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Evolution of Men of War Games 2004 – 2020

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About Men of War
Men of War is a real-time tactics video game franchise, based mainly in World War II.

00:00 Soldiers: Heroes of World War II
01:00 Faces of War
02:00 Faces of War: Brothers in Arms
03:00 Men of War
04:00 Men of War: Red Tide
05:00 Men of War: Assault Squad
06:00 Men of War: Vietnam
07:00 Men of War: Condemned Heroes
08:00 Men of War: Assault Squad 2
09:00 Men of War: Assault Squad 2 – Cold War
10:00 Men of War 2 ARENA

Soldiers Heroes of World War II also goes by the name of Soldiers: Silent Heroes 2, Silent Heroes: Elite Troops of World War II, Outfront Saboteurs 1, 2 and 3.



  1. I like just how lazy the developer is, they always use the same sfx since 2006, the only significant difference is MOWAS2 where the graphics were improved

  2. 100s of soilders are gunned down:
    That one American: strange nobody told about it

  3. I can´t download men of war Arena it tells me that is not available in my region. Do you know if there is any way to get it?

  4. 9:00 Could this be the most realistic scene of a rocketsoldier vs attack helicopter in history? Omg if I were a developer I would cringe to death having to release that in a game.

  5. I still enjoying the game Even tho the game didn't evolved,

  6. Ждём врата ада,и надеемся что это будет шедевр,потому что серия на первом штурме скатилась .

  7. Showw2 is still my favourite and best game. I wish they just made a skirmish ai mode for it


  9. Они умирают в одинаковых позах!!!!

  10. Hii i just played assault squad 2 and i want to buy another game from these list what you think which of these are the bets ones?

  11. "Cold war" and "Vietnam", "Condemened heroes" – the mod

  12. Ребята готовьтесь к наградам!

  13. Why is call to arms on here I know it doesn’t have the same name as Men of war but it’s the same Display and creators

  14. We need an official Men of war-hammer 40k product or even fantasy for that matter.

  15. Still using the same engine to this day.

  16. Literalmente es lo mismo pero con diferente nombre y algunos cambios

  17. 360xxX_SwagLuvUNoHomoSapiensDoritozNDewBowlOfFnafWankageWithExtraWinkyLargeSalamiOgrelord_Xxx420 says:

    Copy paste paste paste paste paste etc
    Please just overhaul the core game already

  18. why did they ever think men of war arena would be a good idea, the entire franchise is built on mods and you release a game that's unmoddable and free to play

  19. Men of war assault squad 2 is the best I don’t care what you have to say it’s true

  20. Хз мне нравилась в старых частях играть одним типом, а в новых кучами техники не нравится

  21. The should use a new game engine in a new release, the actual gave me headache

  22. и играют только за совок ебаный-лол))0)

  23. Деградация серии на лицо (

  24. 1 of the best games ever i enjoy half of my life playing this games 🙂

  25. Faces of War campaign was so much better than today's campaign (which sucks by the way)…

  26. The mowas 2 has lot of bugs and Fps drops 30-20

  27. Men of war assault squad 2 sucked balls not gonna lie.

  28. Wait a minute…. is "Faces of War : Brother in Arms" the same title as "Men of War"? I ask, as i'm big fan of the series, and i heard first time of subtitle of Faces of War.

  29. how can I play italian troops? there is a pach that i have to download?

  30. Кваркдаун Борыжников says:

    No Evolution of Men of War Games 2004 – 2020*

  31. this game has been using the same engine from the first men of war.. lol why??

  32. lol, this game has been passed by different companies,

  33. Gates of Hell is the real evolution of men of war

  34. Basically only changes is HUD and textures. Also they added more soup and bloom to stop making textures and models better.

  35. Evolution?! Devolution the game got downgraded over and over wtf

  36. Bro, is this game as good as Company Of Heroes ?

  37. На первом ВТВ нравилась играть, так как на Т-34/85 на равне можно было в лоб воевать с Тигром и Пантеры! А в остальных частьях в борт даже на ростояниях трудно пробить этих немецких кошек! А Т-34/76 вообще картонная, даже Панцер-4 не пробъешь, только с фугасными снарядами что-то можно было сделать!

  38. Which series have story mode/campaign???
    Already play MoW AS only skrimish mode

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