Doctor Who: The War Games (DVD Trailer) -

Doctor Who: The War Games (DVD Trailer)

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The Doctor, Jamie and Zoe arrive on an unnamed planet. Originally believing themselves in the midst of World War I, they realize it to be one of many War Zones overseen by the War Lords, who have kidnapped large numbers of human soldiers intending to create an army to conquer the galaxy. Infiltrating the control base, the Doctor discovers that the War Chief is also a Time Lord. The creeping realization sets in that the Doctor cannot solve this problem alone, and that his days of wandering may be at an end…


  1. “ you will answer me now or I willdestroy your mind! “

  2. What's the name of the music in background

  3. "Youre travels are over" that sounds so cool, goodwork whoever made this trailer

  4. one of the best serials there ever was… in my opinion 🙂 <3

  5. Except in "Trial of a Timelord"

  6. This is perhaps my favorite serial of all time.

  7. Favourite Troughton era story. If they can find the remaining five episodes of Web Of Fear, that might change.

  8. Isn't it ironic that the longest completely surviving serial (apart from The Trial of a Time Lord if you count that as one serial) is one of Patrick Troughton's grand total of SIX complete stories?

  9. what were the bbc thinking destroying those tapes

  10. They were making a perfectly pragmatic business decision according to the criteria of the time. If they'd had a time machine and could have gone forward 20 years to see that one day it would be possible to sell old programmes directly to the public, they wouldn't have junked them. And it's not just the BBC of course, *all* broadcasters junked programmes they thought they had no further use for.

  11. You should. I'm watching it again, and the quality enhancements are great. It's so easy to see just how much detail went into the filming, and the great cast of actors they brought on for this.

  12. I sat down a few months ago and just watched all ten episodes of this in one go. It was well worth it, even though I had to force my family to stay and watch rather than go to bed.

  13. "You have returned to us, Doctor. Your travels are over." Very chilling.

  14. Doctor Who the War Games
    one of the best Doctor Who stories ever

  15. A rumor theory going about is the War Chief actually regenerated , got in a SIDRAT and avoided Time Lords as much as possible or something like that.

  16. Great story. Saw it on Dailymotion before it was taken off. Would like to get the DVD of this, but being American, I'd have to get the Region 1 DVD. And the only place I've seen a new Region 1 DVD set selling was on Amazon for $400 (a little over £258 for all the UK commenters on here). If anyone has any leads on a site selling it cheaper, please reply.

  17. My theory is that the aliens are humans that colonized another planet and slowly evolved over a couple million years into a humanoid like race then came into contact with the war chief

  18. the War Chief was "killed" by the Warlord. but who is to say he did not simply halt his regeneration abilities through his time lord disciplines of discretion until everyone who was hostile left and moved on to bigger and badder things. Because of the bureaucracy of the time lords, he would go unnoticed and make his escape through on of those crappy prototypes and find a better stronghold. I'd say an opening for an expanded story to the War Chief. he is much like The Master. except he is "nice" about it to the easily duped. and that is worse.

  19. Such a good story, need at least two days to watch it because it is so long, but damn is it good!

  20. I am translating the novel of this story. The book is much better, more adventure, excitement, suspense and action. I recommend it. A great story.

  21. I love this adventure. I only got it for £7.99. Bargain!

  22. Im glad the last episode got found in full

  23. War lords were not used enough, a lot more appearances other than one arch and a few books was needed

  24. The Mexican civil war happened at the same time as the Great War.

  25. One of the most important storys of his carrer as this was the final story in black and white.

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