Filmmaker reacts to WarGames (1983) for the FIRST TIME -

Filmmaker reacts to WarGames (1983) for the FIRST TIME

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Hope you enjoy my filmmaker reaction to WarGames. 😀

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Original Movie: WarGames (1983)

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  1. This film illustrated well for the public the varied ways nuclear war could mean the end of human civilization, and I think helped in a very small way to lessen tensions because of the public awareness of the risk.

  2. As a kid from the 80s, between this movie, and "The Day After", a lot of kids had anxiety about the potential threat of nuclear war with the Soviet Union. The Soviets had a military comparable to the US at that time. There were proxy wars, puppet regimes. Luckily we had Knight Rider, the Six Million Dollar Man, and the A-Team to take our minds off of it.

  3. This movie is a gem, having followed a banner year at the theater (1982 gave us E.T., Poltergeist, ST Wrath of Khan). To me, it is a "remote-dropper", meaning if I come across this while channel-surfing I drop the remote.

  4. This is such an awesome movie! So glad you reacted to this!

  5. I really loved the War Games video game on my Colecovision.

  6. Yes! A shock to me! Never heard of Wargames….I feel old.

  7. Saw this when it came out. Here were two extreme moments that got big reactions from the audience. The first was when they thought the missiles were real then found out that they weren’t. One of the junior USAF officers broke down and cried at his counsel. More than a few in the audience were crying with them. The second was when the kid started trying to get the computer to play tic-tac-toe. At the height of this tense moment, with the fate of humanity in the balance, one of the techs leans over his shoulder and says “put X in the center square.” The whole theater cracked up laughing at that.

  8. You need to watch "The Day After" to give you some idea what happens if the "button" is pushed for real.

  9. I forgot how awesome this movie is 🙂 And scary 🤯

  10. I was 8 when this came out, and I loved it. I even got my parents to buy me the novelisation, which is where I learned the word "belligerent" (from the description of the General). It's a strange thing to look back on. It's hard to imagine Hollywood making a kids' film that was quite so heavy on the detail and dialogue of the political and military characters, which is to an extent a reflection of how much faster kids used to grow up but also an expression of kids being more respected back then. There were fewer people making decisions for you that you wouldn't understand this, or it wouldn't interest you. The industry was making some films for kids like me, and some that were total escapism, and with less pressure to make giant profits they weren't just trying to make "one size fits all" movies.

  11. "This guy's a straight up hacker for real." — You have to remember that the most mundane of hackers back then hand-built "Blue Boxes" to hack the AT&T phone network…and some of them didn't even need that, because they could literally whistle their way through the network, once they knew the tonal sequences.

  12. I'm waiting for "Filmmaker reacts to 'Casablanca' for the first time".

  13. You took out one of the greatest quotes of all time:
    "Damn it! I'd piss on a spark plug if I thought it'd do any good!"

  14. at 13:34 Carton of Cigarettes……….$6.99 HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Michael Madsen's first role, as man in the silo at the beginning.

  16. Here's a little trivia. After he makes the "your wife" joke to his teacher, listen to the laughs. They're obviously from adults, not HS kids. That's because the cameramen and crew members were hearing the joke for the first time and they all busted out laughing and the producer decided to leave the laughs in.

  17. There is a little know late soviet film on the subject on nuclear war – "Dead Man's Letters" / "Письма мёртвого человека". It
    s from 1986. I would not call it a good movie per say. But it's an interesting watch if you like the subject.

  18. I remember seeing this movie as a kid. In fact I have no idea just how meany times I seen this movie as a kid. This movie use to be air as a midday movie on the weekend throughout the 80's and early 90's. Without fail every time it was on, my family would always see it.

  19. A Cold War classic and very appropriate at this time, now that NATO is desperately trying to revive the Cold War, constantly provoking Russia.

  20. Came out when I was 10 and my school was still conducting bomb drills. We understood the "horror of survival" at a very young age.

