Finding The Worst War Games On Steam -

Finding The Worst War Games On Steam

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So this time on finding terrible steam games we’re checking out WW2, WW1 and the Forgotten Korean war in what I can only imagine is the bestest rooting, tooting games around!

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  1. Try to break RUSE my men, ont a bad game but it deserves some pain

  2. Play bad games about the second holy crusade

  3. Tell me something Am I saying too much? says:

    Play rock of ages and its sequel

  4. War game red dragon has a Korean war scenario from the 50s as well as one that takes place in the 90s

  5. Sniper Art of victory
    Valaki Rossz PC Jatekok Sorozattol?🤔

  6. infact we do need more games about korea war, its fun
    and is it just me, or does the game looks a lot like stalin vs martians

  7. anyone notice the WW1 Entante game stole a skin from team fortress 2 for the Austrailian soldiers

  8. I was like this reminds me of men of- THOSE ARE LITERALLY THR SAME TEXTURES, TEXT, AND CUROSR!

  9. Przemyśl is my home town . Siege of Przemysl is important part of city's history. And hearby i can confirm, that soldiers weren't spending their Time running around cannons, and shooting their own horses and officers :/

  10. You should play the fps Civil War game that the History Channel made

  11. Men of war series can't be negative game. Well, mow vietnam was… F…

  12. Toy soldiers is actually a pretty good game iho

  13. The Korean War game didn’t look half bad

  14. No here’s a challenge see if you can find a game set on the Iran Iraq war

  15. Half of these games are just Men Of War spin off's!

  16. Review some cringe weeb anime games isp. Do it for Hans!

  17. I love Battle of Empires, and yes the voice acting is so god damn terrible

  18. Do one about 3 random Japanese Romantic Visual Novels on steam

  19. Sniper: art of victory. Wow, what a nostalgia rush. I remember when Maddyson reviewed this gem all those years ago.

  20. The Korea War game just crashed because my grand pappy, from the grave, blew up something.

    Fun fact, my father's dad was a demolitionist during the Korean war. He even has a picture of himself sitting on a stockpile of tank mines like an absolute mad lad.

  21. First game is a men of war asssualt squad 2 rippoff

  22. I could already tell the Empire game is a lot like MoW, then there is that loading bar…

  23. When you bought Korea game in 2011 for 30€…

  24. Entente u called it crap when it's like 20 years old 😂😂😂

  25. Why does nobody make wwI games ww2 games become boring after a while

  26. Pretty sure Theatre of war 3: Korea is just a rip off of COH. Also that's worst Men of War: AS2 I've ever seen.

  27. I actually had a lot of fun messing around with the editor for Battle of Empires: 1914-1918.

  28. The first game didn't have that bad voice acting. Sure, it seemed a little disconnected from the game, but other than that.

  29. CI Games, isn't that the guys who made Sniper: Ghost Warrior?

  30. That part about Australia was really funny. Being an Australian, I can appreciate it. XD

  31. Soyuz Nerushimy Respulik Svobodnyke Vekila Rus

  32. Hey, some of those games actually looked fun! Like that battle of empires game and especially that sniper game

  33. The first game actually looks like it has potential.

  34. Empire of Italy (Psst I'm From Another Timeline) says:


  35. Empire of Italy (Psst I'm From Another Timeline) says:

    6:46 If You Played Men Of War Or Men Of War Assault Squad You Would Have Fun Playing That.

  36. Empire of Italy (Psst I'm From Another Timeline) says:

    There Is Men Of War Vietnam For Vietnam and Another Game About The Korean War Is Wargame Red Dragon

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