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EPIC ANGLO-ZULU BATTLE – Anglo-Zulu War Mod Gameplay

Pixelated Apollo
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Anglo-Zulu War Mod Gameplay – Today we are trying out the Khartum and Zulu Mod for Napoleon Total War. I command the Natal British Contingent, and will be taking on a massive Zululand Army. Enjoy the Battle 😀

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  1. Dang. They used the Anti-Cav formation from the Napeleonic wars /i think/

  2. Author shut your $_&#@@ mouth!!! let me just watch the video.

  3. Apollo this is amazing I hope you make more like this in the Zulu war please make more you make so good just ur hitting ur channel it’s amazing I have an idea but 4000 infantry from the Zulu war british infantry and alll Zulu warriors and let them fight.

  4. Btw I am one of your followers but I am also a history teacher. The Battle of Isandlywna was considered the worst defeat of a modern army by native troops. the British started the war, and while the main British army marched towards the Zulu kings home village, he sent the majority of his army, over 20,000 men around to surprise the 1500+ British and native troops left on the slopes of the mountain at Isandlywna. They attacked and wiped the Brits out losing between 1-3,000 dead and an estimated 2000 wounded. This loss actually forced the collapse of the British government.

    Watch Zulu Dawn and Zulu, both awesome movies.

  5. "This is not a historical defense" THEN WHY THE F ARE THERE ARTICLES ABOUT THIS

  6. This zulu warrior is from appoleam but there is two movies one is zulu battle of rorkes drift and two is zulu dawn battle of islandwana and the general is called lord chelsment

  7. This is gonville brom head at 100 yrds volley fire present aim FIRE

  8. Its been long time because the zulu wars batgle start at 1879 january 22 rd

  9. I wish there was an music in this playing “over the hills & and far away”


  11. This masterpiece is so dramatic that i’d rather think about it as a “Battle for Africa” instead of just an Anglo-Zulu battle

  12. Never seen so many moustaches in a line for a very long time.

  13. Not quite the British lost 1200 men at isandlwana. Although they eventually won the war. They removed the Zulu king ketshwao. Couldn't control the place and put him back on the throan.

  14. In reality it was artillery and gattlings that won the war.

  15. 'You will hear some cuts from that zulu movie, im not sure what its called…' lol

  16. If i was alive that time or timed traveled there i would say


  17. For any napoleon players, you can recreate this without mods by going against the ottoman empire with an army entirely made up of Bashi Bazouks. They have no guns and the unit size and speed is similar to zulus.

  18. In the last stand they are still overrunned by the Zulu warriors but the Zulu warriors didn't attack them

  19. Never thought my country's history would end up as a video game😅

  20. Missed a few regiments like 60th kings rifles but you got 3 of them atleast

  21. your battle is not fair there is no cav in the movie

  22. Pretty sure they're muskets, the rifle in use at that time was the Martini Henry rifle. Which was a rolling block system. Otherwise great detail !

  23. the redcoats in trigangle 11 27

  24. This video was so awesome Pixelated Apollo. i've actually realized why i love your videos so much, it's because of the charming voice during the battle that innovates me and the outstanding camera angles you pick. i mean seriously when i think of an Anglo-Zulu battle it's exactly like this. waves of Zulu warriors jumping over British defenses slaughtering the foreign invaders while in the background thousands of other Zulu are slowly surrounding them.
    it both cool, majestic and amazing.

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