem has only gotten worse since then. THE END!

  32. Imagine asking such a serious question and the staff leaves you waiting for a whole week before saying “so uh, about that…”

  33. Imagine asking such a serious question and the staff leaves you waiting for a whole week before saying “so uh, about that…”

  34. Don't worry Mr Reagan..Omegamon will kill Diaboromon easily

  35. Also, he asked if NORAD actually looked like that, but it turned out the movie set looked so much cooler that the real NORAD quickly upgraded their main room to match it.

  36. Tfw the western seaboard of America could literally be hacked into because China has direct access through the energy companies that run the plants

  37. Laws don't solve problems. Because guess what the Government gets hacked all the time

  38. I love this movie. It's cool to know something came of it.

  39. That was before Ferris Bueller lost all motivation to go to class

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