Europe's frontline: the Latvians caught in Russia and Nato's Baltic war games -

Europe’s frontline: the Latvians caught in Russia and Nato’s Baltic war games

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Russia and Nato are moving thousands of troops and playing war games in the Baltics, where onlookers fear tensions between ethnic Russian-speakers and nationalists could bring Moscow into direct conflict with the west.
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Phoebe Greenwood travels to the Latvia-Russia border to hear the concerns of people living on Europe’s frontline.

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  1. That Latvian language @ssh0le needs to chill. If people want to speak Latvian then they will speak Latvian. If people want to speak Russian, they will speak Russian. It's not up to them to force people what language to speak.

  2. American men protect Latvian men in skirts on the Russian. ha ha ha

  3. No aggressor has ever won anywhere in the history of war.I pity the poor solders who are sent to the Russian boarders.Russia is not a Iraq or Afghanistan they got everything the U.S. got.The Army,Air force The navy,special forces missiles nukes you attack them is the end

  4. The language police??… looks like a Nazi to me.

  5. If you go and try to live in a foreign country, you should atleast speak their language. Like fine okay you have a different culture, no problem. But atleast speak their language. Their is a reason why countries aren't just called "Earth". In Latvia, people should speak Latvian. You can speak your own language in your house with no problem, but speak the nations language when you are ROAMING around the nation.

  6. Put it this way: America and NATO has soldiers within hundreds of kilometers of Russian borders. If Russia has soldiers in Mexico or Canada within hundreds of kilometers of American borders, would American just sit still and do nothing?

  7. americans what are you doing so far from home ? go back to your fucking states

  8. Language police?! So apparently Belgium, NATO's HQ, can accommodate a bilingual society but Latvia CANNOT ACCEPT RUSSIAN? I don't know shit about Latvia besides the fact that they are beside Russia. Can anyone who is Latvian or know anything explain this to me? Besides this point, NATO are a bunch of warmongering motherfuckers, just my humble opinion.

  9. Language police – Orwell would've been proud.

  10. I am reading a LOT of very silly comments here.

    First, there is no NATO "aggression" involved here, and 4,000 NATO ground troops, and a few dozen main battle tanks supported by a couple hundred humvees and other assorted vehicles are no real threat to the Russian army. This whole exercise is demonstrate resolve and solidarity among the NATO allies, and it carries an implied warning: if we can execute this little exercise, we can execute something far larger if Russia decides to screw with NATO countries. If Russia were to attempt military action against Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and/or Poland, NATO can make Russia bleed.

    Second, Putin's Russian regime has made repeated threats, direct and implied, against NATO countries in eastern Europe, specifically including Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland. Given Russia's history of invading, occupying, annexing and bullying these countries, they are well within their rights to take Russia and Putin seriously. In fact, they would be fools not to take Putin seriously, given his recent invasions of Georgia (2008) and Ukraine (2014-present).

    Third, absent a direct Russian attack on a NATO country, NATO is not going to attack and/or invade Russia. Russia is a vast country, and the number of troops that would be required to defeat its army and then occupy the country would be several times larger than all NATO armies combined. It's not going to happen, and given Russia's several thousand nuclear warheads, the costs of any invasion would far outweigh any benefits.

  11. Language police in european country. 300 000 out of 2 million people are not allowed to vote. Very democratic, liberal, and progressive isn't it? Unlike stagnating, corrupt and authoritarian Russia

  12. Language police? WTF. That or a little more fscist.

  13. Keywords: soldier, the Czechoslovak army, many Czech and Slovak Republic are strongly opposed to Operation Barbarossa 2, under the heading and the NATO command. The lies of the mainstream media presented are transparent to the intrigue of small girls in kindergarten. With the passage of 27. years earlier the NATO aggression facts appear to be more than true. Again and again, the Anglo-saxon powerful clans controlling the finances of the world for centuries and very much trying to get to the Russian mineral resources and raw materials and get rid of the Slavic waste that stands in their way and does not want to leave for centuries to subdue. Now, however, they leave astutely Slavs to yourself again and they had clean hands, bolder and more power than the accounts after both world wars and induced losing Napoleon's invasion of Russia. What is yet to come? Gliwice 2? (

  14. remember the US is not in Europe, some US troops are there, but the USA is in the Americas.

