Europe's frontline: the Latvians caught in Russia and Nato's Baltic war games -

Europe’s frontline: the Latvians caught in Russia and Nato’s Baltic war games

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Russia and Nato are moving thousands of troops and playing war games in the Baltics, where onlookers fear tensions between ethnic Russian-speakers and nationalists could bring Moscow into direct conflict with the west.
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Phoebe Greenwood travels to the Latvia-Russia border to hear the concerns of people living on Europe’s frontline.

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  1. You know,there is a reason the german army was turned around at Moskow and Stalingrad,the germans over ran all the other soviet countries,but when they got to Russia,they met True Soviets,in other words the real strong guys are the Russians,all the others failed to halt the attack

  2. Russia and warsaw pact and allies vs usa and nato is the future ww3

  3. this is called ethnic cleansing and NATO is responsible for this

  4. Russian coyboy in Latvia can speak English but not Latvian .

  5. NATO is merely terrorist organisation. NATO troops have approached Russian border threatening Russia with war. But they talk for Russian aggression. Where is logic?

  6. The truth is that USA wants war in the Baltics and the US weapons manufacturing corporates are advocating the same in Washington.USA see the baltics as their new Middle East and Russia is the only hope.

  7. If Russians start to fight, they never stop. Haha…

  8. In short, NATO is overseeing persecution of ethnic Russians in former Soviet countries. That was the case in Ossetia Georgia, Eastern Ukraine, and now seemingly, in Latvia.

    NATO or no NATO, Russia will be forced to intervene in Latvia if at all ethnic Russians are faced with massacre. Its the only right thing to do, prevent ethnic cleansing no matter the cost.

    The segregation is already evident, a deliberate escalating situation set by the Latvian government and unfortunately, under the blessings of NATO Europe. As long as these kind of situations are sustained, another major war in Europe is inevitable.

  9. Are you a special kind of stupid or what? Of course Russia 🇷🇺 must protect themselves from the DIABOLICAL United States of Israel and NATO troops.
    I definitely support the Russians. The first Bolshevik government of 1917 onwards was PREDOMINANTLY Jewish (85%) and responsible for the slaughter of between
    20 000 000 and 65 000 000 Christians in Russia. Please do not forget the Ukrainian HOLDOMOR where 7 000 000 Ukrainians were DELIBERATELY starved to death by that predominantly Jewish communist Bolshevik government in Russia from 1932 to 1933 This Russia today is NOT that Russia. Do not get confused Latvia 🇱🇻.

  10. Language police WTF???
    Is this nazi Germany under different name?

  11. "if russia start to fight they never stop i dont think you want to see them in brussels" SAVAGE 😂😂😂😂😂

  12. I think it's about time we stand up to Russia and break up the massive country look how big their land mass is and only 150 million live there!! It's greedy we should fight them for more Europe and show them the full force of the west!

  13. Russia is a cancer on Europe. Long live Latvia!!!

  14. Good luck, it took the Soviets 10 years after world 2 to root out all the forest brothers. As small as these countries may be, they are determined soldiers who can live in the woods. Estonians are the best at camouflaging I have ever seen!

  15. Why on earth do we let it be known that we are deploying 4000 troops deploy 30.000 keep things quite ffs

  16. Hundreds of thousands  of Balts sent to the Soviet Gulag, post 1940.

  17. Finland was also a part of Russian Empire before the independence, how do you see see this? Is Finland a independent country? Does it belong to Russia somehow? Tell me your thouhghts

  18. I bet America will want to butt in to a war that they are not involved in!End result ,a new enemy.

  19. Countries join NATO WILLINGLY. Russia INVADES countries. Russian bots. Russian bots everywhere.

  20. Soviet Union once liberated Baltic countries from German Nazis which were committing an ethnic cleansing….now Russia will have to invade Latgale( under Pro NATO nazis gangs) to avoid another ethnic cleansing…..

  21. the jokers in europe deserve a war again. Fools. Rest of the world hopes that war starts fast in europe and we all get to watch interesting hollywood movies about these wars and dramas.

  22. Western soldiers : we have so much fire power !
    Russia : fire ? with Russian gas ? that's cute.

  23. I did one of these excersises haha and we were def out numbered on the border but i was ready to go down with anyone who wanted to come with me! Semper fi

  24. Kick them out. That's what they did during the Soviet Union to the local Baltic people's, many of them dieing in Siberia and those who came back found Russians living in their homes.

  25. About Ukrain, what would the US do if Canada became communist all of a sudden.

  26. I translate my channel into Latvian, Lithuanian, and Russian (among others) so I hope that makes them happy. But I was told that Latvians and Lithuanians hate each other, but I was not told why.

  27. What about non Slavic Russian people in Russia shouldn't they have the right to practice their own language

  28. I hope this works out for Latvia;the Latvians have a right to propagate their own language, but given the situation it must be done in a way that respects Russian speakers. Certainly, a person who has been living in Latvia since birth who speaks Russian should not lose their job because they are a Russian speaker. Or, if they do, they should be compensated.

    As for some comments, below: The Russian people have never truly known freedom and have been fed disinformation for the better part of the last century. If you are living in Russia it is very hard to get the truth from the media, especially TV, which is almost 100% state-controlled.

    Last, Putin is responsible for most of this; I hope the West can outlast him.

  29. Didddin duuu nufffin Wakanda enn shiiieet says:

    Problem with Russia is there so corrupt lived under many dictatorships from the tsar to filthy communist they know no better they lol think there soooo good hahaha I feel sorry for the normal Russians they murder any opsition to Putin basically a commie scum bag KGP agent I’m no liberal how ever they lie and lie and lie and what is so funny they actually think we believe it lol

  30. Maaaaan. And this counts as legitimate news source? Get your facts straight. And the "language police" guy saying it`s 50/50 for the languages, that`s false also. Ignorant…

  31. why should you be able to enlist in the Latvian army or government jobs if you dont speak the countrys language? It makes no sense to be able to do such thing if you dont speak its country language

  32. Remember that the US Secretary of State, James Baker promised that NATO expansion wouldn't be going an inch Eastward, and here we're living in a world were NATO expanded not inches but thousands of miles eastwards.

    You have to understand that all Putin wants is not war, but to preserve peace, he has openly said that.

    So think about it, who are the real Imperialists and bad guys here?

  33. Although NATO has a bad history with military action the Baltic’s deserve their freedom and should have never been occupied by the soviets. Long live the forest brothers and long live the Baltic’s.

  34. What would you call half Latvia annexed by Russia?

  35. I live in latvia soon ill be in Russia then Korea

  36. Why did this video get this many thumbs down? Please answer
    Edit: I just realised why, and I put a thumbs down.

  37. We were simply occupied for 50 years. We never lost our independence – the forest brothers fought the Red menace until the 90s.

  38. I believe NATO has no buisness in Latavia, Estonia,or any of the other countries that are close to Russia

  39. Latvija sobrid ir vnk amerkas un nato sukaataji, kas atdod savu valsti svesai, pasauli graujosai nacijai kaa U.S, kam ir pavisam citas intereses un nosplauties uz Latviju ka valsti. Un aitas fano liidzi.

  40. Latvija sobrid ir vnk amerkas un nato sukaataji, kas atdod savu valsti svesai, pasauli graujosai nacijai kaa U.S, kam ir pavisam citas intereses un nosplauties uz Latviju ka valsti. Un aitas fano liidzi.

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