Fan Creations 2!!! (War Games Part 6 in WWE 2k20) K-CITY GAMING -

Fan Creations 2!!! (War Games Part 6 in WWE 2k20) K-CITY GAMING

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By popular request, we’re playing with Fan Creations again, featuring Baldi, Farmer Thanos, and Madden Little Flash!!!! (This is War Games Part 6 in WWE 2k20) K-CITY GAMING
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  1. Can you do an animal royal rumble like kitty city

  2. I love your videos and use are so funny and I love the house games like granny

  3. Hello k city I am a big fan can you pls tell me where you live I wanna visit you when quarantine is over

  4. And replace ☠️👹💔💓💯👽🤖💘😘

  5. Wwe Jack night power Royal rumble match says:

    Randy Orton VS the Rock

  6. Do a another one but put me in their please

  7. you guys should do a neather fan created battle royal

  8. Dad city I have lost all respect for u u eliminated farmer Thanos JK

  9. How did you get that entrance sign

  10. I am a fan but i just don’t have the game yet

  11. How do you create a superstar and make it and let someone else play as my superstar

  12. ꧁E̸n̸̠̈d̶ḙ̵̄r̷G̴a̸̔m̸e̸͍̐r̷̼̚꧂ says:

    Can we have a moment for the two giants here 11:44 WTF XDD

  13. ꧁E̸n̸̠̈d̶ḙ̵̄r̷G̴a̸̔m̸e̸͍̐r̷̼̚꧂ says:

    Also how about wecall infernos flying move the Flaming Mayday

  14. you guys are the best! pls make more awesome gaming content

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