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Empire: Total War – The Best Worst Best Total War Game Of All Time

Many A True Nerd
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Empire: Total War is one of my favourite Total War games – a brilliant, ambitious, flawed, delightful mess that represents some of the best and worst of the entire franchise, and I can’t wait to dive in…

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Fanfare for Space, Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
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  1. The Dutch campaign is my favorite too. Such an interesting starting position and their unique troops are pretty cool as well.

    50:54 It's a stone hedge. 😛

  2. 38:08 the point of the fluyt is that its skinny. Because I know that in the Kattegat (A straight near Denmark/Sweden) the amount of money a merchant needed to pay to enter the Kattegat was depended on the size of the deck. So it was skinny and long to minimise the cost to go through the Kattegat but maximise the amount of space for cargo. Sorry I got carried away:)

  3. Jon, please continue playing you magnificent man

  4. This video inspired me to my annual attempt at playing a Total War game. I made it seven or eight minutes into the tutorials of Medieval II before giving up again.

    Great thumbnail, anyway.

  5. Imagine Many a True Nerd supporting a white supremacist game as this. Tsk tsk.

  6. "An Empire(Colony?) is small, it is underdeveloped, it can be very hard to keep hold of and leave you overstretched but bloody hell it could generate some money" – i like this, i like it very much

  7. Time for FFF – Fun Facts about Fluits! While entering the Baltic sea for Polish grain, Dutch fluits had to cross the Danish Straits. Toll for crossing was calculated based deck size in square feet, hence skinny deck and fat belly.

  8. Take off the f$&kn mask. Cheers!

  9. A cultured choice Jon, on the game and especially on the faction. 👍

    Looking forward to some casual Jon related massacres in the name of the Dutch.

  10. Imperialist White Supremacist Propaganda?

    I expected better from you.

  11. you reminded me of why this game was my fave total war and probably still is

  12. So you've accused the Domina dev of being a white supremacist and removed the video you made on his game. Why is he a white supremacist?

  13. I have played this game and specifically the Dutch to bits. I was NEVER beaten in multiplayer naval battles to the point they wanted me in clan battles but I was just a little kid that nergasmed over this game.

  14. I have been looking forward to this since watching you play Rome.

  15. Naval combat…..I'm buying this right now

  16. Sorry, bud. I don't support people who can't get over the fact someone else has a different opinion than them on masks, then label them a white supremacist. Enjoy having the need for constant boosters, due to taking an extremely rushed experimental vaccine and wearing a diaper on your face for the rest of your life.

  17. Love this game and the fact that there are still people playing it

  18. Hi! I'm from The Netherlands and I'm so happy your doing this game and this particular faction of "my ancestors" hahaha

  19. Jon id like to remind you that not only can you rename ships (and i am upset you didn't immediately name your admiral's flagship "Tabby") but you can give names to each individual unit.

    Naming ships/regiments would be a nice way of showing some love to the community. (At least in my mind)

  20. Drinking game: take a shot every time Jon says 'keep on keeping on' during naval battles

  21. The biggest problem I have with Empire Total War is how the map is divided. You can win one battle and control entire France, Spain or Norway. The borders feel really static because of that.

  22. ahh another series of total war. I can't wait for all the memes. it's good to be back.

  23. So this is basically Heroes of Might and Magic 4 of the Total War franchise – unique but flawed.

  24. Would love for Jon to show off the revolution mechanic to this game! Whenever I'm playing as France its the first thing I end up doing just to make sure that the flag is right haha

  25. It's been a long time since I've kept up with regular YouTube LPs, but John's Total War series are always able to suck me back in.

  26. Do you mind sharing what Settings you have the game tuned to? (ie. what you think is optimal)

  27. You inspired me to start my own Empire campaign. I'm gonna play as Russia and consume the ottoman empire

  28. Nice to see Empire getting some love! Just finished doing a personal game with the Dutch, such a fun campaign, conqured the America's and most of Europe.

  29. Att around 21:35 we see, after another 500 years the latest cadet of the illustrious line of Admiral Jon from Medieval 2. Like his ancestor he will squat across the Öresund and deny Sweden and Norway trade. Huzzah!

  30. I wish they would bring this back. This system was the best.


  32. oh heck yeah. ive been waiting for this to come

  33. One thing this game and Napoleon absolutely rocked is the look of the ships. They're so gorgeous despite the naval combat being less-than-stellar.

  34. YES. I have been missing total war for so long. On behalf of the danish (not norway) I dont mind being dutch for this playthrough. let it be as long as the Dragon Age series 😉

  35. Thanks for playing this. Don't forget to adjust your Cabinet or Council…

  36. ABsolutely love the decentralised system of province management/growth in this game and shogun 2. Really wish it had stuck around!

  37. The British blood coursing through your veins compels you to colonize the world under one flag.

  38. i LOVED this game. my preferred nation was prussia. once you start getting prussian jaegers, you win the game no matter what.

  39. I'll be honest when I watched this video I quickly saw why there hadn't been a sequel. It's simulating a very western and sanitised version of one of the more horrific periods of racist exploitation. I mean the other Total War Games touch upon it at times but outright simulating the East India company and America when it was a colony? And then just treating it as a way to gain the benefits of money? Yeah, there's some unfortunate stuff to this.

    That said Jon plays evil a lot anyway and this is just the first episode so there may be more depth that makes it clear exploiting other countries is bad but even if it doesn't it's a relic of its time and I trust Jon to make it fun.

  40. I only ever played empire with Darth mod and I really enjoyed it. The only really annoying thing is the AIs behavior in battle. They just don’t hold formations and just run around like headless chickens all the time. Breaks my immersion a bit.

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