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EPIC ANGLO-ZULU BATTLE – Anglo-Zulu War Mod Gameplay

Pixelated Apollo
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Anglo-Zulu War Mod Gameplay – Today we are trying out the Khartum and Zulu Mod for Napoleon Total War. I command the Natal British Contingent, and will be taking on a massive Zululand Army. Enjoy the Battle 😀

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  1. Our ammos run out, their spears dont
    -some random british soldier

  2. Gotta love Total War Artillery in their games.

    Artillery in games where it was really only effective against walls: Hyper accurate units that kill hundreds each battle
    Artillery in games where it was king of the battlefield: Good luck killing over 20 people.

  3. Those are all officer class soldiers

  4. Dcsbfh vccvz xvfvfvg fgfvgyghghjhh bghdvcg ghbhgv gvcfdv hggfg ghgg ghgbggytfc c ccgcb i

  5. WHAT I WILL SAY RIGHT NOW HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THIS BUT I Reccomend Watching the last legion!

  6. I love how they use pure 24k gold for the gatln gun hahaha

  7. I love this game so cool I hope one day I can get does anyone know A good place to get it from?

  8. The battle set up here is like the battle of Isandlwana. The Zulus utilized the bull bullhorn formation and overwhelmed the British it was 20000 Zulus against about 2000 British.

  9. The britains wasnt brave because the cant fight in the open battlefield!!! Respect in the Zulus who died for theyr Folk.

  10. Some history for ya, it started at the battle of isandlwana where many British forces were killed, because the zulus formed an attack plan as a hook, which lead to surrounding the troops. The battle of Rorkes drift was about 120 men holding off 4000 zulus. With the use of strategic planning and iron discipline, they forced the zulus to retreat. 11 Victoria cross medals (the highest British ranking award), was awarded to 11 men, the most ever won in a battle.

  11. This battle is great I love it(never even thinks about it again)

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  13. Wait why is most of the rifle men on this scene is zulu marks men… 1:22

  14. I feel like a Calvary charge with lances from like Rome 2 would devastate them

  15. the wirth one all is wirth shied is the srtongest

  16. I think the movie about Zulu's you are talking about is……Zulu.

  17. Those calls of fire are actually from the 1964 film Zulu, it’s very good!

  18. wasnt it british forces but welsh and also the movie is called zulu

  19. The movie is called Zulu (1964)

  20. Hahah I know what I'm doing here is a video…🙄 bro warfare

  21. 10 brits died in the Anglo-Zulu war whilst 6000 zulus died wtf happened here?

  22. Men of Harlech come to glory, this will ever be your story.

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