Filmmaker reacts to WarGames (1983) for the FIRST TIME -

Filmmaker reacts to WarGames (1983) for the FIRST TIME

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Hope you enjoy my filmmaker reaction to WarGames. 😀

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Original Movie: WarGames (1983)

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  1. That was MAD… Mutually Assured Destruction. 1983. Except now in 2022 Russia AND China have an edge, unilateral destruction only, as THEIR fucking hypersonic missiles are CURRENTLY UNSTOPPABLE. Thanks Obama for stalling research on US hypersonics, hope your Nobel Peace prize entertains u

  2. This was a movie from my early teen years and one of the first taped off the TV onto our new VHS recorder lol! #memories.

  3. Ally Sheedy, my teenage crush 😘 Shall we play a game? If you like this then possibly have a look at "Colossus: The Forbin Project"

  4. James… Blue Thunder, an absolute 80s action classic. Also Thief (1981), Baron Munchausen (1988), Time Bandits (1981), Buckaroo Banzai (1984), Raising Arizona (1987) and The Last Starfighter (1984).

  5. Matthew Broderick and Ally Sheedy were not really kids. When this was shot, he was 23 and she was 20. It was after this that Broderick did "Ferris Bueller's Day Off".

  6. The other ones you have to see is Strangeglove and The Beach.

  7. you doing really great with 80s movies… would love to see more reaction to those movies

  8. The hilarious thing is that there have been a couple incidents like this that have actually happened 😳😳

  9. So glad you reacted to this! I knew you would love it – when I saw the upload I actually said yay! In the 80’s when I saw it the Cold War was raging. Hate that it’s still so relevant.

  10. There's something you need to understand. Back in the 1980s kids didn't know anything. I was born in 64 so during this. I was in high school myself. And I'll tell you what I Didn't Know Jack about anyting. Kids today with social media and the constant imput from everywhere are completely different from kids back in the 80s

  11. If your interested they did make a video game based on this. It's called "Defcon" you can find it on steam.

  12. No, a cowboy can't ride a missile. Dr. Strangelove is a hack, schlock waste of money that could've gone to a good movie. This was a decent attempt at a serious topic when it was too serious to really get into. Andromeda Strain is a good movie, this is a passable movie, please be a little more critical when it's deserved.

  13. seeing this at 9 years old in 83 blew me away plus i was so in love ally sheedy. another great movie she was in was the breakfast club with some of the brat pack. quality
    peace and love

  14. That guy who called everybody dumb, that’s Eugene from Grease!!

  15. You need to watch 1984 Red Dawn. A great WW3 film. Also there are two more grounded WW3 films that are relevant for todays times….1983’s tv drama The Day After and 1984’s Threads. Both films will put the fear of God in you.

  16. When i saw the title i was like" OMG yes!"

  17. Kinda crazy how this old movie mirrors what's happening in the world right now. Still have this movie on VHS somewhere in my garage. It's much scarier revisiting it and the concepts behind it as an adult instead of watching it as a child.

    Another good, but truely scary movie along these same lines is titled, "The Day After." I believe it was a made for television movie from one of the three major networks (ABC) I think and came out about the same time this movie (Wargames) did (1982 – 1983 ish). Another terrifying look at Cold War era film types. Stars Jason Robards and the guy that played in Police Academy and Three Ken and a Baby (forgot the actor's name off the top of my head). I remember watching that movie with my family and it scared us all. Back then we did duck and cover drills provided by the Civil Defense Department that were shown to us in elementary school, and routinely did them just like we did fire drills and tornado drills. I had really hoped after the Berlin Wall fell all that thinking and threatening was a relic of the past, but I guess not.

  18. Dude, can’t begin to tell you how much I love your channel. I’m an old guy, can’t believe you chose this film and so glad you did. Forgot what a classic it is. Again, best part of your channel (next to the greatest vibe on YouTube ever) is your reactions are such a great mix. Thanks so much brethren, keep doing you. Much love and respect ✊🏼

  19. The 'Your wife' classroom scene is one of my favorite comedy scenes.

  20. You should check out Sneakers. All star cast and great fun. I remember watching a making-of of Sneakers where they talked about making War Games. It was very interesting!

  21. I remember seeing and interview with I think the director who mentioned that he talked with someone who worked in Cheyanne mountain who said that they wished their control room looked this cool.
    If you find this interesting can I suggest you track down the book "The Cuckoos egg" by Clifford Stoll which is a real life account of Stoll's hunt for a computer hacker who broke into a computer at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in the 80's

  22. In a similar vein (nuke related) you should react to the vastly underrated and almost unknown movie called The Manhattan Project. No, it's not a documentary about the actual Manhattan Project but a fictional movie from 1986.

  23. This movie is WAAAY UNDERRATED! This was my first EVER date-movie. I was 11 and she was 12. Great choice! At the movies 1984 in Sweden. As in the movie, she was totally in control. I had no clue. But I did get a kiss!

