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Evolution of Warfare represented through Roblox war games (18th-21st Century)

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00:00 – Intro
00:10 – American revolution
00:26 – Napoleonic wars
00:50 – American civil war
01:13 – Zulu war
01:35 – Boxer Insurrection
01:55 – The Great War
02:06 – Emu war
02:21 – World War II
03:03 – The Vietnam War
03:21 – The Falklands war
03:42 – The Gulf war
04:08 – Afghanistan

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Bunker Hill by me

D-Day by me


  1. Eh, bunker hill may be set in the right time era but the OG’s will still be playing blood and iron

  2. What about blackhawk rescue mission 5?

  3. All these games aint was scary and intense as Emu War, especially when ur alone and all the players die, i lost count on how many times i jumped from my chair because of them emus

  4. In 2019 is better games like black howk rescure misson 5

  5. I always wonder how devs were back then the devs in 1775 made some good game

  6. I can't believe that warfare went from simple line firing and coordination to skirmishing and short ranged combat

  7. all of these games are straight ass

  8. India and Pakistan: 18th century eh ? Interesting


  10. Thanks ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  11. You could have just used be a soldier simulator

  12. Man the good days of playing Zulu Wars and 55 Days in Peking

  13. trench warfare and D-Day best war games on roblox.

  14. I love how early American battle tunes ending up being nursery rhymes

  15. d-day was not a war it was part of ww2
    and verdun was part of ww1 but still good job

  16. Had to delete my timestamp comment as many neanderthals insinuated that I copied and pasted it prior to Vyn placing it on the video description, lol 😆 Still an awesome video though.

  17. Sad that some of these games like verdun are not on Roblox anymore

  18. What the stupid no name ACS games?

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