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Evolution of All Stick War Games 2009-2022 (Stick War 1, 2 , 3, Empires, Legacy)

stick war 3
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0:00 Stick War Original (Release Date : 2009)
2:12 Kill The Spartan (Release Date : 2009)
2:47 Stick War 2 (Release Date : 2012)
5:14 Stick Empires (Release Date : 2009)
6:17 Stick War Legacy (Release Date : 2015)
7:17 Stick War 3 (Full Release Date : 2022-2023)


  1. Am I the only one who thinks that SW2 had a size and quality of a money-worht game and it was given away from a cheap game nobody outside of mobile will ever play?

  2. Good old days i loved stick empires soo mutch now stick war 3 is just isnt fun

  3. anyone remember the stick war game with mecha that have a machine gun on both hand

  4. Ahhhhhh.Stick Empires.The only place that talks about the elemental empire.besides why was it even made if almost no one plays it?
    By by elementals

  5. This nostalgia is so nostalgic it hurts physically and mentally

  6. One of the best flash games before, maybe near the Raze and SFH series!

  7. Omg the first stick war game gives me the good memories it was my first ecer gane iplayed when i was in lower school i miss those old textures

  8. Kill the spartan relase Date : 2009

  9. Kill the spartan relase Date : 2009

  10. stick empires is the best game of all stick games

  11. 𝗦𝗘𝗫𝗙𝗜𝗡𝗗.𝗫𝗬𝗭 says:


  12. I have the question for you,bro.Why the chaos have not general in stick war 3?

  13. Need stick war 3 more units giant or something

  14. i think the minions should have tiny swords instead of demon pikes.I think the demon pikes make them more demonic which i think suits the chaos empire well

  15. but unfortunately all of that has been changed to cartoonist no brutal animation blood and others I hope the flash player can be used

  16. Ahh yes. Stick war 2. Gives back memories. I wanted that game so badly as a child.

  17. I miss how many player used to Play stick empire the game was above its time

  18. Anyone who beat stick war 2 on hardest difficult is a stick war god

  19. My favorite game of all time is stick empires it's multi player and so many things

  20. Stick war legacy my childhood memories 🙂🙂🙂
    40 swordwarth/40 archaridons vs final boss

  21. Stick war 2 is far more Better than the other stick wars games
    Change my mind

  22. I kinda hoping they use something similar to SW2/SWE art desgin since SW3 look kinda too childish

  23. Ah yes Stick war 2 and Stick empire I remember that game I still have it

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