Europe's frontline: the Latvians caught in Russia and Nato's Baltic war games -

Europe’s frontline: the Latvians caught in Russia and Nato’s Baltic war games

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Russia and Nato are moving thousands of troops and playing war games in the Baltics, where onlookers fear tensions between ethnic Russian-speakers and nationalists could bring Moscow into direct conflict with the west.
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Phoebe Greenwood travels to the Latvia-Russia border to hear the concerns of people living on Europe’s frontline.

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  1. So whos "step" is first? Why they "doesn't feel safe", who is making them feel like that? :/

  2. America is going to usher in WW3, with its unprovoked aggression against Russia and China. I hope that North Korea develops ICBMs that could hit the continental united states, soon. I think Vladimir Putin is a man of great patience, because as far as I am concerned, Russia should have done a preemptive strike against America a long time ago, with a thousand ICBMs.

  3. Če bi bilo Rusom do tega, da kogarkoli napadejo ob Baltiku, bi to lahko danes naredili v nekaj dneh s klasičnim orožjem!

  4. provide for the Ukraine as much highprecision" weapon as possible , because only Ukrainian army " millitary forces " can effectively " deal " with Russia .

  5. 0:54 russia invaded eastern ukraine in crimea ?
    thats the joke of the day, my man..

  6. To me at least it seems like the Latvians are just trying to preserve, and protect their fledgling culture. What's wrong with that? Is it that hard for the British to realize from years of their own "Imperialism" that it may be wrong to squelch a culture's uniqueness? Haven't the British been culturally repressed in any way?

  7. russia never invaded ukraine or crimea. thats a lie

  8. If russia invaded ukraine. then ukraine would had since fall under moscow control.

  9. How will they defend the country from the russians inside it? it's like 40% of population.

  10. It's not Europe's frontline, it's NATO's and Imperialism's frontline.

  11. it should never be considered "racism" to enforce the country's native or official language to be spoken. That is called respect and it is only proper.

  12. this mild "language inspector" terrifies me the most.

  13. we are not former Russian states. never was. and we have not gained independence from soviets… WE REAGAINED it… big difference….

  14. bloody nato trying to pervock Russia for years

  15. if russia will seriously invade latvia, NATO will back up very quickly xD and they will try to solve all by diplomacy 😀 so latvia is already russia 😀

  16. so latvia provoking russian latvians by suppressing their culture… time to take my popcorn and see the fireworks

  17. "we're trying to inform people, let's use the correct language"…. (or you will be punished)

  18. Russia, North Korea, and Islamic radicals are going to be the end of the world !

  19. Wow it seems Latvia is bringing this on their own. Language police ? And they expect the Russians to not interfere ?

  20. i live in latvia and im better at english than this guy

  21. We don't need another intra-European war.

  22. Nobody is going to defend you if you keep acting like idiots

  23. miss those Latvian rotations, twice I rotated to Latvia I miss riga, soon we will conquer russia

  24. I like that '' if russia have to fight it never stop,it fight to the end,you don't want to see russia in brussel''

  25. Bias report. Russia is not seeking to evade Latvia and other small baltic nations,however, if they behave stupidly thinking NATO will come to defend them they will be disappointed,because US don't want to confront Russia militarily. USA is scared of russia forget about the rethoric coming from white house.


  27. Russia are not the aggressive ones NATO are pushing their weight like always

  28. O:39 why is he using a MG42 in 21th century

  29. I know I know, its mean that you will be the first to get it from the Russian. Good luck to you all.

  30. “Once Russians start to fight, they never stop”. Lol. I guess the mujahideen in Afghanistan never got that memo.

  31. "latvians want they're own language? how you can refuse great russian language for some pesky fake languages? what a fascists!" or something like that would be in comments to this video.

  32. You CAN speak russian in baltic if you want, its not illegal and it WONT be illegal.
    You need to know latvian language if you want to work at publuic jobs, as police, medics.
    Latvians can speak in english and russian, while thos crybabys can speak only in russian.

  33. The bottom line is that Latvia was infested by Russians only because it was occupied by the Soviet military, not by any lawful process of immigration. For that reason all Russians in Latvia, whether immigrants or the children or grandchildren of immigrants are in Latvia illegally. They should be deported to Russia to enjoy the utopian life there with their compatriots. Unfortunately they are proving harder to get rid of than rats. Apparently the "mistreatment" they receive in Latvia is still preferable to a life in Mother Russia.

  34. Those stupid ruskies have lived there the whole life and were unable to learn the language of the country? They're either that stupid or ignorant, probably both. Why don't they just pack up and go where their beloved Putin is then?

  35. There no such thing as "language police" in Latvia. Some Putin-minded russians are lying as usually they do and idiotic western journalists are picking it up – something scandalistic and peppery against boredom. Baltic nations populations are very small and in some sense so small nations with their own literature, universities, science and high culture are as rare as white rhinos, they have their right to defend their culture, language and state. Russian language speakers are about 140 millions, so there isnt any danger to their languge, very different from latvians, but what a lament! They had and have typical imperialist-colonialist attitude that they must not speak local language and not to know local culture, wherever they are staying.

  36. Coming soon to a village near you NATO sanctioned Ethnic cleansing!!! Half the population speaks Russian yet if you don't pass the Latvian language test they can't get a job!!!

  37. I call Latvian people fascists ..more like with a softer touch ….I am from Indian …Indian national language is Hindi but my mother tongue is Tamil and my Indian govt doesn't discriminate me and gives me full rights and recognition for minor languages too …shame on Latvians …if you look at Indian history ….first Sanskrit was spoken …then Muslims invaded us and Urdu and Hindi prospered then English invaded us and when we got our independence our govt gave full rights and citizenship to everyone who were part of our country regardless of religion language ethnicity etc….if we can do that then inhink Latvians should do that as well …..irony is we have more than twenty state languages officially recognized by our govt and we have a common language as English which united everyone as well and we live peacefully …in Latvia you have two language s for God's sake ..

  38. Oh FFS stop making the Russians look like ' victims ' just by making sure they learn the national language for citizenship ?!. how about you interview the real victims of the Russian occupation from the Soviet era, and ' racism ' you're kidding right ?, stop throwing that word around when it no longer has any meaning, and also irrelevant as both Latvians and Russians are the same race. You can argue that Latvia is being more nationalistic than most countries, however it has every right to be after all that it has been through. If you are a Russian living in Latvia and you don't like it….LEAVE !, I mean Latvia is now part of the EU, you can always go and live in another EU country or go and live in Russia, feel free to go by all means.

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