Evolution of Tug of war from squid game #shorts #evolution #tugofwar#squidgame#strong#power#netflix - nzwargamer.net

Evolution of Tug of war from squid game #shorts #evolution #tugofwar#squidgame#strong#power#netflix

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  1. No one is talking about how the first guy on the right side in the second one looks like thanos

  2. "Tug of war is from squif games"
    "Squids are from the Ocean"

  3. ธีระ โพธิ์ศรี says:


  4. One indian is also in squid game rest of all are Japanese.

  5. Revelation 7:3
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  6. " Tug of war is from squid game"
    " AK-47 is from csgo"

  7. "Tug of war from squid game"
    This why i dont want squid game to get created

  8. I like this because of tug of War (squid game edition)

  9. Stop comparing other tug or war games to squid game

  10. “Tug of war is from squid game”
    IKEA invented furniture

  11. Squid game is op always 😎😎I love that series😍😍

  12. In squid game in clearly says that old games that koreans played as a child

  13. تيتثريتيتايايلثلايلسليلليليلليتثاقتقتتقتقتباثغاثايغياياايايايلابلبليلاثثاثتياياايايايايتينيتثتثتثتثتتثتثتثادجثزرستسغث٨٣نثد٧٦٤٣٢يل٠زسر٨ستثا٩ثمث٠سه

  14. Welcome to Kerala, India… It all started in 18s

  15. Just the son of some guy without a moustache says:

    "Tug of war is from squid game"
    "Nokia is from memes"

  16. In when this song is play its so horrible 😱😱

  17. "tug of war is from squidgame"
    "the pans are from pubg"

  18. The scene and the part Tug of wars squid game that what I expected

  19. I swear if i ever hear this audio again i will destroy earth

  20. 니들이 뭔데 우리나라 영화를 쓰냐!! 허락맏고 쏘라!!

  21. Really I told you guys please know this because it's from squid game you must keep enemies videos keep editing these videos which they just make me just a little angry because it's from squid game and I watched the movie before watch the movie before and the roblox 2 but the deleted it and it's not healthy for you because because teaches you bad stuff but I own a game and golago chief it's me die is the girl and his rooms

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