Don't Underestimate Cities In A Second Civil War -

Don’t Underestimate Cities In A Second Civil War

Monsieur Z
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Conservative Americans will generally underestimate the power of cities, and speculate that in a second civil war, toppling left-wing controlled cities would be as easy as cutting off the power, food supply, or what have you. But we saw a similar dynamic play out during the Russian Civil War, and the ability of desperate and angry densely populated cities to expand out into neighboring conservative areas for resources or even simply revenge cannot be ignored when considering the hypothetical scales of a Second American Civil War.


  1. Would love to see these cities overtake rural communities lmao

  2. Your average American city has 6 days of food. If a Civil War Part 2 ever happens, the cities will fall like Saigon.

  3. Im from upstate ny, I’ve seen these rural counties, they are either suburbs that would never rebel because they value stability too much or they are ghost towns with a population of like 39 and no WiFi. I don’t care how much tangerine crazy Jim has, it won’t matter to the drone strike.

  4. Russian civil war is apples to broccoli. Rural US is the most armed, most veteran dense, controls the supply lines, and it's worth mentioning that a mass majority of the active US military is conservative. Cities, although mostly left leaning, have very diverse populations in the US. Civil unrest and divisive populations would easily cripple their infrastructure and their ability to make war. Most of these cities have 30-40% conservative populations still.

  5. The cities would devolve into chaos and consume themselves. Any organized factions or opportunistic looters moving into the countryside would quickly learn how well-armed their country cousins are. And there are lots of excavators out here to dig holes, if you catch my drift.

  6. You really think those cities are highly cord. You have no idea what your talking about.

  7. Cities are but an area where the enemy is concentrated, given this scenario.

    The countryside is vast, sparsly populated by comparison, and has less infrastructure. It's hard to find people to kill without first being ambushed in a rural region.

    Besides that, it wouldnt take more than a couple hundred armed and trained insurgent operatives to, for all intents and purposes, tie up and control even the largest cities and largest, most well equipped standing armies and police forces.

    Anyone who talks about raising an army, as if to take and hold vast swaths of land has no idea what they're talking about, and no idea what's coming down the pipe if things go down as they wish.

  8. The cities will destroy themselves along racial lines long before they get smart enough to shift outward.

  9. You’re saying people who don’t even know how many genders there are can coordinate BETTER than Rednecks with trucks and guns??? 😂 keep hoping buddy!!!

  10. People in the cities would be way too busy to spread out to the countryside. Yeah they’d be busy trying to steal whatever their neighbors have and venturing outside the cities would be a mistake on their part. Besides long walks probably wouldn’t be on their agendas 🤣

  11. Just do you know, People in the red areas aren't the only ones with guns. Talking to the cousin fuckers in the comments.

  12. When a force only occupies cities they lose, like everytime it’s happened throughout history, they lose.

  13. The rural Americans make all their food

  14. Except the conservative areas are well armed and the big cities have effectively banned guns. We are armed, they arent.

  15. You’d be right. Except the red guys have the United States military in their side bud.

  16. The right wingers will surround the cities and watch their enemies starve.

  17. Who’s going to fight? Dudes with wrists skinnier than my pinky finger? Also this assumes everyone in the city is down with the neonazi democrats. We’re not. They just steal the election by submitting dead people’s ballots. They did it with my grandpa after he died here in Chicago.

  18. communication and coordination will be key.

  19. The blue is filled with liberals and hood rats, 1 can’t shoot and the other doesn’t have guns. The military grunts are well over 90% red so it wouldn’t even be a match

  20. You keep having mistaken views.

    Maybe you should learn something from that….

  21. The left doesn't "do well" in the face of reality. The only reason they're given so much as lip service now is because their opposition has yet to take the gloves off. I live in a suburb of Portland, OR. I've actually watched self-righteous leftists organize protests on city buses via iphones while wearing Che Guevara shirts. Believe me, the most diehard vegan will be attempting to justify cannibalism within two weeks of truly hard times.

  22. When the federal reserve money goes away it will bulkanize just like when they did it to the solviet union

  23. Difference is majority of city folks don’t own guns. Where as me and every Billy I know in the country is packing enough to arm a small militia ourselves

  24. Hesitant conservative areas…LOL…we don't hesitate in the sticks son. And you city bitches won't even see us until it's too late.

  25. If only the red represented actually citizen numbers..the map is very misleading.Also you have moderates that make up more than people understand

  26. Yeah but liberals are mainly consisted of furries and weak mfs who refuse to own a gun

  27. The history of civilization is that of densely populated urban areas exploiting despersed rural areas.

  28. I'm a Palestinian/American in a blue city. The left would never suspect me. I'd be putting up call of duty numbers.

  29. In Russia the majority of the population were serfs before the revolution. There are way too many differences to make this comparison.

  30. considering that cities won't be able to feed themselves, and will more than likely be susceptible to infighting, I'd say this analysis is slightly askew

  31. Simply not true . They have no food , ammo , weapons , knowledge of terrain or ties to the region . I beg to differ it would be the countries surrounding the cities and closing in on them .

  32. People from the more rural country side are much more rugged then yuppie city folk they would probably lose a lot of people to elements before the fight could even take place people tend to underestimate Mother Nature especially if you didn’t grow up in it & people in the country tend to be better armed & more self reliant you can keep southern boys well fed and happy for months off nothing but beans and cornbread look at our current military now I’m willing to bet the majority of the men are from the south because southern men are more aggressive and built different even our women are tougher then most city men this video is cute tho

  33. There are 393 million guns in America. Most are owned by conservatives. Come on out to the country and we have a Texas BBQ😂

  34. All food, fuel, and goods must come through conservative area; almost all farmers are conservative, you do the math!

  35. Have you been anywhere on that map? It isn't a flat drawing. You cant conclude anything with a counties map.

  36. Lmao if you think anyone in a blue city will be able to aim a rifle you’re delusional. If a civil war broke out it would be down to who can secure the food supply (because all the guns have already been manufactured and distributed) and city slickers won’t make 10 feet onto a farm

  37. Um, another difference is the rural, "conservative" areas would NOT be hesitant. Lol. The city populations would. Conservatives are so tic'd at the behavior and encroachment of the Left that they would have more than ample motivation. And the cities would "expand"? Lol. Meaning what?

  38. I like how typical this communist here thinks the most heavily armed portion of the nations population will be so easily toppled.

  39. Never underestimate an opponent, this a very big pill most people forget to take. Humble is the man in the trench with extra ammo.

  40. The people living in those Blue Cities are overwhelmingly UNARMED. Remember, Leftists HATE guns and armed, self-reliant populaces. They like their people quiet and submissive.

    As for resources…Covid showed us just how vulnerable those cities are. Remember, society is never more than three missed meals away from anarchy.

  41. Hesitant, conservative areas would be quickly overwhelmed? Is he kidding? Where are mostly all of the hunters? In the city or the countryside? We have been preparing for decades! Try your drive byes on us and see what real drive byes are!

  42. This has to be one of the biggest copes I ever heard of.

  43. Grow up and go outside, we are too content with Drive-throughs and Walmart to stage a Civil War. It's just cowboys and indians with political tribalism.

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