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Evolution of All Stick War Games 2009-2022 (Stick War 1, 2 , 3, Empires, Legacy)

stick war 3
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0:00 Stick War Original (Release Date : 2009)
2:12 Kill The Spartan (Release Date : 2009)
2:47 Stick War 2 (Release Date : 2012)
5:14 Stick Empires (Release Date : 2009)
6:17 Stick War Legacy (Release Date : 2015)
7:17 Stick War 3 (Full Release Date : 2022-2023)


  1. Stick war legacy probably the best stickman game until stick war 3

  2. Man, I really miss playing Stick War 2. Brings back so many good, nostalgic memories.

  3. I remembered that time when i had stick war 2, the spearton the way i didnt know how to turn a miner into a crystal making.

  4. Bang Abang itu namanya apa Google halo semuanya nggak tahu

  5. Legacy is the best one in imo, due to the graphic quality, and the ending is way more rewarding, rather then some trumpet playing for 5 seconds.

  6. Spoiler: In stick war legacy, when we defeat the enemy, the same happened, but the giant got killed by an even bigger giant.

  7. I just realised:Stick War:Legacy is a remake of Stick War. Then, does that means we will get Stick War 2:Legacy?!?!

  8. I've never played old stick war games i wanted back now

  9. hey bro is stick war 1 and stick war 2 I can’t find it in App Store but I need a pc to get it can you help?

  10. You can play the first one on computer without downloading

  11. Medusa's speech in stick war 2 sounds like Frieza

  12. What itching sucks about stick war legacy is that they made blood grey and purple in the last game. Why didn’t they just keep it red?

  13. พี่ครับผมยากเล่นเกมนี้อันที่1

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  15. 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻😎😎😎six war si. good

  16. What is the game name in the first one

  17. Who else was traumatized from Kill the Spartan?

  18. Hey that was you i was fighting in stick war 3

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