    Many nations have realised that what the US says is rarely what it actually does, because the US Presidency is Bi-Polar, one says yes the next says no, the next says What?

  15. 2:10 We are at the front line of Europe? LOL? So are you trying to say that Moscow is not in Europe?? XDDDDDDDDDDDDD
    High quality education ! Same as the video.

  16. lol, stupid rethorics.. "russia invaded east ukrainne". if you might say that about the crimea, but you cant say that about east ukrainne, those are rebels, most likly backed by russia, but thats not a russian invasion. this is how both sides spread lies.

  17. The biggest threat isn't Russia, it's our own undemocratic government, who throw away our trust, health and freedom for the interest of lobbyists and multinationals.

  18. hahahaha he thinks the russian army can get to brussel hahahahahahahahaha thats so funny hahahaha

  19. i am very happy about this . history is a circle bitch . what are latvian trying to do . stop russian language and make their language . we albanian suffer a lot of this anti albanian politics of ban the albanian language in greece and serbian country. we know the stories of this kind of latvian police language . same in greece and serbia . military forces trying to stop albanian language in greece and trying by violence to convert all albanian into greek language . same in serbia. i hope they latvian achieve this . also in ukraine . i hope russian suffer the same. and maybe they understand how it is to be hated just because of you language . same as we albania are .

  20. both Russia and America are strong and the will of the people to fight with our last drop of blood and it will be the BLOODIEST WAR. both sides won't back down. …

  21. NATO is cold war institution and as long as it exists it will create tension between former enemies. Look at it as two people had daggers at each other's throats, one decided to put his dagger away and call for peace and another decided, "No, I'm good, it's safer this way".

  22. Let's face between Russia v NATO and US v China WW3 is inevitable I say we should try a gaint international push for nuclear disarmament so hopefully when it happens we can all move on regardless of who wins rather then everyone dieing and no one winning. Cause I rather get drafted and not return home rather then no one returns home at all.

  23. A European with the picture of Mary and on his wall. I'm surprised. I thought that Europe was progressive.

  24. Latvia is not "caught between" Russia and NATO, Latvia is part of NATO. A very enthusiastic part of NATO after the whole Ukraine business.

  25. russia didnt envade cremea ,Nato invaded kiev

  26. Why isn't there no one talking about US mercenaries in east ukraine?

  27. Russia never ever did anything for Russians in the Baltics or anywhere else. They are just hypocritical loudmouths (the Russian government). They are vocal at times, but when it comes to acting, they are passive. So why would they come "save" people who don't want to be saved? Whoever wanted to get back to their roots migrated back to Russia, while the others settled down by their own choice.
    The conflict has nothing to do with ethnicity of the people in the Baltics.
    P.S. It is actually much easier to stay in the Baltics, than to go to Russia with their citizenship and bureaucracy bs and absolute zero desire to take any ethnic Russians back from wherever they live now. Frankly, the effort is barely worth it. So go figure.

  28. RUSSIA is land of Christian ORTODOX people..they are rhe best people and humble..but if stupd west will push Russia to corner then bye bye west..Gos bless Russia and if west start to attack you Russia please nuke us all..Serbia love love love love and love Russia..Lord Jesus Christ is with you we all now that

  29. These Baltic states will be begging for closer ties to the Russian Federation, and maybe even join Russia. Europe is very close to collapsing.

  30. Russia didn't invade eastern Ukraine they sent their troops on vacation get it right lady

  31. Which nation bombed 7 countries last year again?

  32. Just why Latvia or any other of the Baltic's states/countries just be for them self's,with out USA/NATO or Russian involvement. Do they have hard feelings towards Russian people?or old Soviet-government?and now want the payback.Do they really want to look always back and back like what in to the stone age?I thing they should make there own, and look in to the future,forget the past,let the past be in the past,learn the lessons from it but let it go,Th

  33. NATO surrounds Russia and then claims they are defending Europe against Russian aggression.  Deceiptful MSM journalists beat the war drums for their Globalist masters.

  34. baltic shit countries with their apartheid style goverments should be liquidated

  35. Seem the simple answer is get NATO out! why should the whole world go to war because of NATO Dumass

  36. Russians have to answer for all that they done and do

  37. Whole Baltic region is a bitch to the America and other big dogs.

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