Evolution of Warfare represented through Roblox war games (18th-21st Century) - nzwargamer.net

Evolution of Warfare represented through Roblox war games (18th-21st Century)

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00:00 – Intro
00:10 – American revolution
00:26 – Napoleonic wars
00:50 – American civil war
01:13 – Zulu war
01:35 – Boxer Insurrection
01:55 – The Great War
02:06 – Emu war
02:21 – World War II
03:03 – The Vietnam War
03:21 – The Falklands war
03:42 – The Gulf war
04:08 – Afghanistan

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Bunker Hill by me

D-Day by me


  1. If someone reads my comment I kindly ask you to help me in the game of minute 0:11 I was banned by exploiting but I did nothing I only had lag so if someone has contact with a staff or someone please tell him to undo my nickname is xalito5 I hope someone reads this

  2. Rifles used in the Emu War… yeah, TOTALLY NOT Lewis machine guns

  3. 3:54
    i know a guy who went through desert storm, thank god hes in one piece

  4. that name to russia revolution? 1918???

  5. "Because of the enemy plan this sheets really hit the fan"
    -the player

  6. 3:31 No falklands, Islas Malvinas.., voy a probar este juego

  7. can somebody link the verdun game, i cant find it anywhere

  8. Can we all appreciate how good these games are? The animation are just Killing the absolute soul outta me!

  9. On the bunker hill you chosed the british surprised me

  10. The first war was in 1473 I think im right

  11. Emu war 1932 hunted to the road extinction

  12. I really want to to know what's the song in AWC Champaign

  13. Roblox has been down for a couple of days and I can’t play these games anymore 🙁

  14. Me: i want to play hedgerows 2
    Roblox search: no
    Me 2 years after: how about now, im 14 (not my real age)
    Roblox search: fine, your friends play it check it out

  15. D-DAY Is the most popular roblox war game it gets 5K Plays per a day

  16. This is how you get a comrade to play Bunker hill

  17. 1916 is the year where aerial transportation got so good a soldier is just flying, mocking the enemy

  18. bruh He dind't even play the philippines and americans war

  19. What's the song in 1864 Overland campaign?

  20. I think Afghanistan is fireteam you should check it out

  21. I’m going to play these games soon.

  22. I really want to play bungker hill but I I'ven can't shoot musket cause I'm in mobile

  23. I said Unit 1988 instead of Unit 1968….


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