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Editor’s Tour of Wi414, June 2022

Wargames Illustrated
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Editor Dan takes you on a tour of Wi414, the June 2022 issue.

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  1. a free plastic frame unless you live in the rest of the world

  2. 3:53 We conclude our Prussian theme with an embarrassing typographical error in block capital bold letters: 'THE END OF THE PRUSSIAN EMPIRE: THE LAST HURRAH IN THE BALTIC STATES 1918 TO 1819'…. Yes, 1819…! Or is this a 'Steam Punk' 19th century sci-fi scenario involving a H. G. Wells style time-machine…?

  3. A five minute guide on how I should save my money, by yet again not buying this mag. Keep throwing most of your themed eggs into one basket and I'll keep saving most of my money.

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