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Evolution of Men of War Games 2004 – 2020

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About Men of War
Men of War is a real-time tactics video game franchise, based mainly in World War II.

00:00 Soldiers: Heroes of World War II
01:00 Faces of War
02:00 Faces of War: Brothers in Arms
03:00 Men of War
04:00 Men of War: Red Tide
05:00 Men of War: Assault Squad
06:00 Men of War: Vietnam
07:00 Men of War: Condemned Heroes
08:00 Men of War: Assault Squad 2
09:00 Men of War: Assault Squad 2 – Cold War
10:00 Men of War 2 ARENA

Soldiers Heroes of World War II also goes by the name of Soldiers: Silent Heroes 2, Silent Heroes: Elite Troops of World War II, Outfront Saboteurs 1, 2 and 3.



  1. ARENA is the last MoW game and it's suck.
    Gates of Hell: Hold my beer.

  2. Сам ты Раша, а это Советский Союз

  3. (Faces of War: Brothers in Arms) is men of war.

  4. Men of War games were ok but buggy, i remember once i was doing crazy stuff in editor and it crashed also during gameplay it would crash so they never fixed bugs

  5. Men Of War : Vietnam need a soundtrack update with Fortunate son


  7. Good games, I only wish for less asset recycle and better voiceacting

  8. Faces of war. The best campaign. Men of war too.

  9. men of war and mowas1 run pretty well but mowas2 is breaking the engine causing massive lag on even good machines , too bad they tend to remove steam threads that ask them about why they dont update the engine

  10. A rts where half tge controls dont work properly.

    Devs wasted all there time on stupid fps mode instead of polishing tge rts aspect, which is what ppl want.

  11. El mejor de todos Mowas2. ¿Para cuando Mowas3?

  12. I just wish they did more like Men of War, Men of War Red Tide and Men of War Vietnam

  13. I think what make this game special is because of it's gaming mechanism. Comparing to the COH, their units (tank, vehicle, infantry) rely completely on HP while MOW only their infantries. MOW can let players set up group from various units, while COH already set up group of units from the game itself (infantry) and individual tanks and vehicles. Also MOW relies on realism aspect where all units could ran out of ammo, medkits, and need repair tools for repairing. Not to mention, it's infantry defense mechanism where they can take cover in objects like trench, bushes, walls, etc. This game is detailed, specific, and immersive RTS imho, i still playing this game until now, especially MOWAS2. I hope the developers create the 3rd one like COH3 that have been release its preview earlier. And of course i hope if they release the new ones, they enhance the graphics and physics. Because i've seen the recent games like call to arms seemed to not so different comparing to the previous games, only differs in units.

  14. The developers or the studio has been milking this game. It has barely changed in any shape or form. And where’s the variety… give us a Cold War campaign game or modern combat game. Hell do a WW1 game too. But it’s the same time space same content same gameplay

  15. Digitalmindsoft the other producer of men of war series released not so long ago Gates of Hell. Its a DLC to their other game Call to Arms. CTA is basically fixed and overhauled version of MOWAS2 Cold War. Cold War was very unstsble and glitchy so they decided to make fixed version.
    Sound FX for CTA and GOH are new, graphics polished more, simillar to Cold War ones. They use the same engine like Men of War but with better graphics

  16. hey, dude, where game "call to arms"? that game like mowas, only modern units

  17. I see two games here, Soldiers: Heroes of World War II and Faces of War with its mods…

  18. Тематический сюрреализм says:

    С 2005 года игра так и не поменялась

  19. Its really sad that zhe devs are so bad the game is really awesome my friends and i have way over 1000 game hours
    The new ones gates of hell and arena
    Are really the pinacle of shitness

  20. Men of War: Vietnam was like a Demon Souls version of the series. Was lots of fun, but save button was my all time favorite.

  21. Long time ago I seen alpha build of Soldiers Heroes of World War II, I can't find it anymore but it simply was much worse graphics something like first sudden strikes, with no direct control. I wish I could find it and see more of this.

  22. Faces of War: Brothers in Arms must've been released only in Russia because I remember that mission in base FoW game, I think it was Lublin. Besides I've read somewhere that this one has more storyline missions for Soviets and some of them reappeared in Men of War.

  23. Оригинальные первая и вторая части 2004 и 2006 года до дыр заиграны ещё во времена дисков. Миссия "Офицер" навсегда в моём сердце… А то, что было дальше – все эти лисы, бушлаты и штурмы бесконечные – тоска смертная и топтание на месте. По сути, в течение 15 лет, с 2006, серию просто пытаются доить – и это весьма печально…

  24. look like the same game with different skin 🤣

  25. Графика после 2007 и не менялась только сгладили чутка ))))

  26. Voice acting takes a nose dive after the original (best) game.

  27. Херовые футажи, зачем показывать затупы

  28. Absolutely incomplete list … Read the Call to Arms or Silent Heroes: Elite Troops of WW2

  29. Я в эту игру досих пор играю. И не только я

  30. The last solid release was 7 years ago, with Men of War: Assault Squad 2.

  31. This and command and conquer was my entire childhood

  32. Is there an Android game that is similar to Men of War 2?

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