Does Squid Game’s Tug-Of-War Strategy Actually Work? | Netflix IRL -

Does Squid Game’s Tug-Of-War Strategy Actually Work? | Netflix IRL

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Player 001 (Il Nam) definitely knows a thing or two about tug-of-war, but does his killer strategy actually work? Today, we’re putting his skills to the test! Which team will survive Netflix IRL’s Squid Game?

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Does Squid Game’s Tug-Of-War Strategy Actually Work? | Netflix IRL

Hundreds of cash-strapped players accept a strange invitation to compete in children’s games. Inside, a tempting prize awaits — with deadly high stakes.

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  1. Oooh its the old react channel crew!! Where ever i can see more of them doing stuff i will watch 👊🏽

  2. I keep imagining that all kids tug-of-war games will now have parents both sideline yelling "Lean back!"
    "No, all of you! Lean back!"
    "Now hold! Hold!"

  3. Wasn’t there also something about having the strongest person in the back?

  4. That izzy girl is funny y’all should cast her more. I’m broke for the same reason she is…

  5. aww I love this cast. so many cool ppl in this video we love to see it !

  6. I've heard it's better to turn around and put the rope on a shoulder.

  7. Why didn't you put the men on one side? The technique was meant to compensate for the lack of pull strength of women and old men.

  8. Red should have done the let go thing quick in the 3rd round

  9. “Science communicator online” must be the saddest description of a profession ive ever heard

  10. But, you didn't employ the counter tactic: step forward 3 steps so that the other team loses their balance (and grip) and possibly falls down. Then, start the rhythmic pulling.

  11. Yes there is a basic strategy for tug o war that works that I tested years ago, the basic idea is the Stored energy in your muscles "ATP" will last for approximately 10 seconds, the way you take advantage of it is simple math, you lean back for around 6 or 7 seconds letting the other team waste energy then your team puts 100% for five seconds, then rest with weight back on the rope for around 3 seconds then give your all for another 3 or 4 seconds, the idea is to trick your opponents into using up all their energy

  12. Missed these guys together! LOVED watching them on React before it all went downhill…

  13. I really enjoyed watching this video! We need more Squid Games please👍

  14. THANK YOU!!! I've been wondering if the tactics could work. This was fun to see!

  15. If this type of tug of war then i will always want to loss. Bcz i want to enjoy in that sponge.

  16. Lmfao these guys literally are a bunch of fat asses compared to the lean and fit actors (regular people) on the show. Hahahahhaa obese f***ing merica for the win

  17. In the Show it wasn’t believable at all , just pure cringe . One team was overwhelmingly strong . No amount of tactics can overcome that level of physical different , Especially in a game that prioritise brute force .

  18. Yes if their hand was being tied or chain on rope like in series.

  19. Would’ve been interesting if you got an actual pro Tug of War team/experts to confirm if those tactics work irl competitions as well. Also didn’t feel there was a good anchor for either team. Nice video nonetheless.

  20. I thought you would show the let loose tactics to cause the team to fall and then to start pulling.

  21. 😑😒 each of your teams didn’t deploy the tactics correctly!

  22. Wow this is the "REACT" cast…I LOVE THEM

  23. We need more vids with the reactors PLEASE!! Was amazing to see so many of them back together

  24. Really?? You didn’t test Sang Woo’s three steps front theory?

  25. Yo, its our Tom and Jair from Teens React (a few others but it went FAST). Glad ya'll are doing more.

  26. My thoughts while watching that episode of SG was that the elevator must have been going so slow to be able to tell the whole story and instruct everyone in what to do.

  27. This video didn't reall showcase the tactics used in squid games. Like one commenter said, all of the physically strong should have been on one side using brute force only and more physically weaker players on the other side using the tactics.

  28. You forgot that the people in SG were strapped to the rope. You can use that as leverage as well

  29. Someone please fill me in. This is my first time on this channel. Can anyone explain to me the FBE connection here? Much obliged.

  30. They didn't even lean back all the way. What tactics did they use?

  31. My carpal tunnel flared up just watching this

  32. Yow I know them from FBE, daamn

  33. They should have tied 1 side of the rope to the yellow rods

  34. That wasnt fair. The red team had more women. Strength was unequally balancrd between the 2teams

  35. in my next expedition, me and my class mates are gonna try to use this strategy

  36. U guys did the tactics wrong, which ever team has the strongest person at the back will win. Blue team round 1 n 3 strongest person at the back n round 2 he was the 2nd person in line. So really first round red should have done the tactics, blue team doing the tactics on the second round. Fact check plz.

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