  21. The “turn your key sir” guy was my neighbor at the time this came out.

  22. I loved this movie. Still do.
    Don’t bother with the ‘remake’. But this one if fooking fantastic!!1!

  23. Every time I hear Defcon it reminds me of this movie. Ain't that something? 😀

  24. In the early to mid eighties, we were seeing and being told on the nightly news how the U.S. and the Soviet Union had enough intercontinemtal ballistic missiles aimed at each other to kill all of the world…. a couple times over! It was horrifying to think of… especially for a kid! 😲 This movie as well as one entitled "The Day After Tomorrow" take a look at how easily that final war might take place… After watching these movies, I could not sleep at night! — I was so scared that some fool might mistakenly (or purposively) press one of those buttons and then… "Whoosh!" we'd all be dead in a flash of bright light! 😲

  25. CPE1704TKS I will never forget the launch code. please watch midnight madness. NORAD has since been shutdown no longer a base

  26. Going to high school while some people are debating ww3. Hmm. Sounds kinda like today, now. We're still fighting Russia. Cain and Abel.

  27. Fun fact:

    There were several instances before this film was made, where NORAD really was hacked, or a computer error did give a false launch indication.

    Now you'll need to see "Miracle Mile", and also Badham's other classic that has come true to a point, "Blue Thunder".

  28. I saw the movie when it came out in the theaters. The command center scenes were impressive on the huge screen. , with all the bright flashing displays.

    The other day i thought of this film when Putin pushed Russia up to Defcon 2 temporarily to get a response.

  29. I can not overstate the impact this film had on me as a kid. It's at least partially responsible for the fact that I'm now a software engineer.

    Other films from this era I remember are, Short Circuit 1 and 2, Tron, Flight of the Navigator, Space Camp, the first two Terminator films and Robocop.

  30. After this movie came out, the president at the time inquired as to whether this scenario was possible. It was looked into and determined that it was possible for this to happen.

  31. ok, what's with the shoe fetish?🤣🤣🤣

  32. I believe this was based on an actual event!

  33. I remember all the neighborhood kids in the 1980s here in Montreal playing computer games at a girls house. She was the only one who could afford a computer. I think it was Commodore 64. A cat and mouse game.

  34. If you like 80's era sci-fi, check out "The Last Starfighter".

  35. If you enjoyed Wargames, I highly recommend you give The Manhattan Project (1986), starring John Lithgow, a look!

  36. The most Realistic and Horrifying Movie of nuclear war is "The Day After" Go watch it

  37. So glad you did this forgotten classic. 😀

  38. For later generations who did not live though the Cold War it is very hard for them to understand it. We didn't just think, we KNEW that we would all die in a nuclear holocaust. Our parents generation was taught "duck and cover" and believed they could survive the blasts and the fallout. But we KNEW that was myth. We knew that all it would take would be a single accident, mistake or moment of madness and the missiles would fly, we would all die and the Earth would be a burned out, radioactive hell for the next 1000 years. It is very similar to how our generation looked at the Great Depression. We knew times were tough but we also knew it came to an end. But our grandparents who lived though that time believed the hardships would last forever. They believed it was only a matter of time before their fathers got sick, or injured and lost their job and then the family would starve to death. They never thought it would be any different. And neither did we when it came to the Cold War.

  39. This was so fun, that you had no idea what it was about. Fun watching your reaction, I grew up loving this movie (and yeah haha it's hilarious watching computers from back then).

  40. i was the last class in my school to do active nuclear drills, it was same drill as tornado 1970 something

  41. If you like this similar probably “ The Manhattan Project “

  42. The only thing that I couldn't understand is that they pick him up outside a 7-11 in Seattle and instead of taking him to the FBI office in Seattle they drive or fly, Al the way to Colorado where NORAD is, and then let someonee ,who they think maybe Russian spy, to get on a computer to talk to the system, that he had hacked into, alone to hack into it again.

  43. "A strange game. The only winning move is not to play." Iconic

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