Does Squid Game’s Tug-Of-War Strategy Actually Work? | Netflix IRL -

Does Squid Game’s Tug-Of-War Strategy Actually Work? | Netflix IRL

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Player 001 (Il Nam) definitely knows a thing or two about tug-of-war, but does his killer strategy actually work? Today, we’re putting his skills to the test! Which team will survive Netflix IRL’s Squid Game?

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Does Squid Game’s Tug-Of-War Strategy Actually Work? | Netflix IRL

Hundreds of cash-strapped players accept a strange invitation to compete in children’s games. Inside, a tempting prize awaits — with deadly high stakes.

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  1. You really found a bunch of people that have never played tug of war in their lives huh?

  2. The guillotine was just C R U E L, slicing the rope after a team was pulled off their tower.

  3. Having gone to military school, and playing my fair share of tug of war, I can assure you that the steps forward approach works if there’s no way the other team is expecting it.

  4. This was good. Though they have missed the part that the leader is important but the person at the back is important because should hold the team like an anchor of the ship.

  5. Tug-of- War is a game I love to watch people play. So much fun. I enjoyed seeing Tom in the video. If I could afford Netflix, I sure would watch Squid Game

  6. Omg someone’s name is Joy

  7. "And I'm in debt because of student loans."

    Woah! I thought this was supposed to be a fun video. That one hits a little too close to home…

  8. I've been waiting for someone to make a video like this so thanks for that but I wish you would've tested the running forward tactic.

  9. Anyone else recognize those people from React and FBE?

  10. Well actually, the competition of tug-of-war, they really lean their body.

  11. My school had a tug of war competition between grades, and my whole grade tried the strategy and failed due to the gym floor being smooth causing them to slide

  12. Whoa isn't this basically the FBE Reacts cast?

  13. I lift, so if I were in Tug-of-War, I'd be like,

  14. This felt like a soulless copy of MythBusters…
    Plus you didn’t even test the 2nd tactic/trick from the show (taking 3 steps forward to trip the other team up).

  15. Mal MISINIZ kanka ne biçim oynuyonuz

  16. That’s cool seeing some of the REACT channel members on this video

  17. 처음에 당길 때 고개가 상체를 뒤로 확실히 졌쳐야 이기는 게 아닐까… 체중을 실어야 할거 같은데

  18. when they leaned back that could've easily been provoked
    if the other person saw them
    all they gotta do is lean forward a little

  19. Put on calos region Pokemon back on Netflix

  20. The only difference in your experiment is that it is not "survival".

    The battle ground is not high enough and there is a cushion when they're falling.

    This experiment is meaningless because the atmosphere is different from those who struggle not to die in real.

  21. It’s not 100 percent full proof in the real show from the ground would be rougher to keep your balance on in this it’s kinda smooth witch takes away some of the challenge also they need to do this against a team of strong

  22. Wow!!! Austin, Tom and Jeannie are here!! awesome!! lol

  23. Use your weight and your legs. Arms are weak.

  24. The first person from team blue was cheating by climbing his hands onto the rope and pulling it. When his team was losing, he held the rope more and more further away so he doesn't fall in.

  25. Hi alguien pero sólo alguien q hable spanish? Whatt

  26. 1st rnd, Blue 3:00: only 2-3 teammates are thrusting their pelvises to the sky and arching back. And 2nd guy's hands prevent 1st guy from tucking rope under his armpit.

    2nd rnd, Red 3:55: similar findings

    3rd rnd 4:27: lol both leaders are leaning forward (or their upper bodies are vertical) instead of leaning far back.

    4:50 lmao red leader's posture. Don't look like any tactics going on anymore.

    I liked that y'all were consistent with tactics team placing feet parallel to rope, and non-tactics team placing feet at random angles.

    Anyway thx for sharing!

  27. So basically because your team did not properly apply all the tactics you failed

  28. What? The other team didn't die???

    Well that's disappointing.

  29. Comment. The ‘other’ team coming back in Squid Game was purely for suspense. Did plenty of tug o war as a kid very common back then- and once your team starts losing and gets pulled forward the game is pretty much done especially if your leader is about to be pulled across the ‘line’.
    So there would be no need yo do a ‘ three step forward and then stop’ trick. Most likely if you ‘gave’ three steps the other team is going to use that momentum putting your team in a deeper hole. Even if they fell you’d have to drag them until they got up.

    But all in all once Gihun’s team started pulling, it was evident the other team didn’t have anything left and game/life over

  30. Trying this in 25 min for a college Greek event!

  31. "They really have to be a team"
    Yeah no shit, it's a team game.

  32. There is an alternative to using all these tactics and strategies. Just have Tyler1 on your team.

  33. There's also a part about longer ropes and that their hands were handcuffed to the rope, presumably so the rope can't be pulled away from one team or the other. Less rope means less pull strength

  34. Hint: it's not about the pull but what's at your feet.

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