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Evolution of Men of War Games 2004 – 2020

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About Men of War
Men of War is a real-time tactics video game franchise, based mainly in World War II.

00:00 Soldiers: Heroes of World War II
01:00 Faces of War
02:00 Faces of War: Brothers in Arms
03:00 Men of War
04:00 Men of War: Red Tide
05:00 Men of War: Assault Squad
06:00 Men of War: Vietnam
07:00 Men of War: Condemned Heroes
08:00 Men of War: Assault Squad 2
09:00 Men of War: Assault Squad 2 – Cold War
10:00 Men of War 2 ARENA

Soldiers Heroes of World War II also goes by the name of Soldiers: Silent Heroes 2, Silent Heroes: Elite Troops of World War II, Outfront Saboteurs 1, 2 and 3.



  1. Данил Диванный боец says:

    In last 5 years degradation

  2. Man of War, Men of War. Condemned Heroes. The cool game.

  3. Is there games like these but online or can I play them online?

  4. Loved FoW and MoW, never liked Assault Squad althought it's skirmish missions were fun for like the first few times. In the end, I got AS2 for the mods. CtA looks clunky and MoW2:Arena is just strange to me. All of it utilises the same assets and the only thing that I end up growing accustomed to is the new UI per release.

  5. А с 2006, что-то менялось разве?

  6. Почему иконки в видео такие маленькие? Ничего же не видно

  7. Men of war cold war it is not game it'a a mode to men of war assault squad 2

  8. good game,but please sports macos platform。

  9. I remember Faces of War, one of the best RTS mechanics even by today's standards.

  10. I could play the first MOW and not know whether I was playing the first one or the newest one…

  11. Вместо "ВТВ 2: Братья по Оружию" зачем-то показали советскую кампанию из ВТВ 2…

  12. Почему я вижу одну и ту же игру, с другими названиями? (Но я фанат этой серии)

  13. Cold war это не в Men of war это хуйня какая то

  14. Особо то и ничего не изменилось с 2004…

  15. I can't understand Company of Heroes get a successor Iron Harvest, but the superior MoW is dead.

  16. Men of war Vietnam was sooo weird. Like it was the first official game that takes place in a more modern era, but it was just ahhh. The characters were really unique tho, but the missions were really lame. Not being able to revive your fallen squad mates made the mission very impossible to complete unless you were playing with the cheat mod or map editor.

  17. Мне 1 кажется что от самого 1 до – 3 убогостью и от самого последнего 2020-2018 убогостью вам тоже это кажется?

  18. Men of war arena want to play it so bad but suck it region lock and not support my region T T

  19. Ну не 2020 эта херня это вопще как чёрные бушлаты лутше а это что ну это я про дома Ане про орену

  20. My friends and I play Men of War back in 2010, that was the shit

  21. 2:18 – кадры это первая миссия за СССР в В тылу врага 2. Братья по оружию это другая тема. Автору лайк и респект) Одна из любимейший серий игр и воспоминания о детстве)

  22. Now RTS & fps are getting boring in WW2 scenario, now we need a hybrid of RTS & FPS, but more than call to arms

  23. Dude i loved so much faces of war, playing coop with Friends was awesome

  24. "Men of war" 2009 года самая лучшая игра серии, которую играем до сих пор. Остальное, полный шлак.

  25. Learn how to mod it and AS2 can be made utterly beautiful. I've been modding mine for years, with emphasis on the aesthetics and no icons. It's like Lego and toy army men that I played with as a child. The flexibility of the engine means astonishingly atmospheric aesthetics are possible. I'm just worried that I'll not be able to port my five-year-old AS2 into Gates of Hell, and visa versa. The only thing I cannot replicate from MOW is the screen shake on explosion detonation, otherwise it's perfect.

  26. Если честно мне нравится все части игры, я обожаю в тылу врага

  27. At least mow2 arena is a little different

  28. everything's gone completely downhill, specially after MOW:AS 2, (cold war is just broken and arena is literally a RTS war thunder nobody asked for or wanted) i'm hoping gates of hell will finally give us a true men of war experience that hopefully pushes the limits and is better than anything before

  29. 2 tanks blew up
    Some random american soldier: Quite unexpected

  30. These Games are just great!
    But I have only first part and I don't know there are more XD

  31. I don't know much about the devs of this series since it changed hands quite a lot (as far as I know Men of War and it's expansion Red Tide were made by Ukranian and Russian people, while Condemned Heroes were made by a Russian Studio and the Assault Squads by a german one, maybe this is why they never change the engine but only Modified it, reminds me to CoD until 2019) I'm completing the campaign of the first Men of War and it' absolutely great and fun, challenging and interesting, but it i'm wondering and worried if some studio, not necesarily DMS but other one can revive this franchise (since Cold War ignored everything that made MOW great and was awful)

    Another thing and probably product by the constant change of studios and modified engine is how many mods are out there and still coming, making this game yet not fall completely dead which mades me really happy, it didn't evolved that much since it's the same engine but it can be absolutely great even more if an studio respect it's mechanics and gives this franchise another chance

  32. In my humble opinion, Faces of War: Brothers in Arms is the best one so far

  33. We can all agree Cold War was just an embarrassment for the Men of War franchise. Absolute terrible game.

  34. Братья по оружию моя любимая)

  35. Такая идея была! Но ушла в ебанные battle royale. Сука особенно атмосферная в тылу врага 2 !

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