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Evolution of Total War Games ( 2000 – 2022 )

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00:00 Shogun Total War
00:40 Medieval Total War
01:20 Rome Total War
02:00 Medieval 2 Total War
02:40 Empire Total War
03:20 Napoleon Total War
04:00 Total War Shogun 2
04:40 Total War Rome 2
05:20 Total War Attila
06:00 Total War Warhammer
06:40 Total War Warhammer 2
07:20 Total War Arena
08:00 Total War Saga Thrones of Britannia
08:40 Total War Three Kingdoms
09:20 Total War Saga Troy
10:00 Rome Remastered Total War
10:40 Total War Warhammer 3

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  1. the first games looked like Dominions on steroids'

  2. why they did stupid warhammer 3 but not the medieval 3 ?? i found warhammer a bit off and ridiculous, they should stick with reality.

  3. Viking Total War could be next, or Tribal Total War…oh and Space Total War

  4. call me when they release MIIITW, the other ones don't interest me

  5. I miss being able to put hoplites in a corner of the map and wrecking everything

  6. Total war arena was super fun, until they screwed it up.

  7. I want Total War 40000: Galaxy War of the Emperror Glory

  8. For me War Hammer total war is not part of the original total war games

  9. And they still haven't managed to make a better game than Medieval total war 1 what a waste of a good video game serie.

  10. No idea why they are pushing the fantasy warhammer/three kingdoms shit so hard lately, one of the things that made this series so good was the historical realism in the campaign and the battle such as Marc Antony and Caesar/Napoleon and his Marshalls.

  11. shows tww3 for 1 second before plastering box links all over it and only shows one fight to boot.

  12. So what this video is telling me is that since Napoleon there hasnt been a good TW game, screw the loser fantasy shit, bring back muskets.

  13. Super ! C'est de mieux en mieux ! Cool !

  14. oh yeah total war shogun how i have loved this game

  15. Wow, just skipped over all the great expansions…

  16. Rome Total War was my introduction into the franchise on an IBM laptop, gifted to me on my 13th birthday. The poor thing could barely take it lol, had to keep it elevated with a fan blowing on it to keep it from shutting off lol…

  17. I come to the comments every now and then to see the crybabies whining about historical. CA doesn't owe you shit. Crying about fantasy is pathetic.

  18. Stop making fiction total wars and start making a new series of historically accurate total wars.

  19. Total war arena 2018 was epicness too bad they quit, spent quite a few bucks on that game

  20. Total War: Medieval II and shogun 2 best of the best 🙁 more love, more animation , good hud ,best fight feeling <3

  21. a good Empire TOtal war remake were nice 😀 <3

  22. i used to love this guys. they suck now.

  23. yeah, i just stick with medieval 2 thank you…

  24. Rome 2021 ficou meio bosta. kkkk

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  27. Pray 24 hours a day asking for their Salvation

  28. I mainly played rome total war, napoleon total war and shogun total war. My favourite by far is the shogun one because of the setting but boy, sometimes when nostalgia hits me and i watch history videos about napoleon or rome i can spend a good week or two playing hours. And just finished a shimazu campaign today (well, not finished, I won, but its not finished until i conquer everything)

  29. Empire Total War: ability to conquer and colonize, set up trade, etc. would be so cool!

  30. Shogun looked like that??? It was beautiful when I played it 20 years ago.

  31. I don't understand why they won't go out and get the license for the Tolkienian universe. It's perfectly suited to their gameplay, especially with all of the engine updates they've done with Warhammer III. They could even get 3 games out of it: 1st Age Total War, 2nd Age Total War and 3rd Age Total War. And each one of those 3 games would be completely different from one another, 1 and 2 being the most different and 2 and 3 being more similar.

    Like seriously of all of the Fantasy genres to be adapted into their game, I'm just sick of Warhammer. There are so many better fantasy series out there and it's annoying to me that they keep doing Warhammer. I mean between LoTR/Hobbit/Silmarillion, Game of Thrones, Elder Scrolls, hell even Narnia, there's so many to choose from. Or heck even go whole hog with Troy:Total War and include an Age Of Mythology flavor to it by adding other mythologies like Egypt, Norse, Chinese, Japanese, Native American and even Hebrew ones. I'm just tired of Warhammer.

  32. This is the Empire 2 button

    I want the epic sea battles back !!!

  33. Empires could have been so nice, but the nasty seafights ruined it! Biggest disappointed was Shogun 2, so boring!
    All time best was Rome!
    Now 8 enjoy Warhammer

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