  24. I was 13 when I saw this in the theater and I remember being blown away by this movie. One of my favorite movies from the early 80s. Glad to see you enjoyed it bro.

  25. I was 17 when I saw this in the theater. I went home afterward and wrote a war dialer on my Apple II using Apple BASIC and a 300 baud modem that over the next few months called every number in the 904 area code.

  26. Rumor has it that this was
    Ronald Reagan's favorite movie…

  27. 3:19 Just this shot reminds me of how many great actors who were unknown at the time appeared in this movie. On the left, the late great John Spencer, who’s probably best known for The West Wing. On the right, Michael Madsen, who has too many roles to list here.

  28. Loved this film as a kid in the 80’s, still do! Happy you enjoyed it!
    I really like you reactions and your channel. Keep it up!
    Hope you watch Toy Soldiers (1991) and The War (1994).
    Hidden gems!

  29. Parts of this movie are based on true events. Two times amateur hackers broke into SAC, and almost caused middle launches.

  30. "Game or real?"
    "What is the difference"
    "a game allows optimization and multiple plays, real is the last play where both you and the game end."

  31. WarGames came out at a time when the personal computer is just around the corner and appropriately placed a kid at the center of the conflict. It also reflected on a actual event that could have altered the world as we know it, and starred a young Michael Madsen in his film debut.

  32. I was in high school when this came out. After I got home from watching it, I told my Mom the complete story from beginning to end. It was that impactful. I was overjoyed watching your reaction! Thank you!

  33. A strange film. The only winning move is to watch.

  34. You want a really cool nuke movie you need to watch "The Day After" with John Lithgow. Basically goes over what the days immediately after a full blown nuclear war would be like.

  35. Seeing the parallels to the current climate isn't hard, and in no way a bias. It's just paying attention.

  36. 2 Peter 3:7 But the heavens and the earth, which are now, by the same word are kept in store, reserved unto fire against the day of judgment and perdition of ungodly men.

  37. I always recommend this movie when someone doesn't understand PC before the Internet. He was dialing directly into the mainframe. No Internet involved.

  38. In the 80's, the Cold War was in full effect. The threat of mutual nuclear annihilation was clearly on the minds of Americans. Apart from this film there was also the TV movie "The Day After", all of which served to stoke the fears of nuclear war in those days.

  39. Have you seen The Martian with Matt Damn? If not you might enjoy it.

  40. Since you enjoyed this and especially the scenes with the WOPR computer, I think you'd enjoy the 1970 science fiction film COLOSSUS: THE FORBIN PROJECT. It has a very similar premise – the US Government gives control of the nuclear arsenal to a supercomputer, thinking this will prevent war, but things turn out VERY differently than they expect. It's a serious nail-biter.

    You might also really enjoy the 1971 Robert Wise-directed film THE ANDROMEDA STRAIN, based on the 1969 novel by Michael Crichton (who later wrote the novel Jurassic Park). It's basically about a team of scientists who investigate a deadly viral organism of extraterrestrial origin that threatens the entire population of the planet.

  41. You picked the perfect time to review this movie. Also recomend watching "The Day After"

  42. John Badham is a director that has no equell when it comes to thrillers.

  43. This movie reminds me of the Steve Jobs interview where he’s talking about Xerox having a fully functional virtual office and personal computer several years before anyone else but the suits in charge didn’t understand it so it never got produced. It’s a perfect example of what the “military industrial complex” or the “medical industrial complex” actually is. Brainless suits chasing dollars without the faintest concept of the world shaping (or world ending) forces they’re dealing with.

  44. I saw this Film when it first came out, a wonderful movie, with a grate plot, Yes something like this could happen ? Not you Think ? Chris London England 🇬🇧

  45. For something in the same vein that is really good 1990- By dawns early light. Best part is that it has James Earl Jones in it.

  46. Oops… I was thinking of Sneakers in my earlier comment

  47. Another great WWIII movie is "Testament" Far from joyful. Very powerful.

  48. This movie was very poignant in its time . This was at the height of the COLD WARD with RUSSIA and it was at the Early Stages of Computerization. There was NO social media as we know it today and home based computers were not nearly as advanced as they are now BUT neither was other computerized technology and people at that time ( ALREADY WORRIED ABOUT NUCLEAR WAR , more so than people are today ) and people not really knowing how easy it was or was not to HACK into things. This gave people a lot to think about back then. TODAYS KIDS and YOUNG ADULTS are largely desensitized about killing each other JUST FOR FUN and Blowing things up JUST FOR FUN so this movie is more laughable today then it was back then. TODAY WE HAVE TORNADO DRILLS IN SCHOOL back then we also had tornado drills in school but we also had NUCLEAR ATTACK DRILLS in school SO YEAH, this was more intense to think about back then

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